10 Magical Moon Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning

All peoples of the world have a story or a couple about the moon and all its majestic phases. The moon has always been an enlightening and captivating topic for stories and even inspired more than a few hundred myths. Of all these, Greek mythology is best documented with its artemis god of wilderness and hunting. It was also believed that Diana and the moon was a power couple that could protect children and the birthing process.

Gothic Vibes of the Moon Tattoo

When you need a gothic styled tattoo then the moon is a good pick given how it has the makings of a dark and mysterious tattoo. Mostly it’s people after simple and minimalistic tattoos with meaning that end up choosing moon tattoos. If you are after the optics then you will be much pleased to view some of the gorgeous little tattoos we have in store for you. So lunar tattoos can also be things of beauty and not just dark vibes inspired grotesques.

The Zodiac Sign

If you are a cancer whose zodiac sign is the moon then you might feel inwardly drawn to the magic of the moon. The moon is mostly a feminine power and can also be linked to the goddess is representing earth mother.

Thanks to the Religion of Peace

In Islam the crescent moon is paired with a small star a symbol that has been carried the world over thanks to the second largest religious group in the world today. Roman mythology also tells many stories of the moon and because it is some of the best documented rich histories in the world, it inspires many to take on their moon tattoo.

When you are struggling with some lack of equilibrium and you need a magical force in the form of a tattoo to counterbalance your issues then the moon is perhaps your best bet.

1. Geometric Moon Tattoo

The geometric tattoo style is a different perspective to take on a waxing moon tattoo. It gives the otherwise fuzzy moon tattoo a clear and well delimited shape that is much pleasing to the eye. The placement behind the ear is cute as it repeats the shape of her ear like that. You too can get this insanely beautiful moon tattoo in its clearest form within just a short time and minimal skin impact. You can tell that the crisp black lines will heal easily and last a long time.

Moon Tattoo Designs

2. Full Moon Tattoo

The moon is the prime mover of ocean tides and the source of light on a full moon and clear night sky. The moon is the earth’s natural satellite and a symbol of the interconnectedness of the galaxy we live in. Because it was always around watching civilization rise and fall, the moon must be very wise. As such the moon is considered a representation of being passive. It is also thought to be a representation of the dynamic nature of lie with cycles and phases and inspires awe and admiration. It is also a calming force of equilibrium between worlds and represents regeneration.

Moon Tattoo Designs

3. Neo Traditional Mood Tattoo With Vines

Next we have this nontraditional styled tattoo of the moon featuring purple vines and fruit and a spider. The gorgeous tattoo will do well as a cosmetic makeup tattoo and adds a charm and grace to any choice of attire for most events. Here the moon is depicted as a fiery ball covered by blue hues and a purple vine which is interwoven with a spider’s web. The nagging vines and webs accessorize the moon and make this perhaps the cutest spider tattoo out there.

Moon Tattoo Designs

4. Small Wrist Smiley Moon

Generally, a waxing moon stands for growth, creativity and manifestation. It also means attainment and detoxing. Everybody in the world has appreciated the beauty of our moon. This phase of the moon represents when it is the dullest and the lowest point in its candescence. It is just a phase though as we know the moon will max again. This tattoo is for you if you have been through some difficulty and you are ready to rise again.

Moon Tattoo Designs

5. Distant Moon Grey Scale

This grey scale tattoo of the moon invokes different sensibilities in different people. For some it might have a calming and grounding effect but for others it can have quite the opposite effect. The push and pull of this moon can also swing your moods easily and wearing it represents you connection not only to the moon but the universe at large. Mostly this moon is light hearted and contains some intricate details that make feel like the detailed globe map for the moon.

Moon Tattoo Designs

6. Black And White Moon

This mono color tattoo is a special representation of the moon in its majestic presence. It has what appear to be craters and islands resembling our planet with its oceans and continents. The moon is a master of the elements and hints of air and water are not strange to its aura. The perfectly round sphere is the only natural satellite we have and the gateway to the rest of the universe. The moon is a milestone man has already conquered in space exploration. Cosmos fans will love these moon tattoo in their simplest forms.

Moon Tattoo Designs

7. Moon With Trees

Reconnecting with nature has on a holistic perspective takes a tattoo with more than just one of the elements. This tattoo comprises of the moon, trees and flowers which are all somehow interconnected. This tattoo is about your reconnection with nature and all things around you for channeling those inner powers you didn’t even suspect you had. It’s a beautiful creation and a work of art on its own merit.

Moon Tattoo Designs

8. Wave Moon

It is a well-known fact that the moon influences the rise and fall of ocean tides. The crescent moon wave tattoo shows the interconnection of the moon and our world and how it is able to manipulate conditions down here. This tattoo is for you if you have the moon as your sign and feel that its cool power affects you in ways you can’t explain. More than the tattoo meaning, this piece is outstanding wave tattoo.

Moon Tattoo Designs

9. Moon Mandala

The moon mandala is a significant symbol in buddhism as we know mandalas, like moons, are supposed to be grounding. The mandala and moon tattoo is the symbol of the mind of enlightenment called bodhichitta. It stands for one of the three paths in buddhism which are renunciation, bodchitta and voidness. The mandala reflects balance just as the moon but also wholeness and perfection. Mandala tattoos are not just beautiful but also emulate harmony and wholeness of life just as the moon.

Moon Tattoo Designs

10. Black Half Moon

The half-moon may the smallest of the phases and lacks much detail especially when the artist chooses to use a single stroke of black ink. Parts of the mood are made to look like fresh paint was used and it’s still dripping. It is the universal understanding that half-moons stand for the cycles of fertility and femininity. This moon tattoo is one of the simpler ones and holds less detail but of course it is one of the most symbolic.

Moon Tattoo Designs


Moon Tattoo Designs

June 2, 2020