Paul Mitchell Express Ion vs Hot Tools Professional White Gold Flat Iron

When you are in the market for a super smooth professional grade flat iron then you know that you have come to the right place. We will hook you up to the best magical wand that will wipe away your frizz, increase your volume and shine and let you live happily ever after without a crease in the world. We know that it is not easy finding the ideal flat iron for your hair types but that is exactly why we try to put every flat iron release that matters in context so that you will get lucky with one of these devices and your life will change forever.

This post will focus two equally potential flat irons that we have been casing for a while, the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth and the Professional White by Hot Tools. Could one of these two be the wonder tool that will put together your hair efforts and finally make sense of your morning routine? Pay attention to the details below to see if you are lucky today.  First the similarities before we delve into the world of differences.

The Express Ion Smooth is a brilliant polished masterpiece of engineering and culmination of years of research and development seeking out the perfect flat iron. It features the Black titanium plate which ideally sets it apart as an efficient and good looking straightener opening up a world of opportunities for hair lovers to explore. It offers customizable temperature settings and can manage the typical 450 F.

Similarly, a trip to Hot Tools online store will give you options for endless styling with curls and waves or simply pin straight hair. The White Gold offering is one of the best-selling items on their list and for a good reason too. It has a neat design with the promised white finish and a horde off possibilities for styling on the titanium plates. This comparative review is therefore about two titanium irons and this should make it a closer call and that much more interesting.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat IronHot Tools Professional White Gold Flat Iron
Paul Mitchell Express IonHot Tools Professional
Gorgeous elegant design.

Rapid heat up, time.

Instant recovery.

Smooth glide with polished plates.

Durable product.

Less static and better hydration for healthier frizz free hair.
White Gold Plates which protect, smooth and shine hair.

Sleek and Compact Design.

Variable Temperature Range Up To 455F.

Advanced Multidimensional plate’s placement.

Dual voltage support.

30 seconds heat up.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Professional swivel cord with 8 ft. length.

May not be ideal for people with plenty of tough hair.
Few online reviews.

The rounded barrel will not stay upright on counter.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron

The Express Ion Smooth is marketed as a top of the line ionic flat iron with beveled edges for silky smooth hair strands fast. It is a best seller for a reason and you almost know for sure you have got this one right even before it makes first contact with your hair. Its overall wider size should make it easier to style with confidence and go through sections with fewer passes.

This design was made with brilliantly polished and smooth sleek hairstyles in mind as well as the versatility of use especially for salon and celebrity hair stylists. It comes equipped with small gliding plates for faster styling and less friction on hair resulting in less static frizz and traction the makers of this flat iron cross the new Black titanium technology to be a game-changer in the way we style hair professionally using flat irons.

Hot Tools Professional White Gold Flat Iron

Hot Tools Professional White Gold Flat Iron

The Hot Tools Professional White Gold Digital 1” Flat Iron is a wonderful feat of engineering and design with a well-rounded body and firm grip to complement the robust heating and gliding capabilities of the main components. It opens up your opportunities for endless styles and locks in your perfect look for every occasion without causing heat and traction damage to your individual hair strands.

The Iron can recall you last preferred temperature settings so that you do not have to go over the initial configuration every other time. When you start it, it will automatically load your preferred temperature and carry on where you left off. It also comes with an ample LED temperature display which is for your peace of mind so you can always know what is going on inside your flat iron.

This flat iron is for you if you want to take the guess work out of the equation and be left with an efficient tool that gives your hair the care that it needs and to you the stunning results of precise styling with advanced heating and materials. White Gold technology by Hot Tools will deliver on shine without harming volume and hair color creating some inspirational looks for all your friends and workmates.


The Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth flat iron is a high performing and inspirational hair care tool that promotes excellent user experience and healthy hair care habits. It is completely safe for hair with super accurate chip controlled heating and the ability to program you own temperatures. The choice of materials for this straightener could not have been a better combination and together they complement each other and put on quite a show for performance and appearance. Better to have not only a functional hair tool you just can’t live or leave without but also one that is easy on the eyes and you can get enough of it.

The Hot Tools Professional White Gold Flat Iron is a well-balanced design for a flat iron with adequate features to live in your makeup bag on its own. It will offer quick solutions and more comprehensive styling for your hair and save you ridiculous amounts of time given its slim and ergonomic design. It is extremely lightweight which is good for your hands and shoulders and also makes sure that you are working faster. It has extra-long plates which makes working on lots of hair more convenient and time efficient.


The express Ion smooth uses a proprietary ion complex technology to deliver negative ions to hair. Among the numerous advantages of this technology is the lower temperature of styling for less damage and the incredible hydration and sealing of cuticle which leaves hair with its natural shine and volume without dry out effects. This is what the big bucks can get you in place of the dry cracked out hair that cheap flat irons can afford.

If you choose to go with the Hot Tools pick for today, you might be pleased to see how easy it is to configure the temperatures with the help of the LED screen. It just takes a slight touch from you and you will see it all happening automatically on the screen. These displays certainly add value to the iron in the sense that it makes it easier to understand what they are doing at all times. The other additional benefit of styling with this flat iron is of course the White Gold Titanium Technology which delivers shine and inspiration to hair.


There is a certain degree of confidence with which users tend to buy from trusted brands like Paul Mitchell. You get a ton of support for your new purchase and even if something goes wrong you know they have a reputation to build and protect so they will be sure to get you sorted out in time. So the added benefit of buying a Paul Mitchell is of course the excellent customer support. Not to trash hot tools customer service but Paul Mitchell customer experience has been rated as one of the best across the web.

The Hot Tools Professional White Gold Digital Salon 1-1/4” Curling Iron is popular for the memory feature where you do not have to set it up each time. This makes it more customizable to you and changing the temperatures is not that difficult. The ability to tweak your heat means that you are getting a flat iron that you can share with your family and friends who have different hair textures and density.


So Paul Mitchell or Hot Tools? Well, ours is not to tell you which one is better than the other, they are all equally great best sellers and it all depends on your hair type and budget which we do not know at this time. Supposing money was not an issue for you and you wanted more out of your ownership experience then you should be right at home with the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron.

On the other hand if you want to get closer to the luxury brand experience in terms of styling results and retain healthier hair for under $100 then the Hot Tools Professional is your go to product as it satisfies the criteria. Now the ball is in your court, do let us know how you decide!

Paul Mitchell Express IonHot Tools Professional
March 22, 2021