10 Meaningful Dream Catcher Tattoo Design Ideas

You may be new to this tattoo design which consists of a circular hoop like a willow hoop with netting inside and feathers plus beads hanging from it. It is a talisman tattoo and a symbol of protection from the unhappy thoughts and bad dreams. Have trouble sleeping lately?

This simple attire has Native American origins and was originally hang in houses and above the bed while people slept at night. It is thought to possess the magical powers of capturing and retaining bad thought streams and dreams leaving only happy thoughts and hence good dreams to flow. The hole in the middle of the hoop is the most important detail of the construction because it is where the good dreams are allowed to pass through filtering out the bad ones.

The ancient American meaning of this dream catcher tattoo has mostly been retained even though there are people who wear them for their aesthetics. Enthusiasts understand the symbol to be one that offers protection against negative vibes and dreams leaving only positive happy thoughts and experiences.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Design Meaning

Don’t worry; your dream catcher will not become some evil relic after catching bad vibes and dreams for years. The negative energy is destroyed when the first rays of the rising sun through the hoop. Today, your reasons for wanting one of these could vary slightly from the makers of the item but we hope you have the additional benefits of filtering bad energy from your life and body.

The dream catcher tattoo is growing ever more popular thanks to its fashionable and delicate appearance. It is also a versatile tattoo that can be convoluted with many other tattoo items to create an impactful tattoo. they can be colored and even adapted to water color styling to create the most gorgeous and dreamy tattoos that blur fiction and reality.

This tattoo is very popular among women of all walks of life. That owes to the femininity inherent in the designs and their delicate appearance. Men too enjoy having these stunning and meaningful additions to their must have tattoos.

In this post, we highlight the crème de la crème of dream catcher tattoos that will also inspire your own special ink. It is not the most sophisticated type of tattoo and the talisman is a little cliché theme but the Dream catcher is elegant and impactful tattoo design that you might not get tired of having. Read on!

1. Forearm Dream Catcher With Name

First up is a perfect example of a well implemented and impactful tattoo art. This tattoo has a vivid appearance and the sharpness and clarity that you desire for a name tattoo. The line work is skilfully executed making this a beautiful tattoo to wield at all times. The placement is hard to miss when you decide to show it and at the same time it can be easily concealed. Bold black tattoo with light shading is real stunner and will be a piece you can enjoy for all times to come.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

2. Watercolor Bold

Some times in life, perfection sucks and the dreamy lens is needed to take in life with a mellow feeling. This watercolor dream catcher tattoo is dream and conveys the same logic a crisp one would but in a more masterful way that is subtle as well. This tattoo is one of those pieces that you will not see very often and a surefire conversation starter. The realistic looking image of the dream catcher is truly awe inspiring and could be changed into a number of variants. The imperfections created by smoky colors makes this tattoo look daring and imaginative.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

3. Crescent Moon

Just looking at these awesome chic moons with accessories and flowers tattoo you know that there is something special about its meaning beyond the gorgeous appearance. It is a convoluted tattoo exploring the duality of crescent mood detox and the hanging feathers of dream catcher traditional attire. The placement creates a stunning focal point with the slightest arm movements. The flora moon is inherently a feminine figure and also symbolizes self-cleansing and rebirth.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

4. Simple Elegant Arm Women

There is some sophistication in simplicity and not just with impactful clear tattoos such as this one. The artist chooses thin crisp lines to define the image more vividly than most. The rings pack some intricate detailing patters with a mandala inspired flower in the middle. It’s clearly a meditational piece that is balanced and simplified. The black color is a shade lighter than usual for the feathers but this tattoo looks like it will age well with minimal care.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

Dream Catcher on Thigh with Flower

It’s always a better choice to choose something beautiful and unique. This dream catcher tattoo on the thigh look amazing, the artist choose some beautiful flower leaf. The size of the tattoo is good enough to cover the whole part of the thigh and it can be look awesome when you wear the shorts. The reality of this tattoo will make you stand out in the audience and you can show your soul with this beautiful tattoo design.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

6. Realistic Color Dream Catcher

This dream catcher tattoo is done in a fun and vivid true color rendering that makes look like a temporary sticker. Bold black lines form the rope and spiral entangled lines in it. The feathers are gorgeous in black and blue and interchanged with beaded threads. The realistic appearance of the tattoo is what stands out the most about it. Way to go for a sleeve tattoo as it agrees with the shape of the arm like that.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

7. Full Back Bold Dream Catcher

There is obviously something dark and mysterious about this dream catcher with full back and in bold black and light blue. The image is intense and priceless for its aesthetic value as a work of art. The main figure is surrounded with a blue looming blue web on the upper back and a curious twig hanging with additional feathers and webs. The dark vibes of this piece is perhaps what is most striking about it other than the obvious sheer size of it.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

8. Elegant Back Mandala Dreamcatcher

Yes Mandalas are more common than you may think. You will notice how it is easy to integrate the centered shapes with many tattoo genres. This piece looks excellent with the floral pattern occupying the space within the circle. The tattoo itself is reserved and only moderately colored. I is fun sized and can be covered easily with the placement. That said, this tattoo really has all the makings of a great tattoo and a stunning conversational work of art.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

9. Gorgeous Upper Back Shoulder Dream Catcher

This crisp black tattoo with a touch of mandala has a bazillion interlocking circles that form beautiful geometric patterns. It seems like it was done with a compass and full set of instruments. There is a bonus circular hanging with even more defined details and the feathers are dreamy and soft toned. The back shoulder placement means that this tattoo can easily be flaunted and just as easily disappear behind ordinary clothing.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

10. Ankle Dream Catcher Tattoo

Heel tattoos are for the most part irresistible for many enthusiasts because they seem so damn cute. This particular piece of dream catcher inspired tattoo is crafty merging a crescent moon shape with the circular part of the traditional dream catcher. It is also a bit quirky but it does have its unique lures. The feathers are creative and asymmetrical creating a goo visual imbalance. The black bead work pops nicely against the intense black shading and the flower is a curious addition. The crowning piece of the tattoo has to be the intricate dotting on the lower laces.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs


Dream Catcher Tattoo Design Ideas

May 15, 2020