Leandro Limited IL Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron Review

The IL Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron is a Leandro Limited a BaBylissPRO collaboration with Conair and the child of excellent engineering and innovation for fast and effective hair styling. The styler has been touted for its ability to create perfect contact with hair making styling effective and with beautiful durable results. It features the same quality technology found with the best models in the brands mentioned and is supposed to be the next level of anti-lock and frizz in addition to a glossy and healthy shine even for voluminous or naturally coarse hair.

Leandro is a brand riding the American dream and celebrating the life and times of the great Leandro Rizzuto the founder of Conair. It is the personification of the American dream being a mind boggling force of change in the haircare industry and having started from incredibly humble beginnings. It all started in 1959 when Leandro’s parents made a $100 investment in a business that later grew in leaps to Conair. The goal of Conair was and remains to help women get salon results at home.

This is one of these styling tools that has been doing some serious rounds on the forums that matter and this review was long overdue. We were keen to test out the strengths and selling points of this iron to see if that Ion generator would work as good as with the other ionic irons we have used in the past. We tried to this on thin and voluminous hair and even the “type C” hair that is some of the trickiest.

So, how well did this styler actually do on the streets? Stick around for results on the form and performance of the II Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron out in the street without the advantage of lab conditions and sales gimmicks. Our process is religiously strict and rigorous so that we are able to pick out the best and worst in any product saving you money and hair.


Complete Review of Leandro Limited IL Ferro Carbon-Infused 1 Straightener


Leandro Limited IL Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron Review

This Iron is the epitome of carbon technology when it comes to professional styling irons with desirable results. It has that unique all direction floating plates to its advantage and creates near perfect contact with your hair strands making your brushes even and consistent.

It also has the true ion generator which pumps in millions of charged particles which are good for hair that tends to frizz and cause static. It is that nerve wracking electric buzz or even sparking that you sometimes experience with cheap irons.

The II Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron is made for versatility and flexibility during use and can produce equally good pin straight sections, curls and silky. It has been marketed as the ideal iron for sensitive hair and everyday users.

Carbon styling is a thing now and we have seen the industry shift towards similar innovations like graphite plates because of the discoveries that it offers natural static reduction and frizz-free styling plus shiny hair. Makers are now returning to this affordable and available material that has really good heat distributions and temperature stability to give users healthier repeatable results.

Heating Process

The II Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron uses digital controllers for the temperature regulation and is capable of a top 4500F with instant heat up. It has the useful instant heat recovery features which means it will not lose valuable heat capacity as you move along the hair strand.

IL ferro carbon infused 1 inch styling iron is a professional quality heating tool that is designed to create 100% contact with a particular hair section. It uses carbon infused plates to deliver precision amount of power and heat to hair forcing it to change shape without frizz or static. The heating is well aided by the true ion generator which helps reduce static seals the cuticle thus creating a greater shine and smooth natural hair.


Leandro Limited IL Ferro Carbon-Infused 1” Styling Iron Review

We tested this flatiron on many levels to ascertain the claims that it was capable of natural static reduction and shiny hair with even heat distribution and less damage. The makers of this flat iron claim that it has the best temperature stability for ideal styling, a claim that we working on proving.

Preliminary results for the Ferro carbon styler indicate that it does indeed have a functional through ion generator thanks to the increased shine on hair without losing volume.

The temperature control is digital and efficient person sharing correct styling temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This Tyler has surprisingly good recovery time and he instant heat up. The extended nature of the full floating cabin if used plates make styling easy dealing with larger sections of hair at a go.

Another practical feature was the long 9-feet fabric cord which makes styling fuss free even in a salon environment.

Again this is a collaboration between Conair and BaByliss which are two powerhouses in modern heat tools development. We would expect nothing less than the best curated styling tool that encapsulates genius techniques for healthy hair styling.

It is nice that this styler comes with a silicone heat resistant mat protect your countertops.

Hair Damage

We loved everything about this treatment because it’s that good period it gives off sick designs and as a good tolerance for all hair types. The company was quite thoughtful about the safety features of the straightener and even included and heat resistant mat to rest your straightener between sectioning the hair. It is therefore obvious that they would take even more precautionary measures to ensure that your hair is kept straight and shiny without serious heat damage.

Battery Life

This flat iron does not come with an internal battery. It does however look and feel light and perfect for the hand as you grasp the ergonomic body.


This product did an excellent job and we were thoroughly impressed with the results we got for thick and wavy hair as well as thinner sensitive hair. Using this styler does feel kind of effortless and leaves hair feeling soft and looking healthy and shiny. We recommend this brand and product for anyone looking for a first-time flat iron original replacement for a less-than-impressive model.

What are some benefits of carbon ionic technology?

Carbon is the ideal material for static reduction and freeze free styling giving better heat distribution for less damage. It is a stable thermal conductor which makes it ideal for natural styling.

What is the function of the true ion generator?

The ion generator bushes in millions of negative charged ions into the hair which force is water molecules deeper into the hair roots. This increases shine and health of each hair strand.

What is the warranty duration for the il ferro carbon infused styling iron?

The manufacturer offers a generous five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on this product.

What is #loveleandro?

This brand is inspired by a man Leandro Rizzuto who is the living embodiment of the American dream. Starting from humble backgrounds in 1959 his family started a business that would later revolutionize the haircare industry. The hashtag has been used to raise money for free gifts to hairstylists during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Is Leandro same as Conair?

Yes the success of this Leandro brand is credited to Conair tools technology and expertise.

August 18, 2020