L’ange Le Gloss Flat Iron Black Review

L’ange Le Gloss Flat Iron Black Review

Whether you’re seeking sleek sexy styles or crazy curvy curls, the L’ange flatiron is a salon inspired feature-rich model with an ergonomically designed body and titanium plates that will help you get there. Featuring its 100% titanium plate’s technology, L’ange just released another hot styling tool that does it all. It features extra white plates for cutting the straightening time in half and some other fancy features that we’re going to discuss today.

Here you like to think of ourselves as crazy in all the good ways about the stuff we buy for hair care. I would love very much to give you candles and originals reviews based on first-hand information but again even those are not the most reliable because every hairstyle is different and we simply do not have enough heads to try out new products on. Which is why we rely on different testers for each product and always opt to prioritize people’s choice when looking for best reviewed products to present to you from the online arena. We do all the leg work so that you don’t and we trust that you two will contribute by giving the feedback on the endless possibilities of styling with a flat iron and the many other hot air tools we review.

If you are after learning more about your hair and finding out ways to explore and showcase your natural beauty then L’ange is an excellent brand to pick. Founded by Dalia, the company aims at improving women’s lives and increasing happiness by promoting inner beauty which boosts confidence. Enter you will find that their products are made to be easy affordable and high quality. Each of their products is marketed as being able to deliver salon style and results quickly and hassle-free for the end-user. This is by no means a new contender for the flat iron category having entered the beauty and hair industry over two decades ago. They’re passion and goal packed stories but also one guided by a strict moral code where integrity, open communication sharing and understanding are the glue that stick the fraternity together.


After years and years of refining the product L’ange finally did it the flat iron that makes getting slick sex styles or crazy curls look super easy. This one is a beast tamer with 100% titanium plates that are also wide enough to glide through with chunks of hair like butter. This features embedded infrared light and heat technology which is proven to force intense moisture on the hair cuticle resulting in a glaring luminosity and volume. The Superior design makes this flatiron safer to use with endless styling possibilities and a lesser toll on your individual strands.

This is a specially designed heat tool for people with thick and coarse hair who will supposedly be amazed at Le Gloss’s ability to exceed expectations.

The flatiron features a lightweight and durable design featuring extra white plates embedded with infrared technology for greater shine and volume. This place helps seal the cuticle and project negative ions from the titanium to the hair in streams of millions that are necessary for one pass styling.

Heating Process

This styler features highly-efficient MCH ceramic heaters that produce intense heat to tame curly hair and with instant recovery the red the temperature is pretty impressive on this model ranging from 170 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is above 90 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. This temperature range encompasses the full spectrum of hair from the thinnest sensitive hair to the weirdest hair strands out there.

Titanium is the go-to material for thick and curly hair that just refuses to straighten out. The material is super small and features the best heat distribution and recovery making it best suited for hair types that require immense heat. The smooth and even surface works to its advantage reducing friction and the material in Aaron tree produces less static locking out freeze.


This flat iron features extraordinarily long plates and much wider than regular sized ones and still manages to glide like butter through hair. When we tried this out with users who had previously given up on ever getting the same sleek salon results with a flat iron as their thin and soft haired counterparts, we received reports of great success.

The flat iron features a real negative ion projector for better hydration locking in the moisture for better shine and longevity of the styles that you make. This is a heat tool that not only styles but also conditions hair to last for the very hot and humid work day.

It is not very effective around tight spots and may not be suited unless you have or plan to let your hair grow out long. It does have curved edges which reduces the nasty tugging that occurs with cheap irons and the rounded barrel helps you put it to use as a curling tool as well.

The body of the L’ange flat iron is made of rubber for high grip and better insulation for comfortable handling. The plates and materials building the flatiron are heat corrosion and stain resistant making it super durable and easy to maintain. This flat iron is made for the salon environment and has become somewhat of a favorite among leading hairdressers and celebrity hair stylists.

The swivel cord digital interface for temperature control and elongated plates give this flatiron and edge over other flat irons in the professional hair styling business.

Hair Damage

We checked out this product and did not find any bugs that might lead to hair damage due to unpredictable behavior on the part of the iron. It is equipped with one of the most responsive precision instruments and interface for temperature control and monitoring and the temperatures are what is indicated. 75% more width on plates gives you the freedom of a single pass which saves your hair from the exposure of repeated brushing.

Battery Life

This flat iron does not feature internal power storage so you do have to be hooked to some power source to get it going. Luckily, it is travel ready and adapted for the world’s power with the same results in the US as in European countries where the voltages vary between 110V and 240V AC. The cord is about 6 feet which is neither too long nor too short and it is professional grade material with a 360 degree swivel attachment.


A combination of smooth gliding through hair and better efficient heat generations and precision delivery makes this cool looking hair tool the envy of many hair enthusiasts. It is possible to not like it based on reviews because it’s not all 5 star ratings but the likelihood of getting disappointed with a brand like L’ange is much less. Plus, if you do go wrong and you are not pleased with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund without breaking a sweat.

How effective is this for curling hair?

The quality of curls for most hair types is quite impressive on this iron. It is just about the right size to balance between tight curls and beachy waves.

What size is this L’ange Le Gloss Flat Iron Black?

The flat iron has 1” wide plates.

How do I create waves?

To create waves on this flat iron you will need to clamp the section of hair you want and then move away from the face with a twisting motion. A lighter pressure will allow hair to glide through without creasing.

How to set the temperature?

To adjust the temperature settings you can click on the right or left arrows on the side of the power button.

September 6, 2020