20 Beautiful Small Tattoo Designs for Everyone

It’s no question that girls and women have a liking for things of beauty and they themselves are beautiful creatures as well. As boys and girls we have all thought about getting a tattoo at some point. Whether we actually follow through and get our body inked depends on a number of social-cultural variables but also on whether we find something that best resonates with our personality.

For people who have not been inked before, there is always that hesitation especially when it comes to larger tattoos that occupy quite a bit of skin. Just the same, we all have our clear or unclear connotations about life that we want to voice out to the people around us and to ourselves.

Small tattoo designs are perfect for beginners and tattoo enthusiasts who are looking to conserve some real estate on the body while getting a meaningful and concealable tattoo. Certain professions will also force people to stick to small tattoo designs to avoid being targeted as of questionable character thanks to the archaic off-shoot stigma associated with tattoos.

We present to you these cute little tattoos that carry a greater punch for symbolism and meaning and also present lovable imagery on the body. We have tattoos that go to the arms, wrists, neck, ankles, legs, backs, and other body parts.

Small tattoos are fashionable and sexy especially when they have to be discovered and not placed in obvious locations. We hope that the following tiny tattoos give you the inkspiration you need and find the right artist for you.

1. Tiny Rosebud Tattoo

The floral rosebud tattoo is made up of only black color and measures about centimeters in diameter. This tattoo is best placed at the back of the arm just above the elbow. A black rose tattoo is a way of showing their devotion as deep and rare. Black roses are often used to represent love for the departed while a rosebud represents youth and hope.

Small Tattoo Designs

2. Harry Potter Tattoo

This tattoo looks good on the arm. Start by drawing a small circular diagram and attach it to it to wings on either side. One wing is on the left while the other is on the right with markings but makes it resemble a flying bug. This tattoo represents freedom and transformation.

Small Tattoo Designs

3. Three Little Planes

Planes are catchy and an interesting conversation starter for everyone not just for aviation enthusiasts. This minimalist tattoo is favorite for girls and boys. it features three little planes one made out of paper one a second-generation play plane and another a modern commercial airliner. This summarizes the leaps in aviation science and depicts freedom and evolution to sophistication.

Small Tattoo Designs

4. A Heart-Shaped Contrail

Many people love planes and air travel. This little heart tattoo with place embedded goes on the wrist and expresses love for someone or flying. It could say international love or love that is free to go to places and make dreams come true.

Small Tattoo Designs

5. Little Pinky Swear

Check out this pinky promise tattoo for promises and trust, this little pinky promise is that tattoo which looks good on the lower inner forearm. The tattoo features two pinkies wrapped around each other. This gesture means that the promise is to be kept at all costs as the betrayer is liable to lose the little finger.

Small Tattoo Designs

6. Red Rose

This tattoo is that of a red rose on the outer lower forearm. Red roses are an expression of love and romance and sometimes stand for sacrifice or memorial. This red rose tattoo is an ideal tattoo to get for someone special you never want to forget.

Small Tattoo Designs

7. Girl Power

A new trend that has been taking Instagram by storm is a lot of women posting pictures for their GIRL POWER tattoos. Today a lot of women feel successful and in positions of power and what better way to celebrate that than with a feminist GURL PWR tattoo!

Small Tattoo Designs

8. Tiny Cosmos

Cosmos fanatics will fall in love with this simple yet elegant tattoo. Astronomy lovers can use this to express interest in space exploration as well as the potential influence of celestial bodies on human lives. It has four figures representing a crescent moon, a star, the sun and the planet Saturn inked on the inner leg above the ankle.

Small Tattoo Designs

9. Palm Tree Sunset

This forearm tattoo depicts a small palm tree on the shore with a red sun setting in the background. This makes a perfect simple but elegant tattoo to remind you of a special holiday. It shows serenity and calm and is a sure conversation starter that cannot lose its appeal over time.

Small Tattoo Designs

10. Door To The Saturn

This tattoo shows a doorway and steps to the Saturn on the inner forearm. Love for the cosmos and occultism are the two major reasons Saturn tattoos are so popular. Saturn is a puzzle for anyone willing to confront her and its stunning beauty makes it an attractive tattoo to have. There are a variety of Saturn tattoos that pack quite a punch for symbolic meanings.

Small Tattoo Designs

11. Rose With Thorns

This arm sleeve rose tattoo shows a beautiful yet thorny stemmed rose flower. The rose has its usual meaning of beauty, hope, and promise of better tomorrow but includes thorns to represent the defense. The leaf stands for peace and affection. Clear black outlines and inclusion of thorns in the rose make this a realism tattoo.

Small Tattoo Designs

12. Universe

Cosmos fanatics will enjoy this hand and universe tattoo for the lower arm. It shows some stars and the open sky with moon, lightning, Saturn and a crescent moon. Saturn is arguably the most beautiful planet and the crescent moon speaks for feminism. Stars are for hopes and choosing your own path.

Small Tattoo Designs

13. Heartbeat Contrail

This tiny tattoo perhaps needs no introduction as most of us are familiar with the waveform that represents the pulse of a beating heart. It depicts a heartbeat pulse wave as would be displayed on a heart monitor device as a contrail of a small plane. This could carry the meaning that you live to fly. The tattoo is best suited for air travel enthusiasts.

Small Tattoo Designs

14. Tiny Black Rose Flower

A rose flower spells love, hope, a promise of a fresh start. There are a few gifts that say it louder than a rose and this tiny rose tattoo says it all. However, a black rose also signifies loss and grief and is suitable for remembering a loved one who passed on.  The tattoo looks good on the inner arm and it features clear black outlines. It stands for beauty and balance and is a wonderful memorial for a promise or love always to be cherished.

Small Tattoo Designs

15. Simple Sloth

A sloth could represent simplicity, laziness, and indifference. This tattoo goes well on the arm and reminds us of the need to take it easy and get lazy enjoying life. This is the tattoo for people who need to pursue patience and deep meditation and introspection. Whichever the reason for getting this tattoo, these are some stunningly attractive and innocent-looking mammals to have inked on your skin.

Small Tattoo Designs

16. Tiny Elephant

This tattoo features a tiny baby elephant sitting with the trunk up and floating heart-shaped balloon. This tattoo will look stunningly beautiful on your ankle and carries the meaning of love toward someone special. Elephant tattoos are also an embodiment of other things such as protection and social justice.

Small Tattoo Designs

17. Matching Avocado Tattoo

Couples who love the fruit will have a good laugh every time they hold hands with these cute matching avocado tattoos inked on their forearms. One half of the fruit with the seed intact is drawn on one partner’s arm and the corresponding half on the other. There are additional tiny heart shapes above the fruits and they also come with legs and arms to wave hello at each other.

Small Tattoo Designs

18. Realistic Puppy

All K9 lovers will fall for the cute and simple bulldog sitting on a horizontal plane. This tattoo sits nicely on the back of the left or right arm and the minimalist black outlines. The pawed buddy sits looking straight into the beholder’s eyes which gives off animation effect.

Small Tattoo Designs

19. Small Rose Tattoo On Arm

This another variance of the rose tattoo with black outlines and with a stem. This tattoo looks best on the inner forearm. This tattoo is simple and could bear a wide range of meanings and symbolism depending on the wearer. It features a fully blooming rose with leaves that stand for peace.

Small Tattoo Designs

20. Girl With Smartphone

No one can dispute the love girls have for their smartphones. This tattoo depicts a topless girl operating a phone with hands conveniently covering the nakedness. This tattoo looks perfect on the thigh and will draw the most attention when shot pants are worn. It is placed just above the right knee and will be a hard one to resist for girls who also love to check their phones at any time.

Small Tattoo Designs

January 10, 2020