10 Prettiest Feminine Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

The chest is prime location to ink for enthusiasts who like to show their art and also offers artists more canvas to play with. Traditionally, only men dared to showcase chest tattoos and understandably so because women’s chests are much more delicate and sensitive. But the problem has been the association of chest tattoos with large pieces that cover the entire chest. Even though that is still possible for women, more women are opting for smaller cute tattoos.

Where On Chest Do Women Get Inked?

Some of the prettiest feminine tattoos women have are placed above the breasts but there are sexier under the chest and sternum tattoos as well. The placement depends on how much you want to show publicly. Men have an easier time flaunting their full chest and back ink as they can go topless on the beach. Women too can accentuate their femininity and beauty with a vine, floral, symbol or even a quote or skull chest tattoo with careful placement.

Floral Chest Tattoos for Women

Flowers are some of the most beautiful things on the face of the earth but the first must be women. Women feel more confident with delicate and gorgeous body art that accentuates their beauty. Floral designs are therefore one of the most elegant chest tattoos women love.

Whether you are a beginner or you are looking through for some inspiration for your next amazing ink, join as we explore the top chest tattoo designs for girls.

1. Butterfly And Vines

When you want a small and cute tattoo that is girly and meaningful then a butterfly is an excellent choice. When you want something simple and beautiful then vines are great choices too. So how about we combine the two in a bold black ink wit stars. The cartoon theme makes this black tattoo all the most fun to look at. Choosing a simple design has its perks because they look nothing but amazing.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

2. Rose Outline Chest Tattoo

Roses are quite popular as tattoo flower for women and surely this list would not even get started without this impactful and realistic pink roses tattoo. Pink roses are for graceful and affectionate girls and therefore a large number of girls want this tattoo badly. You find rose tattoos such as this one are suitable for placement in a number of other places besides the chest making this selection really unique and outstanding.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

3. Small OM Chest Tattoo

The sum of all sounds in the universe represented by A-U-M and spelt as OM is a popular tattoo symbol. This meditation symbol and sound has religious origins in Hinduism but is also common to Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. As a meditation sound and symbol, it is mantras that can help enthusiasts reach the infinite conscious state. Before you shy away from this tiny meaningful tattoo you will love to hear that in western cultures it has been adopted as secular icon for yoga exercises.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

4. Full Chest Henna Designs

In this unique feature we cannot fail to represent one of the most beautiful forms of body art for women around the world, henna tattoos. The artist surely took their time with this beautiful and centered masterpiece and the thought of its perishability bring into focus the impermanence of life itself. The piece feels centered and if a mirror were to be placed down the middle, the image would be completed. You can get this for that special occasion and surprise everyone at the party.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

5. Nautical Stars Design Chest

For all girls who truly feel out of this world, there are only a handful of tattoos that can express their personality. This gorgeous display of a starry heaven on a girl’s chest is the perfect example of such heavenly inks. The dark shadows around the stars could be the struggles of this life that is never enough to stop the star within us from shinning. There is also a number of black stars that are much smaller but more in number but those could mean the not so good attributes in a person for no one is perfect.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

6. Swallow Bird Tattoo

Check out this beautiful and realistic bird tattoo with even greater meaning. Birds are adorable creatures that fill our thoughts with dreams and aspirations. Swallow birds are a bird’s family that is found in all continents including Antarctica thanks to their adaptation to aerial feeding. They are distinctly beautiful creatures and have borne spiritual and historical significance for many cultures for many years. Sailors would use the bird’s tattoo to show off their sailing skills and believed that if they drowned, it is the bird that would carry their souls up to heaven where they belonged.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

7. Flowers Full Chest

Whether you are looking to put some particular flower or an assortment this full chest design should inspire your new ink. This shows a beautiful curly flower collage spanning the width of the chest that is sure to look stunningly beautiful. This goes to prove further that full chest tattoos are not just for men. Women who are brave shutter those barriers but also make a feminine statement with stunning floral tattoos that look just as chic as this one. Take note of how well centered the design feels with the symmetry delicately maintained between the right and left.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

8. Simple Floral Chest

Perhaps the above design seems a bit too heavy you. Here is a lighter more dispersed design featuring interesting flower and leaf combination. The main piece is actually comprising of three distinct tattoos one in the middle and two mirrored images on either side. This adds to the allure of the pattern but also requires great precision on the part of the artist. Any lack of symmetry will be easily picked out for this piece. Another lovable aspect of this piece is the light shading on some parts of the leaves, it fades out perfectly.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

9. Tribal Chest Women

Tribal tattoos have been around forever and they have had hundreds of years to perfect their tools and tools and shades. Cultural tattoos are all about heritage and marking the achievements in one’s life. Most of them are also sacred and meant to protect from this evil force or the next. It marks bravery, fertility, sexual lures and pledges of affection among other uses. Women of deep tribal heritage who haven’t lost touch of who they are and where they came from will want to flaunt a tribal chest tattoo such as this one. The shading is perfect not to mention they look better even as you age gracefully. You can look it up, tribal shading such as this one look better with age unlike some regrettable inking choices.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

10. Multicolor Floral Shoulders

Inked wild lilies make some of the most gorgeous inks for girls and this symmetrical pair on both shoulders is an example of that. You can have just one centered on the chest or back or shoulder but why do that when you can have two similar beauties. The watercolor palette is such as you would expect in a Japanese tattoo. It is simply a gorgeous tattoo without making too much of a fuss and concealable when you want to keep it a secret to survive the workplace.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Girls

Chest Tattoo Design for Girls

March 30, 2020