10 Versatile and Symbolic Infinity Tattoo Designs

Infinity Tattoo Designs

No one wants to get a “white girl tattoo”. Fortunately, that is the stigma that has not yet befallen some mainstream tattoos including the infinity sign. Who can you blame? The infinity tattoo is a versatile and symbol full of meaning not to mention it makes awesome tiny tattoos for heel or finger placement while packing quite the punch meaning wise.

The key to getting out of the box on infinity tattoos is simple, thing of the sign as an incomplete suggestion. It says “endless” or “limitless” and then you say what you want to say in another symbol. That is why the infinity tattoo comes accompanied by something else that says things like life, love, dream, freedom, faith, strength, and hope, family or double infinity to spell forever and ever.

Whether you use words or other symbols together with the infinity sign, it will do its emphasis thing to underline what you want to say. Sometimes you use the infinity loop along in a simple tattoo such as matching wrist tattoos to say that the two of you are forever. It is the simplicity of this tattoo that makes it such an awesome pick for a concise tattoo.

The infinity tattoo enjoys compact size because it carries way less detailing than most tattoos and will easily fit behind the ear, on a finger, lower neck, on the ankle, the wrist and pretty much any part of your body.

If you feel like an eternity is too short for what you need to express or what you feel for him/her then this is the simple stupid way to say it. We must warn you though, some of the tattoos you are about to see will blow your mind and are in no way simplistic.

1. Infinity Loop With Anchor

The infinity loop can be of different meanings depending on the other symbols that accompany it. For instance this loop comes with a feather and birds on one end and an anchor on the other. A feather in a tattoo could stand for the characters of courage, freedom, travel and more. The freedom meaning is more enhanced by the birds breaking free from the loop. On its part, the loop stands for grounded and never ending love. An anchor says strong and never sinks.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

2. Infinite Heart And Lotus

This chic back tattoo for girls includes a heart with vine, the infinity loop supporting a lotus flower. The unique design stands out and chooses to use deep symbolism to represent the character of the wearer. For starters the heart and infinity loop convolution means never ending and limitless love or “till death do us part”. On its part, a lotus flower is a symbol of purity and divine beauty. The flower may so much be likened to the life of a woman as they will eventually give rise to new life.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

3. Infinity Loop With Lotus Flower And Birds

Here the infinity loop has its usual meaning of forever and then there is the little birds in flight representing freedom and the lotus flower for divine beauty. It is a special flower which also means the spiritual awakening and expansion of the soul. Often likened to the angelic beauty of a woman and her actions, the Padma has the ability to grow in dirty pond water and produce the most gorgeous and perfect flower. Consequently it also means purity, transition, eternity and prosperous fertility.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

4. Matching Wrist Infinity Tattoos

This is a simple tiny wrist tattoo that makes the message simple and straightforward. It is a promise to each other to remain together forever. The loop on its own just says never ending and therefore the promise or relationship or whatever wager you are making is also supposed to last for life. It’s a really simple tattoo that will not be raising eyebrows but will indeed have a great significance for the two people who understand your pact.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

5. Watercolor Paw Print Infinity Loop

Here we have a gorgeous paw print and infinity tattoo with a heart on one side and paw prints on the other. Infinity tattoos stand for never ending and then the accompaniments offer the message. In this case the heart shape is for love and the paws represent a special memory of a person or pet, moving on or moving forward. A paw tattoo could also mean a member of the bear culture among the LGBT community. Regardless, you have got to love the fuzzy dream created by the imperfect use of color.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

6. Feather And Birds Infinity

A feather in a loop tattoo or any tattoo for that matter represents freedom and bravery. It also means freedom to travel and sometimes a feather could as well be a message from the spirit world. Their soft and dream form makes them that much more special as a tattoo item. Birds breaking free, a feather all forming part of an infinity loop means endless freedom. Birds are beautiful and represent the beauty and vitality of the wearer and also the pursuit of the sublime.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

7. Matching Infinity Watercolor Tattoo Designs

When getting infinity loop tattoos with your partner there is no reason you should not throw in a spruce of color in a seemingly random sputter. This couple got each a loop that resembles a musical note and the red and yellow watercolor splash. The two tattoos are strictly identical and the three colors used are reminiscent of the German flag. It says limitless, endless and infiniteness of whatever is between these two.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

8. Pizza is Forever Tattoo

This cartoonist ink is one of the most fun and emotionally charged tats with family friendly themes for significant impacts. Needless to say, this tattoo is for pizza lovers and simply says “could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life. Get this if pizza really completes you and you really want a charming little tattoo that expresses your fun side. It has a good visual appeal and seems like a graceful ageing tattoo. You might want to start with a temporary tattoo for this one.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

9. Chicago Cubs Infinity Tattoo

The C in cubs inscribed in this tattoo is the Chicago Cubs professional baseball team based in, you guessed that right, Chicago. When you are a great cubs fan then you will be sure to consider this infinity loop tattoo among a range of others. True to the official colors of the team this artist chooses to complete the loop in red and blue. The heel placement is playful and gets much attention only when you want.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

10. Heart Infinity Tattoo With Names

When you have found your soul mate and you want to put something more permanently than a ring on it then you have this amazing tattoo to thank for the rest of your lives. It’s an awesome adventure and a unique tattoo to have for couples but you have to be sure. You ink this permanently then it can cause problems for both of you in case you break up! What? It happens, getting someone else’s name tattooed on your body is not something you want unless you are positive that you will be together always.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

May 28, 2020