10 Stunning Sleeve Tattoo Designs in 2020

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

So you want a sleeve tattoo? There is no kidding, sleeve tattoos are now widely accepted in the society today. Whether you are professional or self-employed, a sleeve tattoos is easily concealable with official and casual wear and therefore no one is really worried about the repercussions anymore. But other than the devil-may-care attitude, sleeve tattoos are a basic human right of expression and anybody can ink whatever message they want on their own skin.

The one impediment that tattoo admirers have to contend with is the cost of the whole ordeal. Good artists and styles are hard to find and when you do they can be obscenely expensive. We are talking $1500 to $7k for a sleeve tattoo and some of the rarer pieces can have you waiting for months and still set you back a good $14k plus. If you know, you know that when it comes to quality ink and artist, cost is not the main focus.

Figuring out the best sleeve tattoo to flaunt is the first step you should be concerned about. That’s where we come in. below are some places to start.

1. Forest

This first piece is a taste of the wild for the eyes and marvel of the calm and tranquil of nature as it stood those thousands of years before man’s cruel destruction. Just looking at it and taking your time to process it is therapeutic for all of us tree huggers out here. If you just want return to Mother Nature this is that the tattoo that says just that. Inking the forest could express your love for exploring the wild or your need to reconnect with the wild. Forests are as symbol of life and serenity so if that is what you need from here on out, you are good with this first pick.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

2. Cool Smoky Sleeve

Our second pick for this category of amazing tattoos is portrait tattoo of a women exhaling curly smoke. There are a bunch of complicated tattoos out there but this one keeps on a bare minimum. Perhaps if you know a gifted artist they could give the gift of a loved one’s portrait and flowers on the sleeve like that. It looks smoking hot as every inch is covered with negative space imagery. This tattoo should earn you some bonus points and change the mood every time you enter the room in sleeveless wear.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

3. Full Sleeve Tribal

When you are proud of your tribal roots and origin, this is perhaps the most masculine way to celebrate your heritage in body art. This design is powerful and bold and will look good well into your old age. Only the brave will take that much ink and even then it will not be a in and out procedure. Get this impactful reflection of culture and enjoy a lifelong awe-inspirational ink that is guaranteed to turn heads. You will need a dedicated and skillful artist who knows there craft as that’s the only way you can be sure that you are getting something worthwhile.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

4. Cool Mountains Landscape

Mountainous and forested landscape with streams is some of the most wonderful panoramic views we want to go see and experience. But what if you can always take same wonderful sight wherever you go? This tattoo is inked in monochrome but it still realistic and beautiful just as if you were really there. It is peaceful and tranquil in the mountains and face to face with virgin nature. This is a way to give you a quick holiday every now and then and celebrate th beauty of our planet. This never gets old!

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

5. Moth Tattoo Arm

There is a full list of botanical tattoos that you can choose to go with yet in all of them this moth arm tattoo stands out. While many women prefer butterfly tattoos, it is because moth tattoos are not as popularized as butterflies. In fact many people often confuse moth and butterfly tattoos. These two insects share a common symbolism as they are delicate creatures and represent soul and spirit. Moths however are not as colorful as butterflies but have the inherent natural beauty therefore giving them the meaning of innocence, love and happiness. In ancient cultures, Moths also were symbols of a Witch. As such, it was believed that the moth was a messenger and defender from evil having a connection between the spiritual and our world.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

6. Half Sleeve Compass

If you ever feel lost then it’s a compass you need to realign your goals and stop moving in cycles. Even though not who wonder as lost as the famous quote from the famous film Lord of the Rings goes, this compass tattoo should guide you to your destiny. We all reach a point when we want to realign our bearing and set course for the things we want the most in this life. It’s a matter of sacrifices to get there and this compass can serve as a reminder of your mission to get there. Remember life’s joy in solving problems we love to have.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

7. Armored Sugar Skull

Life is colorful but it’s a whole new level of cool when you decide to have a skull tattoo with body armor and arrows piercing the chest. It’s clear what the cause of death is for this warrior who died glorious in battle. This is carefully interlude with the colorful red fall leaves and swashing waves crashing on the wrist. We don’t care what anybody else is saying, this is one cool badass tattoo that will get people some respect among men and no one is going to be messing around with you in this.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

8. Bright Colored Floral Tattoo For Men

This patterns and red floral tattoo is pretty unusual because men’s ink is rarely that brightly colored save for a few Japanese inspired styles. There is no rule in the book against this and if there is it is totally meant to be broken because the heart wants what it wants. Every man deserves a tattoo they like. There is no right or wrong choices so go with a tattoo that will make you feel comfortable and confident under your own skin.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

9. Mechanical Clock And Skull

It’s not a matter of if but when. Every living thing on earth will surely die and that is the theme captured under this man’s skin. The sleeve features a combination of skull, clock, tiger and snake tattoos. The upper arm is preoccupied with death and time while the lower sleeve may be showing two of a thousand ways to die. This clustering of images blending seamlessly into one another has a great visual appeal and makes use of the limited canvas on arm. It’s a masterpiece.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

10. Owl, Fox, Oil Lamp And Fall Leaf

Check out this ingenious masterpiece that combines various elements in an intricate fashion. The fox leaf and all other elements seem to be under the light of the lamp which is lit. The watchful eyes of the smart animal and the onset of winter translates to vigilance. This is for you if such is your attitude towards life in general. The artist must be able to use realistic imagery and this amazing fiery color scheme with perfection.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

April 3, 2020