T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer Review

T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer Review

Are you looking to power up your styling experience and fashion with a cool new hair dryer that is faster and softer than anything you have owned before? Powered by T3 Digital Ion Air Technology, the T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer gets more hair done per minute with healthy results. It has 5 heat settings and 2 speed modes and the innovative and ergonomic lock in cool shot button which allows you to set your custom preferences according to hair type and texture. It has other remarkable features like the volume booster which deactivates the ion booster to increase volume and the smart auto pause sensor which only operates the fan when you grip the hand to make your styling experience a little more luxury.

T3 claims superior quality of an adaptive technology and a generation of hair tools geared toward healthier hair and lasting results. We have been looking to add this smart dryer our collection of cool new innovative technologies for hair that promise majority of users quick soft and healthy looking results at a less toll on scalp and individual hair strands.

This hair dryer is a multiple award winner for rapid drying with shine and volume giving your hair body and full feeling that lasts for days. With autonomous heat and speed settings the two speed motor and five heating levels makes every combination for various hair types possible. The precise and multipurpose hair drier is a top tier product and the price is reflective of its caliber.

Below, we look at some of these features in detail and assess the level of performance of the dryer as far as heating, hair damage and ease of use goes. The T3 has been one of the best brands out there and we were really hoping for an impressive result. First, we analyzed the features of the gadget as advertised.

Quiet and easy to use.

Automatically turns off when not in use.

Dries hair quicker.

Leaves hair shiny and with volume.

Lightweight and durable design.

2 year warranty and 30 day free return.
Flat plug that becomes difficult to pull from the socket.

nozzles are slightly difficult to attach correctly.

You may find yourself inadvertently pressing the cool shot button.


T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer Review

At the very heart of T3 is the craftsmanship and innovation that you see in all of their heating tools. The T3 hair dryer is a masterpiece of engineering that has many favorites not the least which is the simple and ergonomic handle design that embraces the hand in a comfortable grip equipped with latest auto-pause technology which makes it stop when you put it down and resume when you pick it up.

But perhaps the epitome of this design is its great functionality and aesthetics combination which makes it a superior product to take home. You will have a really easy time using and storing your hair dryer for a long time to come because it is so attractive that you want to store it visibly rather than under the bathroom sink.

It also features five heat settings and two speed settings which allows for several combinations of heat and speed to suit every hair type. Come to think of it, a dryer that can manipulate the two separately is akin to having several dryers with different capabilities. Even when you are sure what you want to be using, it is always better to have a hair tool that your friends can use as well.

Drying on the T3 hinges on the latest in Digital Ion Air technology which works by splitting water particles to disperse them faster cutting down on drying time.

AS one of the most revered brands in the online hair tool market, we expected T3 would deliver on the sales promises when we tested for ourselves to determine ripe from raw.


T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer Review

The T3 Cura has motion sensor technology which makes it stop when the handle is released. It is a convenience and safety feature bundled together that necessitates a powerful heater and motor combination to bounce back immediately the dryer is picked up again. A session into styling with this hair dryer and you realize that there is more to the design than the great rose gold finish on the body. It gets relatively hot on the outside but the grip remains somewhat cooler.


T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer Review

We did not receive any payments by T3 to pitch their product but it is an awesome dryer altogether. The samples we used for testing were purchased online and randomly handed as complimentary samples to our salon experts and enthusiasts.

The T3 Cura Luxe Professional hair dryer has been on our radar for several years now and we have always read of positive reviews that it goes beyond the beauty and delivers on the sales points. Needless to say, when we got the chance to review this product, every member onboard was excited at the possibilities of a new breakthrough. We had some of our testers use natural oils and others go it tough to see how well the results were coming.

We found that the best procedure was much similar to other dryers where you rough dry your hair at full power for a couple of moments tossing side to side to gain volume at the roots. When roughly dry you want to switch to an attachment that goes well with your preferred style. Normally these attachments concentrate the heat on small sections of hair and you will need to reduce the temperature to about medium before sectioning your hair. A quick brush pass or two will help perfect your styling for each section as the dryer follows in hot pursuit.

Because the T3 Cura Luxe is very light, you find that you can easily handle it in one hand while the other focuses on brushing. You can reach all the controls with the one hand that is holding the dryer so you do not have to set it down to recalibrate your heat and speed.

When you are sure you look spectacular, it is time now to lock in your look with the cool shot button. This dryer shows shorter drying times, and easy handling in one handed operation.


T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer Review

One of our testers has had this for the longest time and still considers it a staple for their makeup routine especially when styling after a shampoo. Even with consistent use there is no fraying as compared to a flat iron or curling wand. If your hair is thicker and tangled or already damaged, you may need heat protectant spray or a smoothing balm to seal your cuticles.

Yee of fine thin hair have nothing to worry about because this should be a walk in the park handling with shiny and voluminous lasting results.


If you love a good blowout then the T3 Cura Luxe is the go to dryer for a professional look at reasonable price points. The model being quite a pricey purchase makes a worthy investment that will ultimately save you money in the long-term. The high price point is justifiable in premium results and ease of use. It is also durable so that you may ditch it after many years only because you are bored or found something better rather than it’s broken down.

What is the warranty period on my T3 Cura Luxe?

The warranty period extends two years and you have a 30 day risk free return window so that you have plenty of cushion to fall back on in case you don’t like the purchase.

Why is the handle slanted?

The T3 Cura Luxe handle has an ergonomic slant which prevents strain on wrist during use.

Does this hair dryer use negative ion technology?

Yes, the T3 Cura Luxe has a built in ion generator that can be turned off and on to create sealed cuticle for soft and frizz free results.

How many heat settings is it?

he T3 Cura has 5 heat settings and two speeds which allow for customization to your individual hair type.

What does the Auto pause sensor do?

This device will intuitively pause the flow of air when the handle is released.

What is the cool shot button?

This is the button controlling the ion generator and triggers a burst of cool air that makes any style durable with sleek and smooth finish.

March 2, 2021