10 Perfect Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

There are many ways to show your unconditional and eternal love for those in you care the most about and getting inked together tops the list of many people’s dream bonding moments. If you are looking forward to getting a matching tattoo then we encourage you to showcase your creativity by choosing a design together.

Deciding On a Particular Tattoo

Contrary to popular opinion, getting a matching tattoo with your significant other is not the nerve wracking decision is dreaded as. It is true the decision has to be unanimous and genuine to avoid resentments but there is no such thing as the perfect tattoo you will love equally. It is all about brainstorming together and willing to compromise even just a little.

How Large Should A Matching Tattoo Be?

Matching tattoos do not have to be gigantic to prove that you love each other to the moon and back. It is the meaning and promise that you attach to each tattoo that bears the bigger chunk of the impact. Keep reading to discover some fun and amazing matching tattoos for those you care about and even for lifelong friends. These may not be the entire scope of tattoos to match but they certainly will spark creativity on your part.

1. Matching Pineapple

He or she reminds you of your favorite fruit then you should probably get a matching tattoo to celebrate the sweetness of what you have. This pineapple for matching tattoos is super cool and seems to be a realistic approach to the art. You can almost taste the juicy fruit and it is a real feast for the eyes and the heart as well. If pineapple is your favorite fruit and you have that in common then there is no reason not to have it inked permanently on your both your ankles to commemorate the delicious journey you will make together.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

2. One Heart Arm

When you are in need of a tattoo that says, “you are the one that completes me and my love” then we have got your back. This heart shape with waves is spread across two hands and the rose flower and writings are mirrored across each hand. This piece feels like they were tattooed on the same table at the same time and holds some precious memories. If you are going to have a matching tattoo with your best friend or your soul mate then it makes sense that you might want to have it the same way and at the same time.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

3. Flora Butterfly

This gorgeous matching floral butterfly tattoo is mirrored between the wrist and leg. It is a beautiful and meaning tattoo and if you are so insane about it there is no reason you should not having it twice. Twice the tattoo means twice the love and twice the happiness. One would argue this is only one butterfly tattoo with two halves split between the wrist and the ankle with the missing parts filled up with a befitting floral design. Certainly a beautiful idea and ink to have for a matching tattoo for friends.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

4. Tiny Rose Thumb

Roses are sensual and absolutely beautiful flowers to say what you want say in more than one occasion. Whether you want to speak to love, passion, compassion, friendship, express grief or promise a better tomorrow, the rose is the go to flower for a symbolic and yet gorgeous tattoo. This matching tattoo is unique in the size and placement of the floral tattoo on each hand. The flowers are identical and equally gorgeous. Individually each flower has a lot to say because of the leaves and thorns on the stem.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

5. Lotus Flower

This simple geometric outline of the lotus flower makes a simple and beautiful standalone tattoo but looks absolutely stunning alongside a feminine version. This shows how easy an artist can alter two versions of the same tattoo to radiate feminine and masculine vibes. The petals are shorter and plumb on the feminine hand and longer and fewer on the man bicep. If you like the outlook of this beautiful tattoo then there is nothing stopping you from flaunting it alone and as a couple.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

6. Rose Bud Wrist

Rose is meaningful tattoo choices for when you have a deep and brief statement to make. The same apply to young rose that are yet to blossom conveying a sense of innocence and youth. This tattoo looks good and is most meaningful on girl subjects because it is they whose lives can be best likened to that of a flower. So to commemorate this period when you still have your potential to grow and reach your dreams, encourage your girlfriend to have this matching tattoo with you.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

7. Special Floral Design

When you and your cool friends need a group tattoo that is flashy and stands out of the crowd then you have to go all out and design a lovely piece that you all enjoy having. Each of these flora wrists looks stunningly beautiful on its own merit and makes sense even without the others. It is only when you see them side by side that you may realize that they are matching tattoos for cool friends. You could virtually have anything but these basic design principles should spur your creativity.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

8. Wild Flower

Other times you need to express your wild love and inexplicable love for random stuff that your friends find weird. That is when you might want to consider getting a tattoo that not only matches your partner but also sticks out of the box of roses and hearts. This flower and leaves tattoo is singular in its expression of raw natural beauty and totally random and sporadic love. The slight variation in the designs is permissible because each person is inherently different.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

9. Star Outline

Perhaps you want a more subtle smaller sized non-complicated tattoo to say you are part of one family or group. In that case a simple star outline is the best suited piece that all your comrades should find lovely and enjoyable to have. This should hurt only like a tiny bit and it ages well. There is no way anybody will find a negative interpretation for a star tattoo so it should find warm reception in most communities. Whether it’s for your girl squad or your family, this should make an awesome cool matching tattoo for a large group.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

10. Scared Owl Birdie

Finally, but hardly the least significant, check out this cool birdie tattoo depicting what must be a scared little birdie with the lovely hue eyes. They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul and deep down we are all scared of something. You just want to hug this little bird and tell them that everything will be alright eventually even though you are not sure of it yourself. We all have that one person we want to show our vulnerable side to and if you have that one special person for a tattoo enthusiast, then this should say just that.

Matching Tattoo Design Ideas


Matching Tattoo Designs

April 26, 2020