10 Mysterious Owl Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning

The owl is a cerebra and mysterious predator bird most famous for its huge knowing eyes and a calm composure. They look innocent or sinister depending on how you choose to look at it. The owl is no doubt a beautiful tattoo animal and can be represented as a gorgeous bird with lovely huge eyes and softness. It is also often painted as a sinister dark owl with gothic vibes and a treacherous look. Regardless of the light in which it is portrayed, men and women love this all knowing bird that is also accused of knowing the future and communicating with the dead.

Significance of Owl Tattoos

Some say an owl will bring good luck and is a symbol of wisdom and intuitive knowledge, it is thought to have the ability to foresee the future. Owls have been around throughout many civilizations and have therefore played their part in some of the greatest mythologies such as the Hindu, Egyptian, and Celtic among other ancient mythologies. Some of these proposed that the owl was the angel of death and could communicate with and guide the souls of the departed to their final resting place in the underworld.

Owl tattoos can be in vibrant color, geometric drawings or even watercolor too. Most artists will go with intricate detailing instead of sketchy or cartoonish characters because the bird has so many elaborate features to include. The owl tattoo is also combined with a number of other objects such as keys, flowers or clocks to alter the message slightly.

When choosing your owl tattoo you need to take time to explore the different possibilities and arrive at the one tattoo that you can’t pass up. It is prudent to discuss the following image with your artist to find out if they can deliver.

1. Forearm Fiery Eyed Owl

Our first subject is this evil looking owl with a menacing glare of fiery orange eyes. The forearm placement is perfect for maintaining maximal eye contact when you want your tattoo to be visible. The tattoo is remarkably dark and the feathers remind of deep rooted dark energy. A badass tattoo to kick off our list of owl tattoos, this is the deep end for sure, from here on out, they will all seem girly!

Owl Tattoo Designs

2. Blue Eyed Cute

This partial owl tattoo depicts the right side of its head with the eye being the dominant feature. It features the half of the owls face and a gorgeous blue eye looking picture perfect. For many people blue eyed owls are the most attractive kind and their use for tattoos means a bunch. They symbolize transitions in life and a great deal of changes to come. The owl is thought to possess foresight and this one is pretty intense on that stare.

Owl Tattoo Designs

3. Small And Chic On Back

Here is yet another adorable little birdie that looks humble and cute sitting on a branch on the woman’s back. The splash of color and fuzzy lines that create imperfections are and interesting takes on tattooing for this category. The owl looks like art done by a child and we would like to believe it is intentionally done so and not actually the product of a child’s time with crayons. Simple as it may be, this owl tattoo is remarkable work of art and leaves a huge impact on the beholder.

Owl Tattoo Designs

4. Small Black Eyed Owl On Twig

Now this little fellow is truly remarkable even in the world of spectacular and magical birds such as owls. In its infinite wisdom and knowledge the owl looks on with serenity and calm. It reminds of infinite mystery and the mysterious ways of the very universe we live in. There could be many interpretations of this same tattoo but mostly it’s just a cute tattoo. The black eyes may be due to use of available ink but it runs deep.

Owl Tattoo Designs

5. Wise Quirky Owl

This owl is adorable and cute by all inking standards but it looks quirky and mysterious at the same time. Owls normally are majestic birds and have a strong presence but this tattoo really stands out even among an array of similar tattoos. We could easily relate this owl to wisdom and experience with its huge eyes and calm composure. Owl tattoos will look good in most parts of the body including the calf and leg.

Owl Tattoo Designs

6. Tribal Patterns Owl On Back

This is an owl tattoo with a unique tribal and retro vibe thanks to the unique tribal patterns used to create it. The owl is regarded in traditions as medium able to communicate with the dead. Fo this reason when used in a tribal tattoo the bird represents death sometimes. Other than that it is also an intellectual bird that also protects from evil. So an owl tattoo should not spell trouble every time it is spotted. For some it is the symbol of the gods like Athena the goddess of foresight and knowledge among the ancient Greeks.

Owl Tattoo Designs

7. Mandala Owl Design On Thigh

It’s astounding how the mandala style of tattooing marries into almost any tattoo genre that we explore. These mandalas are absolutely gorgeous and can be meditational images with a calming effect. Other than that, the amount of detail that goes into one “simple” owl tattoo is simply amazing given that it does not turn chaotic. If you can find an artist who can pull this off then you are definitely having this thigh tattoo.

Owl Tattoo Designs

8. Cute Little Blue Eyed Owl Multicolor

Owls can be cute and delicate too as evident in this girly forearm tattoo. The artist makes use of blue hues and crisp black lines to makes this birdie one of the cutest owl tattoos in the universe. It has a mythical beautiful feather and patterns around its neck are lovely too. This tattoo will look good on anyone especially if they themselves love the bird. It’s curious that the bird is patched on bold black colored branch. The contrast helps put the lighter colors into perspective.

Owl Tattoo Designs

9. Delicate Owl On Shoulder

This little birdie looks scared and delicate resting on the shoulder of the woman like that. It’s an unusual variant of this tattoo with an inherently beautiful creature that seems to be vulnerable and clinging on for safety. This lovely design will surely fit any woman with the current placement and can be adopted for male fans on other locations. Of course you can ask your artist to recreate this piece of art with a different color palette and with a different branch to perch on.

Owl Tattoo Designs

10. Cartoonish Owl On Heel

This artistic owl design expresses the bird in a different light featuring uniform black work and a cartoonish character. The artist includes a ton of details even though the tattoo is relatively small and located in a prime but tight piece of canvas for flaunting your new owl tattoo. Ankle tattoo almost always look gorgeous and effortless. If you would like a subtle owl design tattoo that does not say too much or too little then you might want to consider this creative symbol.

Owl Tattoo Designs

June 4, 2020