10 Snake Tattoo Designs That You Might Want To Have

Snake Tattoo Designs

Snakes are an adaptable species that has thrived in many forms around the world. The story of creation from the Bible must be the most well told story that has earned the snake an evil and tempting often loathed reputation. In other cultures however, snake are respected as a symbol of fertility, rebirth and transformation thanks to the way they shed their skins and renew themselves.

Common Meanings of Snake Tattoos

The symbol of a snake has come a long way in all of history and is even a part of the logo of many world organizations. The serpent has been here from the beginning of time and will be here long after this lifetime. So why not just make peace with the controversial image of the snake. Some find the snake tattoo seductive, secretive and sleek. Perhaps the true meaning of snake tattoos is deeply symbolic and psychological that we cannot really define it in a few adjectives. In general, the snake is accepted to mean the life of an animal spirit and temptation.

Here Are Some Derived Meanings of Snake Tattoos That Are Most Common;

Power and Strength Snake Tattoos

The snake is a strong and powerful species that has evolved since creation and adapted for the many climates of the world. Snakes can live on little or much and never seem to lack.

Danger Snake Tattoo

It goes without saying that snakes are deadly and destructive. People often get snake tattoos as a defensive mechanism.

Rebirth and Healing Snake Tattoo Meaning

The ability to shed skin and renew itself has made the snake be revered as powerful self-healing specie. It is therefore a symbol of rebirth, transformation and healing.

Temptation and Snake Tattoo

The story of eve is the most popular explanation of human nature and sin. Snake tattoos therefore obviously carry a message of tempting and passion.

Some snakes are dangerous and deadly and therefore it’s not totally circumstantial that many people loathe and hate snakes. Oddly enough, this hatred and fear seem to fuel some tattoo enthusiasm towards getting poisonous snake tattoos. Here are some interesting takes on snake tattoos that you might want to have.

1. Snake Tattoo For Men Leg

First up is this gorgeous snake tattoo on leg that looks good on men and women too. The snake is an interesting creature with beautiful patterns on its back and stylized spiral. The symbolic meaning of snakes is fertility and creative live force. Snakes are also a symbol of the impermanence of life and transformation because they shed their skin. Other cultures regarded snakes as symbols of knowledge and wisdom as well as patience. Regardless of the meaning that makes the most sense to you, the snake tattoo is an appealing piece for the leg.

Snake Tattoo Designs

2. Hand Grabbing A Snake Forearm Tattoo

This black work tattoo contains an interesting shading pattern and even more curious meaning. It depicts a hand grabbing a snake just below the head and the snake coiled on the wrist. The forearm placement is genius for flaunting and even concealing as some crowds detest snake tattoos. This tattoo could mean that you are unafraid of confronting danger because the hand is grabbing the snake keeping it from bitting.

Snake Tattoo Designs

3. Tiny Black Snake On Shoulder

This is our best pick for the tiny tattoo category of the snake tattoo designs. The little snakes slithers up the shoulder in its majestic way. The snake tattoo can also be adopted into a tiny and cute tattoo for placement all over the body and that is evident in this masterpiece. Simple tattoo are arguably the cutest and most impactful when discovered. Many meanings are attached to snake tattoos but for this tiny tattoo you can adopt your own interpretation.

Snake Tattoo Designs

4. Snake and Rose Tattoo

Roses and snakes are both awesome and meaningful tattoo subjects. Together they are the ultimate representation of temptation, loss of innocence and beauty at its best. The rose is a symbol of purity and beauty while the snake is known as a cunning animal that will spoil the perfection of the rose with its evil nature. The snake wrapping itself around a rose is therefore the blind passion and not love that leads to ultimate corruption through temptation.

Snake Tattoo Designs

5. Headless Snake On Rose Tattoo

The meaning of snake tattoo can be almost as complex as that of a rose. OS the combination of a snake with no head with a rose flower tattoo is the ultimate sophistication of symbolic tattoo. The snake tattoo is unisex as all snakes are beautiful creatures regardless of sex. A snake can be venomous and cause death and destruction and at the same time, it is a beauty to behold. This snake is the manifestation of the true nature of snakes with the slithery tail and the head disguised behind the power. It’s a symbol of toxic passion that could turn deadly.

Snake Tattoo Designs

6. Black Snake and Feather Lower Sleeve

This black snake tattoo forms part of the sleeve tattoo with a feather on the lower part. The feathered serpent is a deity closely associated with Native American Mythology and the Horned Serpent. Just like snakes, the feather is a symbol of renewal of life and transformation. This tattoo goes well for spiritual people as it reaches deep in the spiritual world.

Snake Tattoo Designs

7. Ouroboros Infinity Loop Snakes Tattoo

This piece is an ancient symbol similar to the Ouroborus symbol of a serpent eating its own tail but this time with two snakes intertwined in the infinity loop symbol. This tattoo has quite the punch in meaning. It likely refers to the ever warring forces of good and evil. The snakes are shaded differently with one many shades lighter. It represents the different personalities that are always fighting within each one of us.

Snake Tattoo Designs

8. Red Small Serpent Tattoo Leg

This is an interesting twist to snake tattoos with a red color. The patterns are unique for the belly and the back of the snake making it easy to visualize the curves and twist of the slithery creature. In the history of snake symbolism, the animal represents rebirth and healing. The color used for this snake is a curious twist to the primarily black color scheme that is common for snake tattoos from their earliest beginnings.

Snake Tattoo Designs

9. Prominent Shoulder Snake Tattoo

Snakes are an interesting creature that has captivated the minds and fingers of artist throughout history. From ancient cave paintings to medieval canvases, snakes have been captured in the literature and imaginations of human beings around the world. They are some of the most adaptable creatures with presence in almost all parts of our world. As such, it is no surprise that the snake tattoo is popular among men and women alike.

Snake Tattoo Designs

10. Snake And Flowers

This snake looks formidable and full of evil in its bush of roses. This tattoo is obviously defensive and shows that beauty is not equal to meek nature. The beast seems to be guarding the beautiful patch of flowers with ferociousness. Some women prefer seductive sneaky and sleek snake tattoos but this. The snake can have great significance for psychological and spiritual significance and this snake tattoo is all about beauty and the beast, with the snake displaying its pure fury.

Snake Tattoo Designs


Snake Tattoo Design Ideas

June 8, 2020