Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron Review

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron Review

Are you in the market for a super smooth ceramic flat iron with volcanic mineral infused plates? If so, you have found a potential match reviewed by use in an unbiased manner.

Even if you have a flat iron that you feel works for you, it might not be the perfect fit. Finding the one iron that is built for your hair type and preference is a function of looking and trying but we try and make the process as hassle free as possible. Surely there are mistakes that you cannot afford making even if it’s your first time buying a flat iron.

Flat Irons from Mitchell have previously been a great experience to test and work well even on some rather impossible hair types and difficult style preferences. They offer a unique flexibility and versatility of use. The design is ergonomic and compact making each styler from Paul a hit for handling and usability.

The Express Ion Smooth is marketed as a top of the line ionic flat iron with beveled edges for silky smooth hair strands fast. It is a best seller for a reason and you almost know for sure you have got this one right even before it makes first contact with your hair. Its overall wider size should make it easier to style with confidence and go through sections with fewer passes.

The following is a candid review of yet another powerful flat iron release by the power house Paul Mitchell. If you are in the market for an ionic flat iron from a reputable brand and you are eyeing this Paul Mitchell straightener then you are much welcome to our brand. We exist to help our readership to pick out the perfect flat iron for their hair.


Complete Review of Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron


Paul Mitchell released a brilliantly polished and smooth masterpiece into the market and called it the Express ion smooth flat iron. Black titanium plate is the ideal material for rapid heating and better heat retention even at the maximum temperature of 450 degrees F. Customisable temperature settings allow the user to tune the flatiron to the rhythm of their hair texture and style preferences.

This design was made with brilliantly polished and smooth sleek hairstyles in mind as well as the versatility of use especially for salon and celebrity hair stylists. It comes equipped with small gliding plates for faster styling and less friction on hair resulting in less static frizz and traction the makers of this flat iron cross the new Black titanium technology to be a game-changer in the way we style hair professionally using flat irons.

The flat iron has the LED temperature display and Max out at 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty impressive especially for titanium plated flat iron. You get the same features if you decide to buy from resellers but you might lose out on the 2-year warranty on the product.

Heating Process

Heating is rapid on titanium plates and they hold a record for heat capacity which means they can hold the set temperature constant from the moment the styler gets in contacts with the section of hair at the roots to the moment with brakes the same contacts at the tips.

Will comment Italian plates for people with coarse textured hair and generally hair that will not bow to any other heating tool. They offer smooth at glide even for fine and high textured hair and the smooth gliding surfaces and sure that you need fewer passes resulting in faster styling time.


Paul Mitchell has been a powerhouse for the better part of the last decade for hairstyling tools and heat tools to be precise and it is no wonder we think so highly of them, What that means is there is a level of expectations to be met for us to be impressed with their new products. This particular product was moderate to excellent depending on the hair types we tried it on.

It was better performing than GHDs for coarse hair obviously for the high heat capacity advantage of its titanium plates and adjustable heating. The titanium plates take shorter path to the top temperature as compared to ceramic ones and they also definitely feel smoother with each stroke. Also they don’t stain easily and should be easy to clean and maintain in the good new form.

The styler has some balanced features and it does give some degree of confidence and freedom when styling so you can explore some options. It’s always nice to style at a temperature lower than the maximum so you don’t feel guilty or limited. The flat iron has way more power than you will probably need but that is okay incase a friend with really tough hair drops by.

Hair Damage

With a brand like Paul Mitchell and their outstanding reputation in the beauty industry, we knew they would not put their name on mediocre products that would burn hair. Our testers are well seasoned hairdressers and beauty enthusiasts and know their way around juggling hot tools. Just the same, it is prudent to take precautions when trying out a new product because there is always the probability of receiving a faulty one. Most importantly never assume your new iron works just as great at a certain temperature as your last one. Always set it lower than you think you need then work your way up to a temperature that works for you.

Battery Life

The Express smooth flat iron does not have an internal battery. It is however equipped with a special circuit that will allow it to work just as well in Europe as in the US. If you are shopping for a travel size flat iron for your business trips then this is best suited for the price and performance. It does not feel cheap and works just as good as a cordless flat iron without much fuss thanks to the professional grade cord with ample working length.


In light of its performance and level of confidence it inspires, the Express Ion Smooth is a valuable asset you can add to your travel makeup bag. The beauty in using it for daily routine is that you don’t even have to touch up your hairdo every other day. It is a safe product according to the tests we carried out on it and feels like it’s taking good care of your hair. Plus, you get to buy with confidence from a well renowned brand with a reputation to maintain. You can be assured of tons of customer support and at the very least, a majority of the consumer reviews are perfect.

What is the voltage of a Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron?

This flat iron will work just as well with 110V as with 240V AC because it has universal voltage travel friendly feature.

Is a Paul Mitchell Express flat iron worth the money?

This is one of the best-selling flat irons by Paul Mitchell with faster and safer styling with negative ions and infrared heat.

Do Paul Mitchel straighteners have auto-shut off feature?

No it does not have automatic shutdown.

What is the plating material on the Express ion smooth by Paul Mitchell?

It is a proprietary ion complex infused plate for faster straightening and hair protection.

August 24, 2020