InStyler MAX PRIME Wet to Dry Rotating Styling Iron Review

If you thought you always need a blowdryer to get a perfect blowout then clearly you may not have met the new InStyler MAX PRIME Wet to Dry 1.25” Rotating Styling Iron. This is a top of line product that makes use of a patented rotary technology to straighten, curl and wave hair while still wet or dry. We are always looking for ways to cut down on the styling time and shed some minutes off the morning routine. The idea of skipping the blow dryer altogether is an exciting one worth exploring further, hence you are here.

This is a candid review of the InStyler MAX PRIME to help you know if you just landed the holy grail of all flat irons or you just got scammed. This is marketed as a radical new design that uses proprietary technology to exclusively shake out moisture from towel dried hair and straighten with conditioning. The device is supposed to use a safe whisking technique to remove moisture and vent it away from your hair. This has some alleged advantages such as the ability to style in the natural direction of hair and the maximizing of a smoother and more polished result with better healthier hair.

The results of wet styling are much livelier and the hair is super soft even for usually coarse and rough textured hair. It makes sense not to completely dry out hair which makes it boringly flat and lifeless but rather to capitalize on locking in moisture to keep hair healthy and bouncy. 

We took it upon ourselves to check out the Instyler Max Prime just so you get to know that it is like before checking out from the official vendor.


  • Eliminates the need for blow dryer when travelling.
  • Professional salon worthy results.
  • Faster healthier styling.
  • Versatile styler.
  • Good for all hair types.
  • Over 100 revs per minute constant motion to dry hair.


  • Difficult to learn.
  • Not cordless.


InStyler MAX PRIME Wet to Dry Rotating Styling Iron Design

This flat iron features a one of a kind innovation that uses constant motion to expel water from hair while simultaneously styling it without crushing the hair in between the plates. This is a flat iron that is ultimately designed to protect your hair from water damage, locking up and traction loss.

It is made with a tourmaline ceramic heated plate which delivers a constant and reliable temperature even with the wetness up to 425 F. This is impressive as a listed feature for a wet flat iron so we were hoping for a positive response on the same just like you. If the cutting on drying time is anything to go by then this should be a quick solution to styling your hair on your trips and days when you do not have much time to get ready for your day ahead.

The tourmaline plates are heated at up to 425 F which allows maximum speed styling but there are other levels for those with less hair or sensitive hair. The flat iron features innovative bristles that emit ions which curb frizz and prevent creasing and crushing of hair while delivering salon worthy results.

It is also well rounded on the barrel for better curls and waves without creasing on hair. This is one of the most versatile flat irons you will buy online with 1.25” plates with a two way rotating barrel for straightening out hair and also the options of curl, body and shine. it works on dry and damp hair so it can still come to your rescue in the office emergency.


This iron features a 1.25” rotating heated barrel that allows you to straighten and curl hair from root to tip and all with an even glide. It adds voluminous curves and works well on damp and dry hair with equally good results. The device allows for 4 custom heat settings allowing you to select the temperature that works best for your hair type with safe styling.


This flat iron is a rare design and we were eager to confirm the allegation that it was a charmer. Yes, we can confirm a certain level of success in the revolutionary new design that is bound to change the way you do your hair for good.

This flat iron works for all hair types and lengths and actually get the job done faster. The rotating barrel is a game changer for this flat iron and though unconventional manages to squeeze out hair without the burning smell or tugging on your hair. If you are down for new stuff that might change the cycle of hair damage and unreliable straightening and curling irons then this is perhaps a good choice.

Because of the perfectly smooth and rounded barrel, this flat iron is the perfect imitation for a curling irons and will do as good a job as any. It is your best pick whether you are dealing with long, short, frizzy, wavy, curly or straight hair types. You might have to relearn some basics about how an iron works and it certainly feels different on your hair but then again there aren’t that many flat irons that can do wet styling.


Being able to replace two hot tools with just the one is certainly a good thing for your hair. Healthier hair depends on the temperatures you choose for styling but also on the amount of tug that occurs when you are doing your thing. The Instyler MAX PRIME eliminates the edge which reduces drag, creasing and the crushing of hair that occurs with cheap flat irons that just flatten the hair.


This iron does not feature an internal cell. Despite the conspicuous look, it is like most other flat irons but at least it will lessen your energy bills because you do not need a blow dryer. It features a 7 feet professional swivel cord which allows you to enjoy fuss free styling even for the salon environment.  This lron may be for towel dried wet hair but it is not to be used in the bathroom or you risk an electric shock.


All products in the Instyler collection are unique and built with a difference. They focus on ingenious innovations to help introduce new concepts that do better for the modern consumer. The beauty of this product is that it is unlike many other flat irons in many respects including the not crushing and tugging on hair part. If you wish to try out something fresh and you feel your old metallic flat irons is just not the perfect fit for your hair then this is a good place to find an amicable solution.

How to use it?

To apply this iron you will need to start by towel drying your hair leaving it damp to the touch but not dripping wet. You will also need to detangle the hair sections as you work on them and smooth every section before the iron touches it. You can then proceed to clasp sections of hair and move from root to tip ensuring that the barrel always spins away from the face.

How do I get this to dry my hair?

To dry and style your hair at the same time you will proceed to use this as your normal flat irons while the barrel spins away from the face. You will need 1 to 2 passes to get the hair completely dry and styled.

How do I change the direction of rotation for the barrel?

To do this you will need to double press on the barrel. This is necessary to make it easier when you are stylign the other side of your head and you need to keep the barrel turning away from your face.

How to curl on the Instyler Max Prime?

To do this you will need to section your hair into 1 to 2” sections and place the iron barrel in a vertical position. You can then wrap your hair around the stationary surface and close it to activate rotation. to release you can open the barrel to stop rotation.

Can I use this to dry my hair?

Yes, provided your hair is not dripping wet. You should first dry your hair with a towel leaving it only slightly damp before proceeding to dry and style it with this.

May 1, 2021