LUNATA Beauty Cordless vs PAUL MITCHELL Flat Iron – Which Brand is Good?

Evolve hair styling tools the flat iron is the most effective for getting hair straight. It is a must-have whether you are having out of the other office for planning a long trip overseas. Without it your other beauty plans for the trip will fall through and your day is effectively ruined.

Buying a flat irons can be daunting task because of the plethora of tools out there that claim to be good enough only to prove disappointing in the end. The likelihood that a flat iron will cause much damage and misery to your hair is sadly higher than the chance of finding a cheap but effective flat iron that will serve you for years.

In this post we wanted to compare the Lunata to Paul Mitchell flat irons in general so as to elaborate the differences between the two brands and their approaches to solving the hair problem. Paul Michelle is the better-known brand that has been around for decades and with thousands of followers around the world. The Lunata brand is lesser known but also quite surprising in its ability to create I and popular wireless flat irons for the high-end market.

Buying a flat iron depends usually not on the cost but the quality of the manufacturer and that is why we decided to do a post comparing Lunata with Paul Mitchell in general. We had to select some models that we thought best represented their respective makers and showed their best side when it comes to taming unruly hair.

Which is the smallest because as it were they are both high-end products and each comes from a series of useful variants and it’s only fair that we compare the many aspects to ensure that we are comparing apples for apples.

Lunata BeautyPaul Mitchell
Lunata BeautyPaul Mitchell
Tangle free Cordless operation.

Innovative convertible designs.

Easy on the eyes with adorable toy like appearance.

Resilient durable design.

Charging ports for phones and accessories.
Long lasting design.

Produces sleek smooth and shiny hair results.

Express Ion Complex technology for healthier hair.

Good for salon and home use.

Travel size and ready.

Versatile tool for curling and waving.

Works well for thick and wavy hair types.

Smaller plates.
No automatic shut off safety feature.

Also expensive.

Lunata Beauty’s Cordless Flat Iron

Lunata Beauty’s Cordless Flat Iron

When you have been scouring online hair care products for so long, you will likely come across some really bizarre little products that are and exciting waste of money or they could just as easily turn into invaluable assets in your makeup bag. But there is not enough room in your home for all the useless junk you could end up shipping to your address were it not for our reviews and many other resources online that tell you what you are about to bring home.

One of the most interesting brands we found was the Lunata and its outside of the box thinking to solve user problems far and beyond hair care. How does a curling wand that can also act as your power bank for your phone sound? Yes it’s that insanely good kind of crazy stuff that got us hooked to the Lunata lunacy.

One striking thing about Lunata products is that they are meant for carrying around and are might small which might explain they are irresistibly cute. They wake the little girl in every woman with their simple elegance and toy like appearance but don’t let this make belief fool you, you might be looking at one of the most advanced heat tools on the market and not even realize it.

Some of the Lunata products are cordless such as the convertible curling and styling iron which make can transform into a traditional curling wand or a clip free curling wand in an instant. The level of innovation is one of a kind and users stand to benefit from many more perks and freedoms to curl and straighten how they dream.

The battery life on these little cute heat tools is impressive so that you can charge your phone and tablets for days and still get your minutes of hot fury to tame your mane while enjoying the ambience of nature on your African safari.

Paul Mitchell Flat iron

Paul Mitchell Flat iron

Paul Mitchell flat irons are loved for their three S’s –smooth, sleek and shine that they add to hair. It does not matter your hair type, there is a Paul Mitchell for you out there. And while there are many of them we chose the Express Ion Smooth to represent the family.

This flat iron is quick to heat up with the responsive heater which gets ready to rumble inn under a minute and gets up to 410 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. The negative ions technology used on the flat iron means it does not need much actual heat to get superb salon results every time. This is a wise investment for people with delicate to medium coarse hair for the sake of keeping each follicle on their scalp healthier and good looking with frequent use.

The Paul Mitchell Ion smooth flat iron also sports a cool LCD display for digital temperature control and can be turned up or down depending on the personal preference and hair requirements.  The Iron does not get furiously hot like some models and remains at least 40 degrees cooler than most models which top out at 450 degree Fahrenheit. This is a good thing because it means less heat damage and also that he plates and entire contraption is likely to last longer.


The Lunata range of products features everything that is fun and the two uses rule that every carry on should follow. We have checked out the new Lunata Cordless and can ascertain that it is high quality, does not feel cheap and is comfortable to use. There is more to life than just functionality and this brand bring out the stunning side of things in addition to being an effective tool. The styler has a large range of temperature to style at up to 450 F which means your specific hair type is covered.

Paul Mitchell spells safety and comfort in its latest designs and tons of innovation for better hair. The company thrives on innovation and have been working on a number of powerful and revolutionary concepts to change conventional styling


The Express Ion Smooth by Paul Mitchell features 1.25 inch plates which are ceramic and beveled on the edges to avoid catching on hair. The larger plates are effective for those with longer hair but can also feel snaggy and cause friction. The iron takes a small eternity to start up with a one minute average which frankly could be better. You can take this ample time to section your hair. We like that the iron does not need to go to the full 410 degrees to get the job done right.


You will also enjoy carrying your Paul Mitchell around the world if that’s your thing because it is a universal voltage adapted model. It feels light and travel ready so you can just toss it in your carry on makeup bag and enjoy beautiful hair on the go.


The Lunata cordless flat iron is a solid buy for people looking for portability and style with a hair tool that adds character to the makeup bag. It is a full-fledged flat iron with the full perks of a wired flat iron plus the freedom to use on the move. This particular product is by no chance cheap but it is relatively affordable compared to other cordless irons such as the Dyson Corrale.

The price on Ulta is $185 which is not money that many users can afford to lose and so we hope this positive review boosts your confidence. If you want the freedom to touch up on your hair beauty on the go then the premium pricing matches the features on the cordless Lunata.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth is an equally expressive buy with some added advantages not the least of which is lower temperature styling which could save your hair some agony. Paul Mitchell Irons are unique and offer solid alternatives to GHDs and the likes for people looking for salon quality results with no much hassle.

 The two products offer you more from a flat iron than you might expect. Whichever one you end up choosing, you will get some value for money. The thing is, these are so different that you have to know what you want and be willing to miss out on some of the other perks offered by the other option. If you wanted a coalition of the two then you would have the perfect cord and cordless flat iron combination on the planet and the best of both worlds.

March 7, 2021