Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Styling Iron Review

If you are looking for the latest cutting edge technology for sleek and straight hair styles effortlessly then you are looking into the right line of products for an awesome lifestyle booster. The Neuro Halo Styler is a game changing innovation by the world renowned industrial designer and visionary Karim Rashid. He presents an elite set of hair tools packing new leading discoveries for hair heat treatment and state of the art digital electronics to create a smart and programmable flat iron every user deserves.

The Neuro Halo features the premium gunmetal Iso Therm titanium plates and Smartsense microchip technology to deliver responsive heating to hair. It also features a beautiful backlit touch screen display and programmable temperature settings which are quite unique even for its mid-price range. It creates perfect curls, straights and wavy hair styles with greater ease thanks to the extended plate size.

In this review we take a quick minute to review the inside of the smart and stylish heat tool which has truly pushed the boundaries on hair care and heat treatments. Neuro is a powerhouse when it comes to cutting edge innovations and development of smart personal care electronics. The maker is here to revolutionize the way we do hair styling and they are already taking on the market by storm. It’s a Dynamic market and there is certainly no shortage of cheap to expensive worthwhile flat irons to buy.

Today we consider the good, the bad and the nasty about this flat iron so you can have it easier buying or skipping. Is the New Neuro Halo straightener the no snag, amazing stylist it has been made out to be by celebrities and influencers online? Don’t go anywhere we are about to reveal what makes the hype.

Premium gunmetal Iso Therm titanium plates.

Impressive 30 second heat up time.

SmartSense microchip heat protection technology.

Dual Voltage for universal use.

Faster styling with extended plate length.

Streamlined body for creating waves.
$180 is still expensive.

Can damage hair.

Has been reported to snag.

Complete Review of Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Styling Iron


Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Styling Iron Review

The Neuro collection is the Neuro gadget maker teaming up with Rashid to work on smart hair tools that will revolutionize how we style hair. The result is the uniquely smarter gadgets by design using responsive touch screen tech to control Smart Sense microchip with lighting fast responses which in turn triggers immense heating capabilities in the device capable of achieving an even 450 degrees across the plates.

The device features superbly streamlined design which creates waves and curls effortlessly. It’s an ergonomic design made for your grip and feels natural in your palm every time. Most importantly, the device responds to your timing and the temperature of your hair to do super quick adjustments which ensure constant heat and protection for your hair.

The gunmetal Iso Therm titanium plates are not going to buckle for a lifetime and ensure a perfect result with each use. The backlit premium touchscreen display and control is one of the coolest features about this styler. It enables you to program the chip for the right temperature that best suits your hair. The microchip checks and corrects the temperature reaching your hair on the plate surfaces at least 50 times every second.
The Plates are also beveled around the edges and cushioned which save your hair from tagging and forming creases when you are curling. Also, the iron has extended plate length which help you deal with more hair volume per stroke and thus cut down on precious glooming time.

Heating Process for the Neuro Halo Styler

The Neuro Halo gets from 0 to 4500F in 25 seconds and that’s an impressive record if it were a race car. With a styling iron there are a lot of considerations to make and fast heat up is just one of many. The device packs lightning fast heat recovery thanks to a state of the art microchip control circuit sitting somewhere under the hood. This Iron will check the temperature of the plates about 50 times every second. It has the famous gunmetal Iso Therm titanium plates that will straighten out anything.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Styling Iron Review

The Neuro Halo design is truly a remarkable addition to the industry and a force to reckon with for the competition. Even past the killer looks with a black matte finish with touch screen controls and all the hype around this diva, you still are likely to get some good useful years out of this thing. We found it to be super-fast and useful in more ways with better outcomes. This would make an awesome gift for someone you would like to give a cute and well working surprise they will not end up regretting.

Some of our reviewers had this for a small eternity extending over the five year mark and still swear by her performance. The Neuro protection gives a good peace of mind and you can always rely on this knowing it is very unlikely to dies on you. It makes hair pin straight and doesn’t mind frequent use even though you might find there is no need for daily use. It is also sleek and does not tug on hair as you can visualize from the smooth finish.

Hair Damage

Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Styling Iron Review

This styler by Paul Mitchell is an elegant and ergonomic make with a subtle 4100F max temperature and will work well even with the most stubborn and dry hair. The lightweight design makes it easy to work with the iron without causing hair breakage. The custom blend ceramic plates make this a good choice for people with delicate hair too. If you are overly cautious about your sensitive hair then this is a good choice for a straightening iron. Paul Mitchell was just too safe with this styler from the interior design so you can’t go wrong with it either.

Battery life

The elegance and ergonomic design of the Neuro Halo makes up for the lack of autonomy from the grid. You have a full professional swivel cord over 9ft so that you are not worried about getting tangled and twisted. Electrical cables will be damaged when they come into contact with the heating surfaces and the swivel cord is in that respect very handy.


The Neuro Halo straightener is a worthy buy considering its Smart Sense technology and premium gunmetal plates. The microchip makes heat recovery super good for getting the correct results for the temperatures you program. Rashid Karim is a world famous industrial designer and you can buy his smart gadgets with confidence. It is a supremely smart and stylish device that pushes the bar on what a flat iron can do.

What is it?

The Neuro Halo is an exclusively designed Flat Iron with flexible ergonomics and shape that makes easy curls and straights while feeling comfortable in your hand. The Neuro Halo is a product of the collaboration between the world famous brand Neuro and the great designer Karim Rashid. This, just like their hyped hair dryer is the first time he designed hair care tools and they got it spot on.

Is the neuro halo worth it?

This is one of the best stylers to have for entry level and intermediate users. It creates straight and sleek lasting hair styles for thick and medium hair without much of the fuss caused by poor quality stylers. It does not feel dry and tangling like most other devices.

Is it durable?

This device contains state of the art heating and regulation circuitry which makes it not only safeguard your hair but also make it last longer. By preventing runaway heat the device keeps the elements healthy as well your hair strands. There is no remedy for burnt hair and no amount of heat protectant spray can protect from a rogue iron.

What is the Neuro Halo protect?

Neuro halo protect is the smart protection mechanism used in the styler to take instantaneous readings on temperature and adjust the heat to precision. This works better with the Neuro Protect HeatCTRL Iron Spray formulation to sustain thermal heat protection.

Can I customize auto shut off feature on the Neuro Halo?

Yes, this iron offers the feature to program your own idle time to shut off for added convenience.

July 31, 2020