L’ange Le Gloss Flat Iron In Blush Review

L'ange Le Gloss Flat Iron In Blush Review


The L’ange is French for angel. Dalia the founder of the company has an interesting story one of being a heroine and was inspired into starting her own line of flat irons because she felt that she and her daughter did not deserve lifeless and boring flat hair. The brand came on the world stage in all things beauty and hair care about two decades ago. They have evolved and adapted to the ever changing dynamics of the market and somehow managed to keep and grow a following and consumer base for their products because of the sheer determination behind their leadership. Since the beginning, the L’ange have been about improving and perfecting their art and science behind flat irons.

The brand promises compatibility with the consumer needs and preferences and a hassle free money back guarantee if it does not work out. According to L’ange, the Le Gloss Flat iron is the ultimate heat tool that does it all. If you have thick and curly hair just like Dalia’s daughter then this high tech piece was developed because of someone just like you.

For a brand that promises heaven on earth for hair styling, we expected to get a little disappointed because so far no flat iron is 100% perfect.

The Le Gross is a unique flat iron with huge plates measuring 1.75” which is about 75% larger than most other flat irons. This and the pure titanium plates help make this a powerful dissipater delivering intense heat with a responsive regulation to prevent damage. It also premieres the best of negative ion therapy and infrared heating technologies which reduces the optimal temperature to style each hair type.


The Le Gross flat iron is a modern flat iron specifically designed for all women and men out there looking for sleek salon results for their own hair and that of their loved ones. It is made with the multipurpose heating tool that does it all in focus. It is meant for long hair and is especially effective for those with thick curly hair where other flat irons kill hair.

The notable features of the Le Gross will be the extra wide plates. It measures 1.75 across each plate which is a hell of a lot bigger than 1” stylers. A larger surface area of contact means you are styling more of your hair at an instant hence cutting down the overall styling time in half.

The flat iron also features a unique lightweight and ergonomic design with embedded infrared light technology. This helps the heating performance and handling while boosting capability for excellent results even at low temperatures.

L’ange also makes use of the best ion generator technology that pumps millions of negative ions into your hair causing negative hydration and soothing of the cuticle for a greater luminous shine. The feature makes measurable difference and you start to see how hair does not feel flat and boring or dead but fully and alive.

The lightweight design is made to last and feels comfortable to handle in case you have to work on several patrons for salon applications. The flat irons double for straightening and curling and will get improved results regardless of the difficulty of hair to style.

Corrosion and stain resistant materials make this flat iron well prepared for life outside the lab conditions. With a minimal cleaning maintenance routine, this flat iron can last a long time. And the beautiful color stays on as well.

Heating Process

The heating on the Le Gross model is especially above par featuring the same good MCH ceramic heaters that you will find in the crème de la crème of flat irons. It means lightning fast recovery and the platinum makes it possible to bounce to the right temperature in seconds.

Le Gloss also does well for stain and chemical corrosive resistance. How can it not when the body is made from high grade material and pates are titanium?

The heating range is also another factor to consider for the performance of any flat iron. This iron has the 170 F to 450F ranges and

Hair Damage

We checked out this product and did not find any bugs that might lead to hair damage due to unpredictable behavior on the part of the iron. It is equipped with one of the most responsive precision instruments and interface for temperature control and monitoring and the temperatures are what is indicated. 75% more width on plates gives you the freedom of a single pass which saves your hair from the exposure of repeated brushing.

Battery Life

This flat iron does not feature internal power storage so you do have to be hooked to some power source to get it going. Luckily, it is travel ready and adapted for the world’s power with the same results in the US as in European countries where the voltages vary between 110V and 240V AC. The cord is about 6 feet which is neither too long nor too short and it is professional grade material with a 360 degree swivel attachment.


A combination of smooth gliding through hair and better efficient heat generations and precision delivery makes this cool looking hair tool the envy of many hair enthusiasts. It is possible to not like it based on reviews because it’s not all 5 star ratings but the likelihood of getting disappointed with a brand like L’ange is much less. Plus, if you do go wrong and you are not pleased with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund without breaking a sweat.

Which Are The Best Straighteners?

It is our humble opinion that Lange is one of the leading straightener and hair care brands in the market today. They have a serious bid for the top position especially with this Le Gloss model release and it is a brand that is going places.

Which flat iron is better, ceramic or titanium?

Titanium and ceramic irons are like the staple of flat irons today. Of the two, titanium probably gets hotter depending on the make. The higher heat capacity makes it suited for faster styling and dealing with difficult to style coarse hair types.

Is this flat iron suitable for salon use?

Yes, the Le Gloss is a professional grade piece of salon equipment that you can also use on yourself at home to achieve a variety of impressive styles with lasting results and healthier hair.

Is Le Ange Good Flat Iron?

Yes, L’ ange flat irons are very good. The name stands for angel in French and the quality of service and care it offers the users hair is proof of its angelic nature and aura.

September 6, 2020