NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener Review

When you’re looking for a solid well-rounded ceramic plated hair straightener then you just might love the NuMe silhouette. This one 1.25” straightener has been making some serious noise on social media and hair care forums and surely it’s had our attention from the start.

Today we are reviewing a straightener from a brand that is known for well-constructed in precision-engineered flat irons with the ability to glide through hair producing stunning results with just one or two passes periods.

This product has been touted for its ceramic plates and natural hydration which leaves your hair cuticle sealed for antifreeze and optimal hair health. NuMe takes advantage of negative ion therapy to produce those lustrous and healthy results. We were anxious to see if the silhouette was any different or even be better.

With a brand like NuMe you expect a well-choreographed production maximizing on an economic design ergonomic with a soft finish to a gorgeous seamless design.

First impressions of the silhouette hair straightener are an expensive item with a clean matte finish. The floating plates are also impressionable and the whole device inspires freedom even before you touch it. Overall it gives a good impression and seems like a value-for-money deal. But we know how first impressions can be wrong and so it’s our job to dig in and find all the data we can for this particular flat iron before will let you make an uninformed choice to purchase or not to purchase.

This styler is also slightly different from all the others we have reviewed in its wide range of temperatures. It is capable of a low of 140F and a high of 410 F for professional hairstylists and salon use.


Complete Review of NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener


NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener Review

This NuMe hair styler which is one of the simplest constructions for NuMe and most other brands. They put a simply black finish on it with the NuMe logo and no fancy digital displays or too many buttons. We liked the cool simplistic vibe to this hair straightener on the choice of color is perfect do you like gothic vibes like we do. Incidentally black also means that does not look worse with age.

It is essentially a 1/1/4 inch latest style are made of 100% solid ceramic plates that are beveled at the end and can be heated to the maximum 410 Fahrenheit without corroding. NuMe specifies the styler plates as corrosion and heat resistant with high glide through properties.

This maker also claims to use negative ion therapy in hair which increases the last trust and health appearance of hair. This also gives sleek results for waves and curls without taking away volume.

Another notable feature of this flat iron is the ergonomic design featuring a soft-touch finish temperature control with cute little buttons for selecting the temperature. Additionally it has an ample power cord length with the swivel capability of 360 just us specified foremost salon-style flat irons.

Heating Process

NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener Review

The NuMe 1.25 consists of precision engineered full ceramic plates. They get the job done with interns and safe heat that is able to tame very thick and curly hair.

the flat iron is able to heat up very fast which is amazing and the results is pin straight hair that lasts the whole day. We love to how you can adjust the heat settings because every person’s heating requirements are different. It has a whole range of temperatures from a lowly 140 degrees Fahrenheit to a professional 450 degrees Fahrenheit so you can style your hair at a temperature you’re comfortable with and not set it on fire.


We received this hair straightener for free because of some earlier purchases with made for curling irons but that does not mean that we will give it a free pass. We working to examine it’s working practicality and the durability of the results. One thing we did love is the wide range and adjust ability of operating temperatures.

This style has fully ceramic plates and not just the coating which means you get even heating from the roots to the tips. This goes to show that not all online only releases of hot irons our garbage when it comes to quality results that last.

We have no NuMe to be a top-of-the-line hair tool maker integrating some of the best leading technologies such as ceramic heaters, tourmaline, ionic boosters and infrared heat. The silhouette version is not different and the solid grounded ceramic plates do come in handy when styling in a hurry. There is no tugging and hotspots so at least you can be sure you’re not going to set your hair on fire the first time you try this flat iron.

It’s a cool and expensive-looking flat iron for sure what is the high technology features that make it versatile. It has this ergonomic design that gives it its soft tenderness and smooth temperature control ideal for salon use.

Hair Damage

NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener Review

Stone ceramic is a natural infrared hit a meter and also a reliable source of negative ions periods these two factors make the NuMe silhouette are relatively safe flat iron to start out with even when you don’t have a lot of experience with hot tools.

Hot hair tools have a bad reputation of changing hair but that does not have to be the case. With a high-quality brand like NuMe you can make a huge difference in your daily routine while still maintaining your healthy hair. And most of all you’ll get to do so with a beautiful design that does not tag or snag and heats up quickly without getting too hot for your locks.

Battery Life

Unfortunately this tool is not cordless. It does come with rapid heating and do a voltage tolerance together with that flexible swivel cord which allows you to carry it on all your business trips around the world.


The NuMe silhouette is one straightener that makes even the worst of critics rethink flatirons. It has a high-end couture look and feature state-of-the-art heating and protection technology which aided in getting top marks for sleek and shiny results each time.

If you show your hair type requires a ceramic heated flat iron then your best bet is to the brand that you can trust to buy with confidence.

Is the NuMe silhouette any good for thick and hard to curl hair?

Dental ceramic heating is best suited for fine normal hair types. If you have difficult to straighten hair then perhaps you are better off with titanium plates instead. You can try the style setter all the precious metals straightener.

Is this heat good for thin hair?

This Tyler is made of pure tourmaline ceramic plates which makes it a solid choice for thin or fine hair. It does not come with as superb temperature control as compared to a sister the megastar or megastar x but you still have fine control over your temperatures and so much less to worry about hair damage. to be safe you can start with the low temperature and then work your way up to the correct one.

Does this have automatic shut-off?

Unfortunately the silhouette does not come with automatic shut off and you do have to remember to turn it off every time. Usually it helps to make a habit of unplugging it after each use.

Is this compatible with higher voltage in Europe?

Yes the silhouette is rated for 110 to 240 volts AC supply which makes it adaptable for European power systems. You will ever need a power adaptor to be able to plug it in the outlet.

Does the silhouette have floating?

Yes it does have floating plates? Which means it allows greater flexibility giving you the freedom of adjusting the angle of attack without sacrificing their amount of contact between the plates and your hair.

August 20, 2020