L’ANGE Le Gloss vs BabylissPro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

You already know that not all pair of tongs like devices named flat iron at the end of a fancy long name are equally credible to run your hair through. But when brands like L’ange and BaByliss Pro are mentioned then you know it’s the serious stuff all over again. We are back at it and this time we bring you a heated contest between two equally romanticized brands in the hair care industry so as to give each product a run for their money.

BaByliss pro is one of those brands that more equal than others thanks to years, no decades worth of experience in the hot tools production and numerous innovative patents which set their productions aside from the competition. It is the crème de la crème product line that gets you ahead of the crowd where you lead with style and others follow to imitate. But in case you did not know, there is a new sheriff in town as well and the name sounds sophisticated by itself.

The Le Gloss by L’ange is a fresh new contender in the luxury category with some serious fire in her bowels and the fines to create crazy good curvy curls and other salon-worthy little ringlets that leave your hair full, bouncy and with its natural luster. Who would not consider a flat iron that is also large and effective for one pass styling and the possibility to slash your styling time in half? We were eager to prove some of these claims right or wrong just so you know what you are getting with your next purchase.

So which one will it be? Is it the extra wide plates on the L’ange Le Gloss or the smooth and swift elegance of the BaByliss Nano Titanium Flat iron? Pay attention to the breakdown of facts on these two and you should be able to make an informed decision in the end.

L’ange Le GlossBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium
L’ange Le GlossBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium
Fully titanium rose gold plates with infrared light strips.

Better moisturized hair with sealed cuticle.

Energy efficient MCH ceramic heaters.

Precision engineered floating plates.

Easy gliding smooth plates.

Precise digital temperature control with LED read out.

Programmable temperatures.

Improved corrosion resistance.

Soft rubbery hand grip for comfort when handling.

Auto shutdown after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Dual voltage support.
Variable heat controls up to 450F.

Excellent looking smooth plates.

Negative ion charged plates.

Famous for curls, waves and flips.

Narrow body and barrel for precision styling maneuvers.

Light weight for its span and features.

Longer slim plates to cover more hair at once.
Cord too long for storage.

Large plates are not always ideal.
Lacks an auto shut features and therefore not great for forgetful users.

Counterfeits exist hence some shockingly bad reviews.

Still cannot curl thick unruly hair efficiently.

Is a larger model.

L’ange Le Gloss Hair Straightener

L’ange Le Gloss Hair Straightener

I you are looking to get your sleek and sexy styles to the next level then perhaps this flat iron is for you. It features all kinds of little innovations here and there to make it all the more fun to own for people who like to try out cool new stuff. This is one attractive flat iron that can do it all and hardly ever requires a second pass to lock in the special effects.

The developers for this brand and product must have drawn inspiration from so many sources because they ended up building a never before seen styler with a little bit of everything. It is like your cheap dispensable flat iron on steroids.

You will have to be moderate in your expectations however because this device does have its limits and is not quite the charmer it has been made out to be at times. It will only exceed your expectations for halving your styling time if you are currently taking a small eternity to start and work you’re your entire head. It is pretty fast to wake up so we will give them that. It is almost as fast as CHI straighteners which are some of the world’s fastest wakers.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat iron

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat iron

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium is the new face of titanium styling technology with all advanced features for a pleasurable using experience. The BaByliss technology has been a great help for salon proprietors around the world and people are slowly beginning to break the spell cast by older brands that paving the way for their own extinction for lack of innovation. They can ride out the wave by repackaging old stuff in new neat boxes (hiring only graphic designers instead of engineers) but how long can they keep it up? Sooner or later the truth is going to come out that these new blood straightener brands like BaByliss are the better lot.

Other titanium stylers from luxury brands that compete closely with BaByliss such as CHI and GHD might be obscenely expensive but this baby is also budget friendly depending on what your budget is in the first place.

The Nano Titanium will give you pin straight hair when you need it and curls and bouncy ringlets when your outfit calls for some. The smaller plate size and precision machined surfaces with oblique edges makes sure that you never run out of cool new styles to try on this machine. There are hordes of benefits to using a trusted brand like this one not to mention the excellent customer support and resources that go with your iron.

Here are some features that help this BaByliss and its siblings cut above the competition.


The extra wide plates on the L’ange are titanium which is not the best for generating negative ions. The designers made up for this shortcoming with the introduction of a controversial infrared heating strip behind the plates. It is supposed to instill moisture and seal the cuticle for eye catching luster on hair assuming of course that it is efficient way to deliver infrared energy through the plating material to hair.

The Nano titanium series is a family of light weight devices that are made of high quality heat efficient materials. They are built for comfort and convenience and feature ceramic heating behind the titanium coated plates which blends the best of both ceramic and metal worlds.


The L’ange also features curved edges for endless styling but you will notice that the wider plates are a curse when you want to do close quarter styling and reach closer to the roots for maximum coverage. It does feel a bit bulky and so only works faster to some extent and particularly if you can combine it with a smaller slimmer flat iron.

The Nano also comes with a narrow slim build which makes it a versatile tool for exceptionally close to roots styling and a perfect blowout. It does come in a turd later than the larger models in completing the entire head but it is worthwhile because results last longer.


The Lange has a lot of extras built in to make up for the poor choice of plating material. They have an ion projector which is specialized for emitting negative ions which reduce static and frizz. One true addition to the style must be the soft touch handle cushion that protects hands from heat and friction when handling the iron.

The Pro Nano also works on damp hair because it is marketed as a wet to dry iron with the ability to split water molecules, speed up styling and ensure longer lasting results.


Making the right purchase decision requires a deep sense of evaluation of the options available and the design factors that matter to you the most. What is it you want from ta Flat iron that will really enrich your user experience and upgrade it from what you have now. What is it that you do not like about whatever flat iron you are using now? If you are a newbie, then you also need to consider a flat iron like the GHD which is completely safe even for dummies.

Of these two, you can choose to run with the L’ange not just because it has a cool and sexy name but also because it a more versatile tool that delivers on quality and performance. We cannot ascertain the longevity of this product because we have only had it for a couple of weeks but we will be sure to give you a heads up in upcoming posts. If you do know if this survives torture then please do let us all know in the comments section below.

The Nano Titanium is a best seller for BaByliss and remains one of the hottest flat irons you can find in the market that is also bound by strict safety features not to fry your hair. We are not saying you cannot absolutely damage your hair if you are misusing the product that is plausible. We are saying there is good measure of value for money in the high price tag of the digital flat iron.