Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Review

Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Review

The Neuro style is a cool new release from the Paul Mitchell Neuro collection featuring max volume curling and straightening technology. It has contoured titanium plates and Neuro’s trusted heat delivery that wakes up in seconds and stays at full potential for as long as you need it. This styler is a premium plated model with ultra-efficient titanium plates that glide through hair for effortless straitening and curling. Neuro has been an awesome fit for people with coarse and difficult hair as well as moderate types and we are always eager to test out their remarkable solutions. This here is to add to their already amazing fleet of thermal tools for hair care that have been amazing so far.

We are not about to give them as free pass as even the best of power house can produce a miss when it comes to street level performance. This styler is marketed with the same Smart Sense technology you will find in nearly all their products. It boasts of super-fast heat recovery and dual voltage adaptation for when you travel with your trusted hair savior.

The plates on the Style are contoured which usually means they maintain contact with hair through all twists and turns so that you do not have to do robotic movements to achieve different hairstyles you want. It is another one pass contender and we were clean to check how well it was able to live up to this expectation. There is a ton of stuff you can tweak about this styler unlike with some rigid pricey ones including ghds.

Straight out of the box we commend the under one minute boot time and long cord for fuss and tangle free styling.


Complete Review of Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron


Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Review

The specs on the Neuro Style are pretty impressive if the labeling on the box is anything to go by. It has 1” plates which is sufficient for medium hair volume at a moderate speed. You are likely to finish your hair in under 30 minutes on this tool which is also pretty impressive. It is made for multiuse capable of all maneuvers and hairstyles from curly to straight.

The much touted SmartSense technology also comes under the limelight once again. It ensures an even heating through lightning fast recovery when the heat is lost to hair. The plates are IsoTherm which implies an even temperature across both plates without hot points. We don’t expect hot point from a high end device like this one but it is actually very common in cheap metal plated flat irons you can get online for under $30.

The pates are cushioned and beveled for reduced tugging even when your hair locks and tangles easily. The custom titanium finished plates are gentle on hair but produce remarkable results with coarse hair at the high heat spectrum of the tool. Just be sure to increment your heating in gentle steps so you do not burn your hair the first day of having this.

Heating Process

This flat iron is capable of 0 to 4500F in under 30 seconds and maintains an impressive amount of heat for constant heating to hair even at the lowest setting. It does not cause static or frizz which is a relative quality because hair types contribute to this as well. The titanium plates are suckers for heat and will last longer than any other component and most importantly do not get scoured. With these strong materials, you are assured of a lifetime of parallel plates.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Flat Iron Review

Neuro is the way to go if you want a trustworthy thermal tool maker that can give your bone straight natural looks or silky wavy hair without tarnishing your natural color. This Neuro Styler flat iron is the very example of Neuro’s excellence in hair care because for a 1” styler we found it performs better than some 1.25” irons out there.

It is not uncommon to stumble across a really depressing review of this or any other good flat iron. If you o by the really bad reviews then it is unlikely that you will land your perfect match. This styler is reported very fast to boot and will be up and running before you can clip your hair in sections. I causes hardly any section and is fitted with a good anti-frizz tech.

There is a small turn off about the styler in design because a small plastic below the plates creates as seam that it can sometimes snug on hair. This might be a defective batch we tested and nothing to worry about with your purchase but again we have to say it as we see it. We did not understand why the seam was there in the first place instead of one complete hood.

Hair Damage

We need to note that the testers who work with us are professional hair stylists and self-made experts with lots of enthusiasm for hair products. This is to say that they do not make unwitty decisions when using the tools which would cause irreversible damage to hair. This explains why some people see discrepancies between when their hair stylist does flat iron their hair in the salon and when they do it themselves given the same styler.


The price point for this styler is a bit high for a good reason and we can confirm that it does deliver on its value for money. It has a fast wake time and a customizable range of styling temperatures for many hair types making it ideal for professional salon equipment. It is really durable as we learnt from some of our users who jumped on the first release of this product to hit the market. It does come with free gifts like the Reshape HeatCTRL Memory Styler and a 2 year warranty among other perks which add to its price value advantage.

How do I set the temperature on this flat iron?

To adjust the temperature no the Neuro Style you will press the mode button once and use the + and – sign labeled buttons to increment or decrement the temperature as you please. The temperature you select will be locked in a few moments after you stop selecting.

What hair types can style with the Neuro Style?

This flat iron is good for most hair types with 390 degrees for fine hair, 410 for normal hair, 430 for coarse hair and everything in between and the extreme 4500F for professional use.

How to use the flat iron?

There are several modes f operating this styler. To avoid hazards such as burning self, fire, electrocution and other forms of personal injury then we recommend following the instructions manual included with the set. Professional hair stylists will have an easier time learning this styler.

What is the Isotherm plates meaning?

It means the plates will give you fast and even heat for healthy styling.

Is the Neuro Style made in China?

Yes, this product is made in china.

August 19, 2020