10 Neck Tattoo Designs – Very Noticeable Tattoo Ideas

The neck is one of the most visible parts of the human body after the face unless you wear a hijab. It is also one of the scariest places to have a tattoo gun pointed throughout the human body. Apart from trust issues with you artist you might have to contend with high pain threshold and that perhaps explains why one hardcore enthusiast will have neck tattoos.

This does not exempt women from the race as both men and women decorate their necks with ink jewelry and trinkets. These forms of neck adornments are very noticeable and cute given that the neck offers limited canvas making the art concise and simple. The back of the neck is one popular placement as it offers more real estate and looks better for some symbols. A larger tattoo can drop into the back and down the spine or even onto the shoulders.

Each design is unique really but generally prepare for nearly twice the pain levels and recovery time compared to other placements but in exchange for a coveted work of ink.

1. Neck And Back Design

There are few inking options that can match the beauty and elegance of this back neck tattoo design. This is a boldly magnificent piece that covers the upper back, neck and shoulders. The designer interweaved floral and lace patterns make this a difficult piece to accomplish but well worth it in the end. This is a classic ornamental tattoo which is very popular among women because it looks and feels feminine and also considerable boost the aesthetic appeal of most wearers. The unique piece borrows a lot from mandalas and other dot work and floral works.

Neck Tattoo Designs

2. Bird On A Twig

Nothing says it better than a little birdie on a twig in weathered black and orange undertones. Check out this beauty featuring a bird and plant tattoo with an interesting twist. The orange could easily be mistaken for a mistake but it adds another dimension of color and energy to the mostly monochromatic tattoo. The branch is laden with fruit and that has to be symbolic somehow. Whether you want to say abundance, vitality, providence, independence or freedom, this tattoo is able to scream all of those things at once.

Neck Tattoo Designs

3. Om Tattoo On Designs

If you are in here for a modern neck tattoos that is trendy but also draws inspiration from some of the oldest inking traditions then this Om tattoo on neck is worth considering. Om tattoos are some of the most significant tattoos to have because they are essentially the image of a sign. The symbol has many interpretations but it is conventionally accepted to represent the four divine states, loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and sympathetic joy. By the way these are the four noble truths of Buddhism even though this tattoo is secular. Some people believe that the AUM sound is the first in the universe and therefore recite it at the beginning of meditation.

Neck Tattoo Designs

4. Neck Tribal Sun

This neck tattoo depicts a tribal sun with the makings of a mechanical pulley in the middle of it. The sun is sizeable covering the entire back of the neck and packs quite the punch in bold black. Neck tattoos are usually best to flaunt and the base of the head is the prime location for ink. Tribal tattoos are a proud statement of your heritage as well as a unique focus on the role of the sun to life on earth. Just like the sun the wearer is a strong light bearer and life giver. When worn by women it also means healing and fertility.

Neck Tattoo Designs

5. Pretty Vines Back Neck Tattoo For Women

A simple black and sexy vine tattoo looks good on a woman and sometimes that’s all there is to it really. It is a beauty enhancer and to celebrate femininity. With this tattoo on neck you can redefine your fashion statement and be assured of a cute little accessory for life. This placement is great because you can decide when to flaunt your ink and to conceal is as easy as a scarf. When you fall for this little tattoo and want to have it like right away then you probably won’t be sticking around for meanings as the heart wants what it wants.

Neck Tattoo Designs

6. Mountains Tattoo

Ever felt like you were carrying the weight of the world on your back? Well how about we downscale it to just a mountain then. Girls love to have back neck tattoos but the mountain tattoo is not that girly after all. The artist uses a unique dot work style of inking making this a gorgeous marvel that will start conversation when you want it to anywhere anytime. Obviously this looks better when you are shorter than average so we can all admire your ink appreciatively. Despite being rare, mountain tattoos represent love for climbing and general nature and travel. They can also be a souvenir from a special trip.

Neck Tattoo Designs

7. Snarling Wolf

Even though people generally wonder why a few women want to get snarling wolf tattoos, it is okay to express whatever you like on your skin. After all, your body is your own canvas and you can summarize your life and beliefs as you see it. This ferocious tattoo depicts a snarling beast with tongue out. Needs no explanation as your basic instincts warn you against messing with her!

Neck Tattoo Designs

8. Stars Small

If you are more of a galactic girl then you might consider having this little constellation inked on your back neck. Stars are gorgeous on both men and women and represent our wildest dreams to explore the universe. They also stand for guidance, protection, good fortune and a constant reminder of finding our own path where no one has ever been before. But mostly, girls want this tattoo just because it is so damn cute. In fact, we recommend this for anyone who is just starting out and is a little shy about choice and placement.

Neck Tattoo Designs

9. Floral Back Neck Tattoo Women

Usually a neck tattoo is a daring move. There aren’t that many people who can let a vibrating needle come dangerously close to a sensitive area as the neck. Talking of bold choices this back of neck flower tattoo takes to the next level. This leafy and floral tattoo is gorgeous but also carries heavy symbolism. There is obviously the message of hope and vitality thanks to the healthy leaves and youth because of the flower. Human lives especially women can be likened in many way to a flower.

Neck Tattoo Designs

10. Anchor Tattoo Back Neck for Women

Anchor tattoos are not a reserve for men only. Clearly this lady looks glam with a meaningful tattoo that is traditionally worn by sailors. Navy veterans and enthusiasts love this tattoo as much as that of nautical stars for obvious reasons. It represents grounding, a person who keeps you steady when the waves hit and salvation. It is also inward equanimity, calm and steadfastness. You can get matching tattoos such as two anchors or anchor and helm to remind the two of you of honoring your relationship.

Neck Tattoo Designs

March 31, 2020