10 Sister Tattoo Designs –The Bond Between Sisters

Sister Tattoo Designs

When you are looking for the perfect tattoo that says “I love you sister, forever” then it is no easy feat. You are getting a tattoo that you and your sister will totally love and for life. Fortunately, the bond between sisters is stronger than most other you will ever experience and it is never too hard to reach a consensus over when and what to get for a matching tattoo.

Even going through hundreds of sisterhood tattoos doesn’t guarantee that you will strike gold in an image that you both equally love. Just the same, thinking about something that only the two of you seem to love and other people find strange then you can find a shortcut to that one tattoo that says the most about your relationship.

The most important considerations when choosing a tattoo for you and your little or big sis is what message you both want to send. They can be complimentary, matching or contrasting messages just as long as the intention is to walk in together and get a tattoo that will remind you of each other. you want to tell your sister how much you love or you may also want to always remind them what they mean to you and make a vow to always be there for each other.

The best approach is always to sit together and brainstorm ideas on which tattoo them might best bring out what you mean to each other. Make sure that it is something you both love or you might inconvenience your sister in the future when they regret the tattoo.

1. Sisters With DOB

How about a tiny sisterhood tattoo for your wrists? It says sisters on the label and indicates two sets of numbers which must be the year of birth of each sister. The rest of the image is a tiny woman figure sitting on a swing. This piece is bound to bring back and preserve some sweet sisterhood memories which are the whole point in sisterhood tattoo designs. The piece is in crisp black ink for the writings and image and will take optimal time and cost.

Sister Tattoo Designs

2. Matching Sister Flower

Sisterhood is a strong bond of love and support and incidentally a girl’s power and life can be likened to that of a flower. So to mark you never ending love for your sisters you can suggest this beautiful floral wrist tattoo that is identical for all. It is a simple lotus with a stem that curls to spell, the word sister in neat calligraphy. Seeing them side by side like that and identical in every aspect makes each individual tattoo glow with pride of being a sister and equally gorgeous.

Sister Tattoo Designs

3. Sisters Are Forever

As the adage goes, sisters are forever and even though you don’t get to choose your sister or dictate their lives, you are sisters for life. This piece of art depicting a woman sitting on a swing and the beautiful quote to that effect is enough to celebrate sisterhood. The never ending love and bond between sisters is something worth noting down in permanent ink. This piece is simple and clearly the images of the sitting woman may be unique as each woman but the message is identical.

Sister Tattoo Designs

4. Bird and Keys

This next art is a replica of the same bird in flight carrying three keys. Three people women have the same sisterhood tattoo which is identical and super cool. A door or treasure chest will remain closed to everyone except the one with the key. Three keys are commonly accepted to bring good luck and so is the dove carrying the keys. Other interpretations are the mamma bird and three keys representing the three daughters.

Sister Tattoo Designs

5. Sisterhood Lotus

This flower is exception in looks and symbolism. The three sisters chose to have a flower that beats all odds to produce an adorable nearly perfect flower despite the difficult circumstances surround its growth. The artist deliberately makes changes so that each flower has perfect imperfections because no one sister is identical in personality as the others. Yet in its own unique way this tattoo cements the union and sisterhood for a long time coming. Each member can look glam with their individual flower and it will still remind them they belong to this sisterhood.

Sister Tattoo Designs

6. Promises Quotes

This detailed quote tattoo is one of kind with clear vows on the part of each sister. One is to be the anchor that keeps the other‘s feet on the ground while the other promises to be the wings that keep the sister’s head in the clouds. Sisters often depend on each other to accomplish mutual success in life and each has their own unique traits. Again if this quote that is applicable to you and your sister or BFF then you will not have a hard time deciding which goes to whom?

Sister Tattoo Designs

7. Lil’ Sis Big Sis

Even among twins there is always the big sis and the little sis. This small arm tattoo is for respect among sisters and expressing the love and admiration for each other. A smaller palm and a larger palm in the shape of flower petals contain an eye in the middle. This is perhaps an indication that both sisters look up to one another. This is the perfect example of matching sisterhood tattoos because there is no big sis without little sister and vice versa.

Sister Tattoo Designs

8. Feather

A feather makes a deep symbolism because humans have since the dawn of time desired to fly. A feather is associated with birds and angelic creatures which are able to fly to new horizons and fulfill their desires. This is a way to tell your sister that you will make them proud by soaring high in your career and life’s ambitions. Getting these matching tats could also mean that you wish each other the very best in finding freedom and happiness. Feathers and wings are for free spirited people.

Sister Tattoo Designs

9. Buds

Next, we have this cute stem with buds and thorns for matching wrist inks. It looks simple but carries deep meaning with the buds representing innocence and potential for growth and success. The thorns are a defense mechanism and can represent thoughtlessness. A second twig bears some fruits or seeds a sign of providence and self-sufficiency. As a matching tattoo them meaning changes only slightly to accommodate the other partner. It could symbolize young love or a promise of a greater tomorrow where the sisters will not lose their innocence.

Sister Tattoo Designs

10. Crossed Fingers

Crossing of fingers is also another sign of keeping a promise and loyalty to friends. The future is brighter when sisters choose to stick together and to support each other and this arm tattoo is a sign of the commitment to that course. Most of all, you get to have a cute tattoo that looks glam even when your sister is not in the room so you never feel alone. This is a simple, cute and meaningful tattoo and meets all the criteria for a favorite matching tattoos choice.

Sister Tattoo Designs


Sister Tattoo Design Ideas

April 27, 2020