20 Best Rose Tattoo Designs for Everyone

In the western culture, the rose is possibly the most recognized flower being favored as subject for the many artists and poets not forgetting its symbol in tattoo since the early years when the sailors got inked as a reminder of their mothers, lovers and wives. From the association with the feminine side it grew to be a choice for the classic ink design. As time passed different versions of the rose tattoos were used to symbolize and infer different situations and information through variance in colors, shapes, numerology, cultures and traditions they were used in.

Meaning of Rose Tattoo

A rose flower evokes feelings of beauty, love and pain. regardless of its color, a rose is a show stealer at any event but don’t let the gorgeous petals and lush leaves fool you as it has a thorny side. While a majority of cultures will associate a rose with romance, and affection, the color of a rose flower also impacts its meaning especially when choosing a tattoo. For instance, blue is a rarity rose, white is innocence or purity; red is for love, black is for loss and grief; while yellow would show joy.

In mythology, Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, had her depiction having roses adorning her neck, feet and head. It represented the immortal love that was capable of withstanding time including death. After Adonis, her lover, was slain, a bush of roses had grown within the blood pool. In Tarot, the beauty of this flower was an expression of a fresh beginning, hope and promise hence considered a symbol of balance. It’s contrasted by the thorns which symbolize thoughtlessness, loss and defense.

Due to the flower’s need for care and attention throughout the seasons, the Romans used rose incense and petals to display their affluence. Romans are also credited with creating the phrase “sub rosa,” which means “neath the rose” and is used as a code word for confidentiality. Conversations were to be private and kept under wraps while the roses were “present” when put in banquet rooms. Many emperors took the liberty of adding the flower to dishes of various kinds for a flare of red color and rich beauty because its petals were delicious.

It is from these basic symbolic representation many individuals decide to have the ink as a memory, motivation, and constant reminder or even on aesthetic grounds. In modern day and time, getting a minimalist design concealable under the sleeve or in between your fingers, or having a full sleeve of blood red roses, they still make that timeless yet gorgeous design.

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A brief discussion a few rose tattoos could be of help to an individual at the crossroad of which inklination best serves their purpose, or even to discern the various meaning of the body art.

1. Single Rose Tattoo

With some wearing their hearts over their sleeves, This powerful, however small it may be, rose tattoo has more impact when places on the forearm, thigh and on the ribcage. When need be its easy to conceal it under the clothing, but when exposed, it’s phenomenal as it never fails to delight.

Rose Tattoo Designs

2. Rose Stem Name Tattoo

Having somebody’s name in the flower stem brings out the commitment one has towards the individual who is much important to you. It’s this combination of resilience and affection that makes this work of art worth the show off. Best on back and on the chest.

Rose Tattoo Designs

3. Geometric Rose Tattoo

This leg tattoo is a combination of the modern and traditional art making it an incredible work to look at. With the rose signifying strength, love and balance and the geometric shape representing earth and unity, the ink serves best whether taken for its symbolism or its beauty.

Rose Tattoo Designs

4. Tiny Rose Tattoo

To make a statement, one doesn’t require a full sleeve of ink, with the much pain it comes with. The minuscule rose looks best on ankle, finger, behind the ear or even on the wrist. Dainty and subtle as it might look, you might not want to pass up such a stunning piece.

Rose Tattoo Designs

5. Blue and Red Rose

Red roses symbolizes the romantic, true and passionate love. Blue roses, which are non-existent in nature, only fabricated, are the representation of someone’s fascination and unrealizable love towards someone else. This tattoo is symbolic to a transformation in the person, with some hidden fantasy and love in the life experiences. The hands and forearm serves best for them.

Rose Tattoo Designs

6. Family Rose Tattoo

Best when inked on the arms, whether on the fore or on the biceps, this psychedelic work of art holds the awesomeness associated with the love and warmth of a family love. It’s unique in that it captures the life-like qualities without making everything appear too realistic. The clean and bold lines brings out the contrast in the delicateness of the flower, depicting the power of heritage, sense of belonging and family.

Rose Tattoo Designs

7. Rose Arm Tattoo

Getting the ink on the arm is a preferable choice especially if you wish for an addition to the design maybe to a half or full sleeve piece in future. This also is attributed by the fact that classical tattoos display best on perfect body spots. For the subtle one, especially to the first piece, one can conceal them on the biceps when need be, with clothing.

Rose Tattoo Designs

8. Cross with Rose Tattoo

Even with differing preference on whether to have something sleeker or the traditional cross, this tattoo cherish the faith in its artwork. Being symbolic to devotion and religion, the delicate roses tend to contrast the geometric lines, and this develops a long lasting symbiotic element. Best on the calf or the upper arm.

Rose Tattoo Designs

9. Abscising Rose

Leaves are symbols of energy, life and hope. The shedding of the green leaves is symbolic to the decline of the energy in the love from some other forces that are draining the life out of the love.

Rose Tattoo Designs

10. Red Rose Tattoo

The red rose is a symbol of passionate, romantic, beautiful and true love. It imply that when need be, the beauty and love will be bravely protected through sacrifice and action, till death. Position on hand to show action strength, or on the chest to show nearness to the heart.

Rose Tattoo Designs

11. Hand and Rose Single Line

Most simple pieces carry great impact in them. For those not into colored ink, which tend to fade fast as time pass by, the line art concept could be the way to go as it allows for future shades if one wish to. The hand holding the rose is symbolic to readiness to action to give the love positioning it on the arm or back serves it right.

Rose Tattoo Designs

12. Rose with Thorns

This particular art adds the subtle twist with the thorns, into the traditional rose tattoo. Within its artistic bounds, it brings about the life and death entwines as a contrasting symbolism. It reminds one of the share of agony, sacrifice and caution in the ecstasy achieved. Its placement on the chest, close to the heart is the constant reminder of these experiences, with every heartbeat.

Rose Tattoo Designs

13. Traditional Rose Tattoo

Since the ‘30s, it has been the popular option, with its resemblance to a sailoresque design. It’s a representation of hope, strength and love and the best option for those after some past blast. Its best inked without thorns nor a stem. Best when positioned on the forearm.

Rose Tattoo Designs

14. Blooming Rose

At times inked on the arms, at times inked on the thigh, the full bloom flower is a symbol of achievement, maturity or the growth of the wearer’s life journey. The folded but ready to bloom petals symbolize the bud stage, which is a representation of youthfulness or symbol of a new beginning. The adornment with the buds brings out the developmental transition aspect in the life and experiences of the individual.

Rose Tattoo Designs

15. Black Rose Tattoo

These ink arts tend to have some specific and deep meaning to the individual over some mystical expectation, or experience in love, that made the person stronger and never again afraid of the dark side. Placed on the triceps or on the back, sometimes on the calf, they are meant to represent the past.

Rose Tattoo Designs

16. Realistic Rose Tattoo

This ink has the hyper-realistic feel with its contemporary and surrealist design. It’s like a photograph print on the skin creating the impression like no other. Nobody need hide such a conspicuous work of art, thus best inked on the biceps, chest or on the thigh.

Rose Tattoo Designs

17. Small Rose Tattoo

For the tiny art enthusiasts, this subtle and delicate ink is in their favor, be it on the wrist, ankle neck or on finger. Ranging from line art to petals scattering, this tattoo is a gorgeous way to add some symbolism to your skin. Its best placed on the biceps, fingers, or even on the ribcage.

Rose Tattoo Designs

18. White Rose Tattoo

White roses being mostly used in wedding flowers bouquet, the white rose tattoo is a symbol of a fresh beginning of life and love, purity or magic. It’s a vow to commitment based on a mature and pure love, which could also include a mother’s true love. The wrist, ankle region or the belly are some of the most common placements. Many prefer the white tattoo as it is less noticeable
compared to the other vivid colors, while producing a powerful, realistic and interesting piece.

Rose Tattoo Designs

19. Rose Ankle Tattoo

With roses being a representation of balance, the stunning ankle tattoo becomes one of the best way to stylistically showcase your pins. A single blossom can serve as the devotion of the flora, it being a stylish, subtle and simple piece of art perfect for anyone. Best placed on the ankle or a leg wrap.

Rose Tattoo Designs

20. Dotwork Rose Tattoo

Exploding with awesomeness, is this black and white rose with a touch of contemporary crispness, which is an excellent choice to design lovers. For individuals in love with ideas of the modern illustration, with tonal combination, then this ribcage concept best suits them.

Rose Tattoo Designs

21. Hand & Pink Rose Fine Line Tattoo on Woman’s Ankle

This rose tattoo makes thoughtful decisions that accentuate the intended feminine vibe. The rose and foliage are colored subtly with watercolor coloring, and the outlines are drawn with finelines. Given how delicate and private the ankle is, even the placement of the tattoo is significant. It has the same pleasant summertime feel.

22. Minimal Rose, Sun, Moon & World Forearm Tattoo

You can get a rose, the sun, the moon, and the world all in one very delicate tattoo, thus the answer is yes. The use of Minimal Linework and the absence of color enhance the “lightness” of this tattoo. The stretch of the forearm and the finely detailed little graphics make the ideal canvas for this lengthy vertical pattern.

23. Red Line Rose Tattoos With Black Snake Thigh Tattoo

This stunning snake tattoo features contrasting designs, hues, and themes. The Linework Style, which is frequently utilized with floral tattoos, is used to precisely define and detail the red flowers. As an alternative, the snake is drawn in the Blackwork style using strong black ink. The story comes next. The rose represents purity, whereas the snake represents temptation. I’m not sure who will prevail, but I do know that this tattoo will.

24. Women’s Large Floral Rose Hip & Side Thigh Tattoo

A huge rose tattoo looks great on the hip and side of the thigh. This woman’s tattoo is bold because of its size, yet the design brings it into harmony. Black lines are employed in this linework style. With expert shading, the flowers and leaves are detailed with a hint of lighter color ink. Together, they give the tattoo a delicate, feminine vibe. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt this gorgeous tattoo while wearing a tiny small dress?

25. Linework Rose Tattoo on Woman’s Spine / Upper Back

Why not add a perfectly centered tattoo to a gorgeous back to make it even prettier? The linework technique was used to ink the rose and stem that run along the spine and upper back. The heavier linework of the stem and leaves and the extremely delicate lines of the petal are mixed together. The use of darker ink and colouring highlights these broader lines even more. As I’ve already mentioned, this woman had a lovely back that her tattoo had only enhanced.

26. Blackwork X-Ray Rose Tattoo on Side of Man’s Neck

What is an X-Ray tattoo, then? In most cases, it’s a tattoo that looks like an x-rayed flower. This naturally makes one think of black ink, which is what the Blackwork style is all about. You’ll also notice the usage of large, solid black ink planes in this style. This is a lovely change from the delicate lines that are typically used to ink a rose. The rose petals at the top demonstrate how expert shading creates the x-ray appearance of transparency. I commend the artist. The drama is increased by placing this tattoo on a prominent and unanticipated area of the body, in this case the side of the neck. There is no way a shy person should get this black rose tattoo.

27. Tattoo of a Tiny Cat with Blue Roses on a Woman’s Triceps

These flowers stand out because to their vivid blue color and placement over the triceps. This is merely a variant on the usage of pastels, even though watercolors are frequently subdued by their dilution with water. Here, the colors are kept within the lines, giving these flowers an earthy appearance. They appear to be still growing (right on her arm).

January 20, 2020