L’ange Le Gloss vs Instyler Max Prime Flat Iron

This posts is about two interesting and uncommon technologies in hair straightening. Hey Just because an idea is not common among manufacturers or is not popular does not mean that it does not actual work. Among the few truly bizarre contraptions that we have reviews and shockingly revealed that they actually work is the rotating barrel hair brush by Instyler.  Combine this with the unusual designs that Le’ange often coughs up and you have yourself an unusual post and an exciting moment for some of you to get lucky by landing the next love of your hair.

If you are here to check out the Le Gloss by L’ange then you will be pleased to know that it is a large and crazy effective work horse created with extra wide everything to gallop through hair and cause straight, crazy curls and every other salon inspired hair effect you can think about. Usually it would be the focal point of the discussion except today we have an even more unusual phenomenon, the Instyler max flat iron if you can even call it that.

With Instyler you never know that they will cough up next and so we are always eagerly waiting to try out the next dangerous looking contraption and tell you whether it’s a worthy buy or a waste of your money. The Max 2 is a rotating drum iron which consist of two sections clamped together with a hinge just like your ordinary flat iron but the two area bidirectional rotating drum and what takes after a heated brush assortment of bristles. Your hair goes in between the teeth and grinding mill and it looks scary as hell. We will tell you if the Instyler max is a worthy exploration or perhaps you should stick to the tried and tested truths of hair styling.

Apart from the heating perspective, there is not many ways you can say the L’ange Le Gloss compares to the inStyler Max. Here is a breakdown of the two in design specs and performance.

L’ange Le GlossInstyler Max Prime
L’ange Le GlossInstyler Max Prime
Extra wide titanium plates.

Infrared light technology for low heat styling.

Eye catching luminosity.

Curved edges for endless styling options.

Works well on thick and coarse hair.

Temperature adjustment possible.

Faster styling time.
1.25” heated rotating barrel.

Up to 425 F safe styling temperature.

Tourmaline ceramic in heated bristle to lock in styles.

4 variable heat settings.

Professional swivel cord.

Automatic shut off.

Works on towel dried hair and saves blow dry time.
Requires managed expectations.

Plates may be too wide for your liking.

Not the cheapest iron out here for the same quality of results.
May still require blow dryer because it cannot reach near the scalp.

Constant motion can be annoying.

The L’ange Le Gloss Flat Iron

If you are looking for Frenchie sleek sexy and smooth stylers then this is the vibe to go with. It might be a lesser known brand but that does not mean it will not blow your mind in terms of results that last a full day and beyond. It is a large styler compared to the CHI Ceramic and will cover more ground in one leap and yet the heating speed and styling results actually measure up to your standard CHI styler.

L’ange Le Gloss Flat Iron

You might also fall for its charming looks crowned by a LED screen which lets you build confidence and connection with the temperature ranges of the device. It is capable of zero to 450 degrees in sub minute time and a few other tricks for curling and waving hair in a natural and easy flow that leaves hair strands unscathed.

Plates on the Lange are titanium based for tech and come embedded with infrared heat technology which helps hair to lock in styles at lower temperatures. What it means for as a user is that you get the same results on a lower temperature setting than you would usually need with an ordinary flat iron. The joy of it all is that your hair get exposed to less heat and therefore less heat damage.

The Instyler Max Prime Flat Iron

This Instyler max prime wet to dry 1.25” rotating styling iron is a patented new design for a styling iron which uses a rotating drum technology to curl, wave and straighten hair that is towel damp while simultaneously drying it. This giant leap in innovation is made possible by the teams at Instyler and the design is now their intellectual property so that no other copycat designs can emerge.

Instyler Max Prime Flat Iron

The makers of this iron wanted to skip the blow drying phase and still arrive at a perfect blow out and so we were keen to see what became of the idea. The concept seemed workable but we had to try this just to satisfy our curiosity and yours.

The innovative technology hinges on a heated rotation drum and which rotates in a constant direction of choice to whisk out moisture from underneath the bristles and safely discard it.  The design is a revolutionary idea to avoid the crushing of hair between two hot surfaces which is the leading cause of heat and traction breakage.


The wide plates on the L’ange are supposed to be 100% titanium plates and equipped with far infrared emitting strip. We did not tear the thing apart to check but we tried the results with this versus a ceramic flat iron and there is no dramatic gain by either technology. It is worth noting that our team was skeptical of the effectiveness of such a strip if it exists compared to a fully ceramic heater and plate material which would naturally emit this wavelength of light.

The breathtaking new technology used in the Instyler Max Prime styling iron is not like anything else in this world. Its constant motion is efficient for whisking out a considerable amount of water from hair and could replace a blow-dryer depending on the amount of water your hair can retain.

There is an obvious short coming of this design because it cannot get as close to the roots as needed to extract all the water. Neither can the flat iron but then the blow dryer has the advantage of sending drafts to all parts of the scalp.


The Instyler Max Prime also packs a MCH ceramic heater which is well known for rapid heat up and instant recovery giving you the ample range of 170 to 450F to do various heat treatments. The wider plates are not ideal for close quarter styling and yet they prove to be the most efficient for longer hair and one pass styling.

The Instyler Max Prime is ideal for people with delicate hair that tends to break under moderate pressure. This simply nudges hair into the form you want and will fail to produce excellent results with tough unruly manes.


The Instyler Max primes also features your typical oblique edges for infinite styling options blah blah blah but the most captivating styling option has to be the payment plan which lets you make four interest free installments of $24.75 and we thought about the possibility of receiving the product before it was fully paid for and then realizing its faulty somehow.

The Max Prime is an addition by itself. The whole concept looks like something you would want to have as an add-on to your makeup bag so that you have options to touch up after being a victim of rain or splashes at the pool party.


There is no choosing between these two for the better flat iron because there is only one really. The weird contraption called Max Prime is a whole other category of hot tools by itself. It may be taking styling to the next level or not but if you want a good old flat iron to cover the basics then it is not it. But the Max as a compliment to your kit or if you blew your hair dryer because it seems to be more of that than a flat iron.

March 28, 2021