10 Sunflower Tattoo Designs You Should Purpose to Have

Floral tattoos are not in short supply but fewer floral designs can match the fiery flame set by sunflower tattoos. Sunflower is then one of the most popular choices of flowers to ink on skin for most people. This has to do with its straightforward design and deep symbolism. Another reason may be how good the flower natural color scheme flatters various skin tones. Many people give a second thought about what their next tat is going to be perhaps even more than placement.

Sunflower Tattoos Meaning

Sunflowers are beautiful flowers towering above other plants and being hardy and looming joyfully in the sun. They portray competitive energy as they rush up for some sun and their luster can liven up even the darkest of days. As a work of art and especially in tattooing, the flower has enjoyed attention among many peoples over the centuries. No matter where you go, people interpret sunflower symbolism much the same way.

The main themes are happiness, warmth, friendship and beauty, good health and luck. It has been used to set the vibrant and wholesome tone to photographs and paintings for years and tats for that matter. For some, it is not about zodiac signs or anything, he sunflower is just their favorite flower.

In early Christianity, the flower was considered as the sign of God’s love for his people. As a tattoo subject, artist love the unique challenge the bright aesthetics of the flower poses to their creativity. They look good and inviting on nearly all body parts from wrists and forearm to calf and ankle.

You might want a sunflower tattoo for its meaning and your zodiac sign but you will still enjoy the full perks of bearing a stunningly beautiful tattoo. Even as a man this is one gorgeous floral tattoo that you can get away with wearing. Whichever the case, here are some fantastic sunflower inks you should purpose to have?

1. Simple Sunflower Stem Arm

If you are toying with the idea of getting a sunflower tattoo then we have just the right tentative little experiment for you. You might want to try a temporary one first and see the likes and comments. That said, this is gorgeous piece that no one including yourself is likely to judge you harshly for having. It looks glam and small tattoos tend to look good despite the passage of time.

2. Matching Sunflower Calf

Now, this is an unusual place to place sunflower tattoos and it actually paid off this once. If you are going hiking soon, you can put on a pair of temporary tats just to match nature’s beauty. The calf makes every ordinary tattoo look unusual and send a stronger message because it is the human body support mechanism.

3. Large Sunflower Shoulder

Next up we have this smiley open sunflower on the shoulder in pale orange. It even has an interesting mandala design going on in there at the center which is a special blend of styles. It’s a bold move to get a large piece like this that covers the entire shoulder but in turn you will be rewarded with a focal point. It highlights the femininity of the shoulder and can easily disappear under normal clothing.

4. Sunflower Lower Arm

Checkout this cool sunflower stems tattoo on the forearm for girls and boys too. He artist chooses to mix the sunflower with another plant that is seemingly also flowering but is not the sunflower plant looking at the leaves. This may be attributed to the different personas present in all of us and how we can live in harmony with all of our different emotions and feelings. All said, the tattoo looks stunningly beautiful and is a worthy investment based on just the optics.

5. Sagittarius Sunflower Back

Sagittarius makes the ninth zodiac sign on the zodiac wheel and is marked by fire. This tallies with the sunflower symbolism which has the same fiery yellow as the sun. It follows that he Sagittarius sign is also called as the sun sign and even though it is traditionally represented by an archer and bow as in the constellation, the sunflower is equally good a symbol. It is primarily for people born between November 21st and December 21st. The largest planet, Jupiter is the ruler of the sun sign. If you are a person born during this period you are likely to be outspoken not fearing to speak your mind. Your confident personality is also backed by a strong will to succeed at everything you do. To celebrate this wonderful personality, is an equally gorgeous and bright sunflower tattoo forming a ring of fire?

6. Black Sunflower Back

This chic back sunflower is looking super cool and well centered just like a meditational mandala tattoo. The way the artist brought into focus the radial features of the sunflower is special and has a calming effect. If you have had these black shaded tattoos before then you understand how difficult it is to get proper shading and finally healing it nicely. It’s the time, effort and the sting that adds value to the back tattoo in the end.

7. Cute Black Sunflower Chest

Here is yet another bold black tattoo with shading technique that is looks incredibly easy and beautiful even though it’s not easy to pull off. At first glance these little sunflower tattoos can seem deceivingly easy but when it comes down to shading and adding all those details you will be really feeling the heat. Black is simple and beautiful and makes this sunflower tattoo stand out and most importantly last compared to multicolor ones.

8. Cute Small Sunflower Ankle

Wow! That’s one cute little tattoo idea to have inked on your ankle. It looks so bright and natural. It also looks clean and makes even those who have never desired to have ink under their skin want to reconsider their stand. You really can’t go wrong with a sunflower tattoo can you? The way that little image adorns the ankle like an accessory makes and enviable choice of image and placement.

9. Leafy Sunflower Chest

Check out this next inspirational tattoo depicting a sunflower with lush green leaves and special water color hues in the backdrop. The artist also choose to make a few deliberate ‘mistakes’ spilling a little bit of ink here and there to make it look like the flower was painted on skin. We know that doesn’t just happen and so there is inherent beauty in every imperfection. The placement on her chest is also ideal to flaunt or hide as she pleases.

10. Realistic Sunflower Back

Looks real, doesn’t it? We really loved this realistic sunflower ink that looks all too real for a tattoo. This is for you if you are lucky enough to connect with the right artist and want more than just the imagery of the sunflower but its presence to be felt by onlookers. The curled petals and leaves give an excellent visual impression and you are sure to end up with one of a kind tattoo.

Sunflower Tattoo Design

April 4, 2020