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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

For this review we focus on the silky smooth and high performing premium iron by Paul Mitchell, the Neuro Smooth. It features the premium titanium plates for split second heat up and recovery and immense heat delivery. It is supposed to be god for all hair types but is especially made for the hard to get to hair types that just won’t show any respect for cheap irons. We set out with our null hypothesis on the claims and wanted to check if this was really the ultimate straightener for professional and private use for great straights, waves or flips.

This styler comes with pretty decent packaging and if you got the original Paul Mitchell you can tell from the box alone that it is not cheap. First to notice is the exterior LCD and the long 9ft swivel cord which are indicators of a serious contender for the professional flat iron vacancy. Among the listed key features or selling points for the Neuro Smooth is the Isotherm plates and Smart sense microchip tech used in some of their other stylers. Additionally, it has a customizable shut-off function duration and the hanging loop on the swivel cord for salon use.

As with mother titanium plated stylers, we recommend that you use this if you have coarse and tougher hair as opposed to thin and fragile hair. This styler could potentially burn your hair if you use the higher heat settings for sparse and fragile hair. That said, this actually turned out to be one of the best flat irons we have ever tested. Sorry for the spoiler alert but first we delve into the specification of the device before we tell you how well it did out in the streets.

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Fast heat up under 30 seconds
  • Easier and safer styling with SmartSense microchip technology
  • Dual voltage for easy travel.
  • Custom sleep time
  • Fewer passes and smooth results guaranteed
  • Impressive 2 year warranty
  • Not cordless
  • Expensive
  • Heats up longer than some other stylers like the Express Ion Smooth
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Complete Review of Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron


Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

The Neuro Smooth is made for professional use and with results that measure up to salon results anytime anywhere. It has those ample 1.25” IsoTherm plates. A superior temperature controller with digital display and smooth increments makes the design ready for the thickest, curl and frizzy hair. Titanium is one of the bet materials for flat iron manufacture and cares for hair even at high temperatures.

Titanium is not the only element that can deliver such premium heat but it does have the advantages of even heat distribution and sufficient heat capacity to heat consistently along the hair strands. Its superb thermal conductivity also makes it the material of choice where rapid heat recovery is needed, namely, flat iron design.

Paul ,Mitchell and Neuro is a reputable maker of hair care products including an array of well capable flat irons including some that we have looked into in the past and we expected this to perform no less. They are committed to changing the beauty and haircare professional thermal tools industry and it only makes sense that they do so by introducing some exciting new innovative technologies that help you achieve salon results at home and on the move.

Heating Process

The Neuro smooth styler is a titanium flat iron which means you should be careful with the higher region of heating settings because it can scorch your hair. In practice, we found no difference between this heat performance of this particular iron and a good quality ceramic build. This is obviously a good styler with balanced heat settings and the ability to select a temperature that is ideal for your specific hair type. The auto shut features is a pleasant addition because we all have those crazy days when forgetting to turn off the iron just happens. You can even change the time setting for this ranging between a couple of minutes and 2 whole hours.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

When you are looking for an impressive titanium flat iron that will likely do nothing but impress you every single time then this is a good hit. It is not too expensive but we also found it works like a charm. The Neuro brand is a well thought out array of products and they cram these devices with the best and latest in heat delivery and regulation systems.

Even just on the exterior look and feel, the Neuro Smooth will impress with its sleek and lightweight compact design even for a full scale 1.25” styler. It has a good and firm grip on hair without tugging or the burning sensation and smell of cheap irons. Even if your hair requires a ton of heat to tame, you will be glad to have this run through your hair at a full 4500F and not have to deal with frazzled ad fried ends.

The timer does come with a 30 minute default idle time and at first you might think that it is defective or something. If you want it to stay on for longer than you can increase the time up to 2 hours. The swivel cord is also a mighty save for when in the salon environment and it even has a hanging clip you can hang it from so you are not worried about toasting your surfaces.

Hair Damage

This styler is capable of up to 4500F in a mere thirty seconds and is by all means a powerful flat iron. The upper temperature region is meant for professional use only and is not to be taken lightly. The high end styler does come with a smart chip technology which increase safety by rapid temperature response but irresponsible use might still lead to hair damage. That said, our testers had no problems with the Neuro Smooth and reported t to be a safe option even for beginners.

Battery Life

The Neuro Smooth comes with Dual voltage adaptation which means it come with on foreign trips without the need to us a power converter. it does not have any internal battery which does not really take away from the user experience once you get the hang of it.


This styling iron is a high end device and we are quite impressed with the results. There are perks to buying a brand that is reputable and reliable according to word on the street and Neuro is one of those. This styler supposedly lasts years and does not deteriorate with time. We were satisfied with the appearance, form and performance of this styler enough to recommend it as good value for money. The high price point might be turn off for many and that is understandable because we don’t think Paul Mitchell designed this for mass production but limited releases.

Can you curl with the Neuro Smooth?

The Neuro smooth is made for multiuse and can curl, wave or straighten with good results.

What size is the Neuro Smooth styler?

This is a 1.25 inch styler that makes styling faster and effortless.

Is this any good for long hair with some damage?

The titanium technology used for the Neuro Smooth is backed by microchip technology for accurate temperature regulation which reduces hair damage.

What is the difference between the Neuro smooth and express ion?

The smooth curl stands out as a professional styler with impressive waves, curls and straightening ability. It is an ample 1.25” plated styler with superior quality plates and IsoTherm plates technology. The smooth is excellent even with coarse unruly hair. The express ion on the other hand is also a remarkable flat iron with ceramic plates which are kinder for thin and sensitive hair. It takes longer to heat up in about 60 seconds compared to the 30 seconds wait for the Neuro Smooth.

Does the Neuro smooth have vibrating plates?

This Flat iron does not have the vibrating plates but instead uses IsoTherm titanium technology to make styling effortless and fast.

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