Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth vs BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron

This post will help you decide between the two awesome brands based on the products we have selected. Both Paul Mitchell and BaBylissPRO are high end brands that we associate with pricey and functional tools that offer users an ideal finish and touch ups on the go with a touch of elegance and class. When you are looking to style your hair differently and give it a healthier shine, then these two brands are ideally where you should be looking for a good balance of price and value.

We set out to compare the Mitchells to the incredible BaByliss array of products and we could not find a closer match than the Neuro Smooth and Nano Titanium both for price and the bang you get for your cash. On the one hand you have the all reliable and never disappointing BaByliss and on the other you have the revolutionary new tech and kid on the block sporting Express Ion Compiled Technology that just might be the future of hair styling as we know it.

With these classy flat irons you find that some are quite the hefty investment and you simply cannot afford to be losing money every now and then to sales ads. You need to be sure that you are buying the worth of your payouts and that is why we are here to sniff out and tests each flat iron before you waste your money on more junk.

We have already mentioned that our comparison today features two professional and comparable products in terms of salon grade results and ease of use in virtually no time. What you want is that excellent style that will add a magical lure to you amazing outfit for the occasion and last you longer than a day. If this is basically, you then we have got you covered from the hairline up.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat IronBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron
Paul Mitchell Neuro SmoothBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium
Ultra-smooth and durable titanium plates.

Fast heat response with microchip control.

Auto-shut feature for increased safety.

Dual voltage power compatibility.

High max temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit for all hair types.

Cool intuitive LCD for temperature read out.

Ceramic heating technology is gentle on all hair types.
Variable heat controls up to 450F.

Excellent looking smooth plates.

Negative ion charged plates.

Famous for curls, waves and flips.

Narrow body and barrel for precision styling maneuvers.

Light weight for its span and features.

Longer slim plates to cover more hair at once.
Not a daily morning routine hair tool.


Comes with a very long swivel cord which makes storage a bit difficult.
Lacks an auto shut features.

Counterfeits exist hence some shockingly bad reviews.

Still cannot curl thick unruly hair efficiently.

Is a larger model.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell is a well-respected high end brand name in the hair and beauty industry the world over and their products are widely accepted in the elite salons around the globe. They are well known for cutting edge solutions and alternative heating for healthier hair and longer lasting results. Such is the express Ion Complex Technology featured in the Neuro Smooth which aids in the styling efficiency of each pass and the overall durability of results. Holding the Neuro Smooth in your hand the very first time, you tend to get the feeling that it is a high end device with sophisticated tech and also high value.

The Neuro Smooth showcases Paul Mitchell’s prowess in getting excellent finishes a lower heat and gives users the power to unleash their hair’s full potential in growth and styling. It packs IsoTherm Titanium plating for that extra smooth glide and excellent heat performance without forgetting device lifespan. This flat iron takes the trophy for unbelievable precision heating and locking on styles and fast heat response so it is ready to go when you are.

We tried out the new Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth flat iron and found the following notable advantages.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

There is a wave propagating among top salons ditching old and trusted names like CHI out the window and embracing the amazing BaByliss technology that has come to save us all. We are sure you are curious to know why this brand is so amazing and that is why we had to pick one of their most highly rated products to go up against a top tier Paul Mitchell which is uniquely American too.

The Titanium is a new generation styler from the maker that uses the best and most advanced heating systems and material combination to deliver pin straight hair at your convenience saving on time and hair damage. The hair stylists swearing by the brand are not just rumor mongering but doing so because it is a great alternative to well trusted traditional brands and keeps styles locked in for excess of 24 hours.

Here are some features that help this BaByliss and its siblings cut above the competition.


The Neuro Smooth styling Iron by Paul Mitchell is one of those incredibly well-crafted hair tools that are well adapted for use by almost everyone. It includes the right smart and safety features so that it is intuitive and safe for all users and it is compatible with a wide range of user needs.  It is your better choice when you are shopping for Salon equipment and also fits right into the travel makeup bag category to add some quick and effective touch ups on the go.

Like many of its Paul Mitchell siblings, the flat iron under our spotlight today is an expensive pick but with its Express Ion Complex technology and magical results, it seem well worth the price tag. You will fall for the oblique edges and excellent grip which still feels light and comfortable towards the end of the styling session.

On the other hand, the BaByliss Nano Titanium Flat iron comes from a family of ultra-lightweight and comfortable to hand flat irons made of high grade titanium coated ceramic plates and accurate heating to eliminate hotspots. They also offer a touch of elegancy and seem even better suited for salon use than the Mitchells. You will notice that the full size model is long and slender with plates that are elongated to get more spans of hair done at a go.


The plates on the Neuro Smooth are cushioned yet highly heat capable for rapid heating up and recovery with every pass. We timed it and the styler is well capable of waking up in sub minute time. It gives smooth results with no crinkle or snag on hair. We also thought it was a little easier than the Nano Titanium on the hand when doing sophisticated moves to curl and lock hair closely.

The Pro Nano titanium flat iron is a masterpiece for tis versatile design with exceptionally narrow plates make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to create many different styles from bouncy ringlets to soft beachy waves.


To wrap up our comparison, you can easily tell that the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth iron measures up if not superseded the BaByliss in some aspects. What’s more there is a whole range of options much similar to this model that are also receiving impressive review from the same company. So if you do decide to buy the Mitchell, be sure to check out other wonderful products closely related and who knows maybe you might just land the perfect one for you for a lesser price and same great potential benefits.

We were already sold on the features of the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium even before they revealed that some packs come with a complimentary wet to dry iron for gratis. Even if you do not get this extra, if you just end up enjoying those famous BaByliss curls and locks then it is a worthy experience and a well-balanced value versus cost equation if you care to check.


If you are looking for a flat iron that will give you ultimate performance for smoothing and featuring premium plating technology that heats up pretty quick and glides effortlessly then you will find comfort in the Paul Mitchell Brand. It offers a viable alternative to the magic of BaByliss which an equally capable flat iron maker with ultra-efficient styling in most of their lucratively priced irons. WE would recommend caution with the heat tweaking on this device as it is pretty powerful and could be detrimental to hair if you do not take care to set up the heat configuration correctly.

Titanium must be the best negative ion conductor like ever discovered because if fights frizz like a champ. Finally they have invented a flat iron that is also sleek enough to work as a curling tong and produce perfect straight hair. If you feel like the Paul Mitchell is a little on the bulky side, then you know the Nano Titanium by BaByliss Pro got you covered.

Paul Mitchell Neuro SmoothBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium
March 14, 2021