10 Simple Tattoo Designs – Impactful Body Art

Tattoos are an attractive from of body art and the eloquent, rustic, whimsical or bold characters all find resonance with some favorite tattoo or another. The complexity or simplicity of a tattoo determines to a large extent how powerful, suggestive or elegant it looks. If you are a person of few words then you want something not too complicated but with a flowing seamless design. Simple tattoos pack quite the punch impactful and suggestive statements. These simple tattoos can also be catchy and will be envied by many when done right.

What Are Simple Tattoos?

Examples of small but meaningful tattoos range from symbols such as anchors, keys, life, love, hearts, flower outlines, planes with contrail, tiny ankle tattoos and many more. Ti can be as simple as a memorable date, a number with great meaning honoring a life altering event.

Like with most other categories, there is a world of these simple tattoos and it is impractical to cover all of them in this post.

We featured some of the simplest and cutest pieces that are super easy with great rewards. We have tiny tats and bolder larger ones, simple is a relative term too.

Simple designs are mostly unicolor and that’s by default black even though some designers may use an additional shade.

Simple tattoos are simply genius because there is sophistication in simplicity. Whether you are just starting out or you are limited by your current profession or you are a veteran ink enthusiast, cool simple tattoos can be just as mind blowing as detailed ones.

1. Minimal Anchor Tattoo

Anchors are a popular tattoo choice for people looking for grounding and sailors in need of safety and salvation from the wrath of the rough seas. Anchors are generally accepted to mean safety, hope, caution and loyalty. The unique allure of this tattoo is hidden in its minimalistic approach using just a single line. The line was made by the famous Mo Ganji who was able to wow audiences at an exhibition with his ability to use a single line and a few dots to create many meaningful tattoos.

Simple Tattoo Designs

2. The Vikings Heart of Vala

This tattoo has its roots in the Norse mythology and is also called as valknut, Knot of the slain, Heart of slain and Hrungir‘s Heart among other names. The sign is more common as an engraving on gravestones and it is thought to signify the afterlife. It is also thought signify continuity and the power of human souls when fighting the lords of death. The nine points intimate reincarnation and rebirth. Having been in circulation among culture relating to Norse for centuries, it is no wonder it now popular as inspirational tattoo against terribly adverse circumstances.

Simple Tattoo Designs

3. Rose With Name

This next simple tattoo is a pretty rose in black outlines and a stem that spells Marta name and three little dots preceding. Marta is obviously the wearer’s name or someone close to them. According to the urban dictionary, Marta is a shy girl with a caring and loving personality. If you match these qualities then you might also want to consider getting a similar tattoo with your own name. This is simply a cute tattoo, there is no mythology behind it, plain and simple.

Simple Tattoo Designs

4. Tiny Tattoo

Check out this next small tattoo for upper back with three inverted triangular shapes and a base line. It features unique shadow shading technique for each of the triangles and a horizontal line. This is for you if you are looking for a tiny tattoo made of geometric shapes. The central triangle is zoomed in for parallax with the other two and to be closer to the observer than the other two. Further, the figure is unsymmetrical due to the uneven shading, perhaps more like life.

Simple Tattoo Designs

5. AUM Tatoo

Take advantage of the power of release offered by the first sound in the universe to meditate with this secular meditation tattoo. Although OM tattoos are symbolic and convey many messages, it is accepted as the sum of all sounds in the universe and is a useful mantra for yoga and meditation. Even though it is spelt OM it reads as A-U-M and the three syllables stand for speech, mind and breath of life respectively. Generally OM tattoos are placed above the waistline to be respectful of the sacred symbol in Hinduism.

Simple Tattoo Designs

6. Simple Heart And Anchor

Next we have this beautiful simplistic tattoo with an even more exciting meaning that is easy to grasp. The tattoo depicts a simple heart shape made from the rope hooked to an anchor. This makes matching tattoo candidate for you and your partner. Get this with someone who makes you feel safe and grounded like they hold you down even when the sea of life get rough. It means you promise to be loyal to each other’s love regardless of life’s struggles and come what may.

Simple Tattoo Designs

7. Simple Construction

Make it look like someone using small sets of geometric drawing instruments made and arc on your middle finger and divided it into several equal parts. You really don’t have to be a Math nerd for this to look good. Way to go for a simple finger tattoo with little or no meaning but still looks chic! Sometimes the simplest shapes and lines make some of the most impactful tattoo ideas ever. Get this cute little solution and wow everyone in your class.

Simple Tattoo Designs

8. Stargazing On The Moon

If you love to sit and dream about the stars, there are few comparable places humanly reachable that give you a better view than the moon. Generally moon tattoos are supposed to be cute but they also come with deeper meanings like manifestation, attainment. The crescent moon is particularly feminine and also stands for contemplation, reflection and letting go or detox. A crescent moon tattoo is a time freeze frame to remind us of the ever changing ways of the moon. Moons are also interpreted as powerful, fertility and transition in human lives. Change is inevitable!

Simple Tattoo Designs

9. Inspiration Quote

If you want a sobering quote that will always remind you that you are in control of your own story then look no further than this famous quote. It says that rather than blame others for your ill fortunes, you can own your failures and possibly work towards avoiding your destruction. It’s easier to point fingers but when we own our mistakes then we are also able to do something about our situation. There are plenty of short inspirational quote ideas and this is one of those that you want to ink permanently as it is always valid and true.

Simple Tattoo Designs

10. Tiny Butterfly Hand Tattoo

To begin with butterflies are beautiful creatures that we all envy for their wings to fly. They are a symbol of transformation and faith. Also just as they appear free to roam, a butterfly tattoo is for a free-spirited person. Freedom beauty and change are the main themes behind getting this tiny cute butterfly tattoo for the hand but sometimes they can be linked with love. They are strongly feminine tattoos and men rarely have them.

Simple Tattoo Designs

Simple Tattoo Design Ideas

April 2, 2020