Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer Review

The Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair dryer is a high end smart hair tool with nearly every feature you could desire in a hair dryer. It is built for the perfect hassle free blowout and has futuristic features that are taking the current hair care market by storm. Paul Mitchell teamed up with the legendary Rashid Karim to create a sensational hair dryer with futuristic features and a stellar performance built on the basics of the best seller Neuro Dry.

Perhaps the name is inspired by the game and not an angel with a circle of light above the head or a little bit of both because it is both savage and gentle by design. Among key cutting edge features of this dryer is the backlit touchscreen input which makes it irresistibly beautiful. It comes with 3 heat settings and 3 hair flow settings which should suffice for a powerful motor as is included in the Neuro Prime.

One noticeable cool feature of the Neuro Halo is its streamlined shape and ergonomic design that makes it fit right into the hand like one was made for the other. The fashionable dark themed color embraces the design perfectly and it almost looks like a ray gun. Gaming enthusiasts will be intrigued and want to buy this as a mere prop. It’s just not every day that you receive a wonderful product that is also enclosed in magnificent packaging that you want to keep. None of this feels cheap at all, and that is a lasting sensation for owners of this amazing new tech.

In this post we unravel the mystery of the Neuro Halo hair dryer by Paul Mitchell a name we all in the hair industry have come to love and respect. Even with the high price point, you know you know you are getting the best deal because the brand reputation is solid. This hair dryer is one device that gives you instant gratification when you are unpacking even before you use it because it looks amazing.

 Let’s delve into the detailed features of the Neuro Halo as advertised before we tell you what actually worked.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer Review

Backlit touch-screen display for precise heat control.

Lightweight design with professional long lasting DC motor.

Powerful motor with possibility for downward adjustment.

Ion on/off control to minimize frizz and boost volume.

Tourmaline heating technology boosts shine.

Clean filter sensor and indicator.
It is not the lightest.

Because it is light, it can take some getting used to maneuver correctly.



Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer Review

Here is a versatile hair dryer that is made for every hair type and styling preference and yet it comes with matte black styling nozzle and silicone diffuser that are universal so they easily attach to many dryers. However, it is unlikely you will trade this for any other dryer you might have in the near future.

The design is not angelic inspired but more of the game Halo in theme. It is made like a futuristic weapon that some intellectually superior alien species would have and use against poor citizens of earth. It has that sleek and textured look that makes a statement in the fashion sense and remains a desirable trait even when you have had it for some time.

Then there is the interactive touchscreen on top of the dryer which adds to the futuristic theme and makes it intuitively easy to operate. When every other aspect of your life is supported by smart devices there is no reason why your hair dryer should not be a smart device. Critics say that the Neuro Halo Touchscreen model is the same on the inside as the Neuro Dry except for the Touchscreen.

But the Neuro Halo has more than just the interactive touchscreen to boast of. Its ability to separate heat and air flow settings makes it an exceptionally good for every air type and customizable settings for every user. It is essentially many hair dryers in one. Even if the this dryer was an upgraded version of the Neuro Dry, the latter is an amazing piece of equipment that can literary change your life in regard to hair styling.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer Review

One thing we like about Paul Mitchell is the quality of their heating elements when it comes to hair tools manufacture. This dryer features three air flow settings and ion booster which can be turned on or off using the cool shot locking button. Equipped with the same SmartSense technology used in other remarkable pieces of tech from the giant maker, this dryer is extremely accurate for temperature settings so you know just how much heat you are treating your hair to. It measures and corrects the temperature reaching your hair up to 50 times every second.

For those with thick unruly hair that just won’t stop frizzing, you may want to turn on the ion setting on to add shine. On the flipside, you can turn the setting off for thin hair to increase volume and still achieve remarkable results.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer Review

The Paul Mitchell Neuro halo just like the Neuro Dry upon which it is built has a horde of great features that make it stand out as a high end dryer for premium user experience. The features include the 1875 watt motor which some of the most powerful you will find in the market and consumes half the energy it would take for traditional bulky motors to produce the same air streams.

It has tourmaline heating which is incredible for a hair dryer and is capable of super-fast speeds for very low noise. The monster power behind the little motor couple with tourmaline heating enable this tool to get hair dried quicker than your average stock blow-dryer.

You will certainly see the SmartSense clean filter and alarm go on when debris clogs your machine. It is incredibly easy to clean the filter without any special tools and ensure smooth running of the dryer as well as longevity. You will only need to twist the door latch open at the back of the drier and you are home and dry.

The Touchscreen feature is very hand when you get used to it which is easy given the intuitive menu. The backlit LCD enables easy reading of temperature and speed with bars which you can easily understand. Even the filter light is really a word that lights up in a beautiful blue halo making this a very gorgeous machine to own and operate.

The full power behind this beautiful hair dryer can be considered an overkill. It has variable speed and heat settings which means you can tame the power to suit your requirements but no one gets left behind. It is powerful yet surprisingly easy to use once you get accustomed to the light weight design. It simplifies the setup process so that you can focus on tending to your hair.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer Review

With great power comes responsibility because the full throttle on the Neuro Halo can be quite intense. Luckily, the designers thought to include a way to change the temperature and air speed to a value that will not cause problems for sensitive hair. If you have unruly hair that just won’t style easily, you will want to work your way up the temperature scale from the middle level. Negative ion technology makes it easier to evaporate water from your hair and hydrates hair. This Ionic technology reduces the amount of heat exposure saving your hair from damage.


The Neuro Halo is a remarkable piece of salon equipment and for ease of use we give it the five star rating. It is not very affordable and that is a bummer seeing as it is so great. If you would like something more affordable you can settle for the Neuro Dry which is essentially the same amount of power without the flashy exteriors and interactive touchscreen. While there is no shortage of hyped products that lack the performance to back it up but the Neuro Halo is lives up to the good name.

Is this the same dryer as the Neuro Dry?

Yes, the Neuro Halo is an improvement on the Neuro Dry and it is the same dryer on the inside apart from the ability to control heat and air speed separately and the touchscreen controls. Paul Mitchell has been accused of taking the same hair dryer and adding a single feature and calling it by another name. The features added to this dryer are pretty cool and warrant it being marketed as a completely different product.

How does the auto-pause feature work?

The Neuro Halo does not support motion sensing like in the Neuro Motion Dryer. When you pick it up, it turns on, and when you put it down it stops running. This does not affect the performance of the dryer because if heats instantly and you do not need it blowing when placed on the counter.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen
March 3, 2021