Latest Box Braids Styles: 15 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Try

Braids have been around since the dawn of time. Hair braiding styles have changed throughout time. There are a variety of styles available now to fit your lifestyle, hair type, and protect your hair from harm.
Women are more likely to use wigs. However, the monotony of wearing wigs may be tedious because they do not allow you to style them in a variety of ways. Furthermore, some women feel braids make them seem younger.
The time it takes to complete braided hairstyles is one of the main reasons why women are hesitant to braid their hair. While some of these hairstyles may take the entire day to complete, others may be completed in a matter of minutes.
Join icons like anet Jackson, Brandy, and Beyoncé in celebrating this cultural enriched fashion hair style with benefits for your tresses. What’s more, you always find that your hair took the time off harsh routines to grow a mile every time you undo braids. Here are some examples we liked, we hope you find a look that you fall in love with and try right away.

15 Box Braid Examples to inspire Your Fresh Do

Here are some stunning looks we like for this category. There is a look for everyone whether you have long, short , soft or unruly hair.

1. Shoulder Length Box Braids

You can totally keep it simple and shoulder-length if you are a sucker for bobs like most of us. A side part adds dimension to the look making it look a lot more appealing. These braids are better for ladies who have naturally thin hair since the stress on their scalp is reduced. These braids might take hours to complete, but the effort is well worth it in the end.

Box Braids

2. Goddess Box Braids

These special braids feature fanned ends creating an extremely elegant hairdo that exudes grandeur and beauty. They are often larger and require less time to install than standard box braids. They are thick braids with curly hair braided into the box braids to give it a soft appearance and feel. They are extremely protective but not long-lasting since they are thick braids with curly hair braided into the box braids to give them a soft look and feel.

Box Braids

3. Large Footed Medium Braids

The time it takes to complete braided hairstyles is one of the main reasons why women are hesitant to braid their hair. The gigantic box braids have an uncanny ability to turn heads. The jumbo-sized box braids are ideal for women with voluminous and thick hair since they don’t keep them sat for lengthy periods of time while yet maintaining their elegance. While some of these hairstyles may take the entire day to complete, others may be completed in a matter of minutes.

Box Braids

4. Waist Length Blonde Box Braids

Forget about your natural hair color for a moment and use color to brighten up your look without jeopardizing your hair’s health. For a strong dose of individuality, golden blonde and brown lowlights and highlights are braided into separate strands.Box braids hairstyles are a great way to stretch your hair, add color, and wear a variety of hairstyles that are both beautiful and easy to achieve.

Box Braids

5. Rainbow Colours Bob

Sometimes a woman just has to bring out the little girl inside to find true happiness. If you would like to go all the way with shouting colours that are uncommon in hair, then there is nothing holding you back. Go for it! You will discover your vibrant size while creating some breathtaking fat braids that are over easy and durable.

Box Braids

6. Bob Box Braids for Short Hair

If you are looking for something timeless and gorgeous but you are afraid you have short hair then this is for you. When it comes to sleek and sophisticated looks, bobs are a popular choice, so why not pair yours with a set of box braids? Playing around with bright colors and embellishments like beads and ribbon is the secret to giving bob box braids a contemporary twist.

Box Braids

7. Unisex Short Box Braids

The box braid style is shown here in short length and size plaits. Braids can be short or long, large or little, natural or synthetic hair, and natural or synthetic extensions. The boxes can come in a variety of sizes and forms. There are three braid sizes in general. The tiniest and thinnest braids are micro braids. Jumbo braids are thick and heavy, whereas regular braids are roughly the size of a pencil.

Box Braids

8. Medium Length Box Braids

If you like medium hairstyles, medium box braids are a good option. They’re a fashionable and affordable alternative to lengthy box braids. Braids that are little and tiny are suitable for hair that is fine. Why? Because a thick braid on fine hair may be excessively heavy, causing damage to your hair and spoiling your overall look.

Box Braids

9. Knotless Box Braids with Loose Ends

While many women who select box braids for natural hair go for the trendy straight finish, you may defy convention and go for a curly look instead. Our blog is about getting you that X-factor that makes you stand out for your style with hair and other fashion cues. The world is your oyster, from all-over curly braids to wavy endings!

Box Braids

10. Chunkier Box Braids

When we talk about box braids with natural hair, size matters. It’s crucial to evaluate the size and shape of your desired finish, which can range from thick, bulky designs to exquisite, small braids.Box braids are a great way to mix up your style if you’re bored and have natural hair that need a break from hot styling.

Box Braids

11. Short Bob Medium Braids with Accessories

This hairdo demonstrates the versatility of Medium Box Braids. With this braiding method, you may achieve the Bob style. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be innovative! Cut your hair short and use metal rings as ornamentation as well as holders for your braid ends at the ends of your hair. You can also loosen some of the hair strands to create a spiral effect.

Box Braids

12. Marsai Martin’s Perfect Box Braids Bob

Marsai Martin is a true hair chameleon who loves to remind her fans that she can wear pretty much any do and look fabulous in it. She has been a dynamic dual with the gorgeous Diane with whom they shared a show and together reminded strong women of African origin that rocking braids and Bantu knots entails more than just fashion but also showcases the heritage and natural endowment. She has used Senegalese twists, Afros, Sleek bobs, Blowouts and many more hairstyles to show just how dope one can feel and look under the spotlight with coloured skin.

Box Braids

13. Exquisite Jumbo In spiral Half-Bun

Giant Goddess Braids are easier to install compared to micro braids as they take less time to perfect. errors in braiding are less noticeable and they have that chic boho look that we all crave to achieve and maintain.Goddess of the Giant Braids, as opposed to micro braids, are easier to install because they take less time to perfect. Braiding mistakes are less obvious, and they have that trendy boho aesthetic that we all want to achieve. To create an assertive look, thicker expansions are used. This dramatic winding bun is perfect for a young lady with a fashionable persona and a penchant for living on the cutting edge of fashion.

Box Braids

14. Burgundy Medium Box Braids

To spice up your hair colour with new more vibrant colours you can opt to braid black hair with coloured extensions to create a nice ombre. Medium length box braids are appropriate for those who want a relatively easier time caring for hair as well as less salon time to achieve the look. you can pick your length and thickness by the type of extensions and length you choose to add to your tresses.

Box Braids

15. Gabrielle Union Box Braids

Gabrielle Union is many things: an amazing actress, ’90s icon, an entrepreneur, a mother to one of the cutest celebrity babies, and a great source of hair inspiration. She switched up her hairstyle again with jumbo box braids, and we love it every time! With a quick scroll through her Instagram, you can see all the stunning hairstyles she’s worn — including fishtail-braided pigtails and a retro high ponytail with flipped ends — that constantly keep us on our toes.

Box Braids

In a nutshell: Hair braiding styles are endless, as you will agree. There are so many lovely hairstyles to choose from if you want to step up your game. All you have to do now is make a decision, sit still, and let the hairdresser work her magic.

Box Braids Style Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to braid any type of hair?
Braids are suitable for any type of hair. Braid hairstyles are available in a variety of lengths and textures.

What’s the greatest hair for braids?

Kanekalon hair is the most popular braiding hair. Stylists will advise you to use real hair, which will give your haircut a more natural appearance, while others will advise you to use synthetic hair, such as Kanekalon. Both are excellent candidates for braiding since they have characteristics that lend themselves to diverse designs.

Are braids still fashionable?

Braids are incredibly fashionable right now, and they’ve taken on new appearances such as being decorated with beads and various hair jewellery.

What are the finest braiding styles for short hair?

Box braids, micro braids, and little cornrows are the greatest hairstyles for short hair.
When it comes to braids, how short is too short?
You can braid any hair longer than two inches into small, tight cornrows, micro-braids, and two-strand twists.

April 1, 2022