10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs with Cultural Themes

If you want a gorgeous flower that has a deeper meaning to it than just aesthetics then the lotus is the perfect combination. The flower is most intriguing in that it grows in mud or dirty water and submerges under the same water overnight only to reemerge the next morning brimming with color and perfection. That the flower is of stunning beauty and near perfection despite its surroundings is to be admired and that is reason for the hype behind lotus tattoos.

The Meaning of Lotus Tattoos

The gorgeous flower is associated with Buddhist and Egyptian cultures from the ancient history but today, it is commonly accepted as a symbol for resilience and bearing good fruit despite the toxicity of the world and people around you. As such, the flower’s meaning as art and in tattoos is drawn from the literal nature of the plant. The meaning and beauty of the flower combined make it a prime candidate for permanent ink.

There are bazillion choices to pick when it comes to this floral tattoo design concept. As such, we took it upon ourselves to narrow it down for you in order to make your life a little bit easier. Because the human mind is not really the perfect sorting machine and we weren’t really built to handle choices, we tried to make the list as diverse as possible and keep your options to a few minimum. This way, you will get a taste of all the different styles for lotus flower tattoos around the world in one snapshot.

With that, fee at ease as you eyeball the following meaningful and satisfyingly beautiful lotus flower tattoos with cultural and timeless themes.

1. Purple Lotus Flower On Neck

First up we have this insanely cute purple lotus flower that is tiny and behind the ear. Around the world, the use of lotus flower tattoos means differently but this one is mostly just a cute accessory of the ear. It is a symbol of divine beauty and purity and deserves well of the ear placement. We can also deduce from the opening of the petals that this woman has undergone spiritual awakening and expansion of the soul.

2. Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

When you are looking for something a bit out of the box, this is a bold and beautiful piece showcasing a large lotus with glowing core. It’s the oldest trick in the flower tattoo rule book to put the flower into another object in this case a half-moon mandala to make look like something fresh and inspirational. This tattoo is so well designed that many people will simply fall for the elegant design over any form of meaning.

3. Koi Fish With Lotus Neck Tattoo

This convoluted tattoo contains two of the most remarkable totem animals and popular tattoo subjects in the east and now all over the world. Koi fish stand for strength, prosperity and determination to succeed. The people, of Japan revere the humble fish and have a great deal of respect and admiration for the koi fish. That is because the little fish is said to have the ability to grow into a full scale fire dragon. The combination of Koi and lotus is a special symbolic representation of the pain and struggle that goes into growth.

4. Simple Forearm

This is one sharp looking simple and black tattoo that has a unique blend with stylized lines and clear interpretation of the lotus flower. There is hanging accessories but the flower itself is painted in a realistic light except for the middle section where the petal arrangement resemble a flame. The midbloom is a mixture of stark and black lines and intricate shading technique. This simple and elegant lotus flower design will have more hits on any day of the week compared to some badass forearm tattoos out there.

5. Giant Watercolor Pink Lotus Flower Back

It’s tough not to admire this gorgeous and surreal work of art in pure pink for its brilliant use of color. We love the 3D rendering effects of the shadow effects and the attempt to make it as picture perfect as possible on one color scheme. This flower has unique character and represents a mother of all lotus flowers. You might be envious if you do not have the canvas left for it though. But before you can throw in the towel, ask your artist to whip up a miniature version of this thing of beauty so you can enjoy.

6. 3D Women’s Back Tattoos Lotus Flower

Even more than the mirror back selfie technique, we applaud the 3D attempt at rendering the lotus flower in a realistic fashion. This artist had the shallow depth of four colors to play with and they really nailed it. The flower looks stunning and offers a great compliment for the black dress and her hair color. 3D effect tattoos are famous nowadays but the lotus flower is a breathtaking choice of flower to showcase in this way.

7. Ornamental Lotus Flower

We are totally in love with this gorgeous ornamental flower with perfect flowers and some geometric constructions to prove it. The Lines and dotting are masterful and the so the shading. This eye catching tattoo is well befitting of a beautiful back and is bound to draw quite some attention when you decide to show. Most importantly, this back tattoo is what you need to channel your inner flower and give your freedom of dream and expression back. It’s another example of what an expert artist can do given the time and inspiration.

8. Oriental Lotus Flower

This piece is obviously oriental but also looks like a divine art form. It has divinity written all over its aura and no just account of the creepy purple text that matches the flower’s hues. It is in unusual color and shading and saturation is simply genius. This flower reminds us that in real life the lotus or any other tattoo object is not delimited by a thin black line. The tattoo is made to look awash in light. It is a gorgeous and meaningful choice of flower for the quote which unfortunately is indiscernible at the time.

9. Simple Lotus Back

Some of us appreciate the pure symbolism of the lotus flower. This piece is a stylized line iconography of the flower without paying much attention to the true life form of the flower. There is moderate to heavy shading and an additional sharp ornament floating above the flower design. If you are one of us folks who dig deeper in symbolism then this are the tattoo that is waiting for you. This may be a simple piece but it has its own splash of complexity.

Sketchy Lines Lotus

You have got to love the concept of line work on this ultimate form of expression. This tattoo features an ultra-modern design with beautiful stylized lines and sketchy lines. It is a neat work of art that you can easily have sketched and string it up in your bedroom but it that much more appealing on skin. The shading job is just superb as it creates depth in the simple figure.


Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

May 31, 2020