How to Rock Pixie Braids

Pixie braids are a hairstyle that has plenty of little braids that cover the majority or all of the head. Also known as micro braids, this hairdo, which is commonly worn by African-American youngsters, has transcended decades and cultures. People of many nationalities, ages, and hair types are rocking this entertaining ‘do these days. 

They are made up of several braiding hair strands that are about the width of a pencil. The stylists seal the ends of the pixie braids to keep them from unravelling, and they are generally 6 to 24 inches long. Pixie braids are quite popular among black women who are attempting to grow their natural or actual hair since they do not hurt it and are very adaptable. Pixie braids may last anywhere from one to three months.

Why Pixie Braids 

Pixie braids are most popular on shoulder to mid-length hair, but they may even be worn on chin-length hair if the layers are long enough to fall naturally afterward. These delicate braids are suitable for a wide range of hair lengths and textures, making them ideal for a wide range of people. 

 When it comes to braided hair techniques, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more accurate. Looking at pictures for inspiration is a great way to achieve a professional-looking pixie look without spending money at a salon. 

Finding someone with similar hair or skin tone to you may make a great difference in terms of leading you in the correct way when it comes to a style like this. 

Best Hair to Use for Pixie Braids 

The best thing about pixie braids is you can do them fast and very cheaply. All you need is the long 99 cent packs of hair. If you prefer something that is more silky, you can use yarn hair. The yarn may produce a few knots after a month or so but they yarn hair do not tangle as bad as other type of braiding hair.  We also recommend synthetic hair weave like kanekalon! 

How to Do the Pixie Braids 


  • Rat tail comb 
  • Hair moisturizer 
  • Wide tooth comb 
  • Extensions 
  • Boiling water (for finish ends) 
  • Parting comb 
  • Synthetic hair weave (preferably kanekalon) 
  • Lighter 

Step-by-Step Pixie Braids Tutorials: 

  1.  Begin by washing your hair. To avoid damage, wash and condition your hair before braiding. To remove knots, dry the hair and comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your entire head of hair.
  2. After that, divide the hair into three portions of equal size: upper, center, and bottom. Take the lowest portion of your hair and split it into three sections: right, left, and centre. Duckbill clips are used to hold all of the head’s components together.
  3.   Remove one of the patches of hair from the bottom part of the head. Take a tiny amount of hair from the newly liberated area and divide it into three equal parts: right, left, and centre.
  4. Cross the right strand of hair over to the left side and it will become your center strand. Then cross your left strand across to the right to make it the middle strand, and the old middle strand becomes the right strand. To make the braid, pull these strands tightly enough as you cross them all. Continue braiding until the piece is completely braided.
  5. Pick up the braided section, roll it up like a pin curl, and stop rolling until you’re approximately 2 inches away from the scalp. Press and release the pin curls with a flat iron. Unroll your hair to reveal the pixie braid.
  6.  Rep the third, fourth, and fifth stages until your entire head is braided. All of your braids should be sheened. For additional information on how to do this hairstyle, go through several portfolios and pixie braids photographs. Once you’ve completed this, your braids are ready to be styled. Continue reading to learn how to style your pixie.

How to Style Pixie Braids: Get Inspired 

Pixie braids are a stylish hairstyle that can completely transform your appearance. What makes them even more popular is the fact that these braids can be styled in so many different ways. Here are a few examples of different styles. 

Take a look at a few examples of pixie braids to get a sense of how this style might be worn. It’ll be time to obtain your own after you’ve seen what’s possible. 

  1. Fun and Retro Pixie Braid

For young black women, a playful and classic pixie cut with boxed braids is a fashionable style to attempt. Boxed braids on bright yellow hair will give the cut and style a bit more edge without causing chemical damage. For young black women, a playful and classic pixie cut with boxed braids is a fashionable style to attempt. Boxed braids on bright yellow hair will give the cut and style a bit more edge without causing chemical damage.

Pixie Braids

  1. Chic Twist Braids for Kids

Your lovely daughter is not to be left behind when you decide to match outfits and hairdos for that invincible mother-daughter bond.These gorgeous locks are a bit more sophisticated than normal braiding techniques and certainly require a few more retouches in between but they are perfect for a side-swept pixie do. This shows off her edgy poetic side and also puts energy in her entire look like no lazy styles will afford.

  1. Simple Bob Braids Pixie

Braiding protects your hair from severe environmental conditions while also keeping it nice and tidy. Your hair may recover from the many hairstyles you’ve worn and the products you’ve used throughout time. You can now look fancy for any occasion with these gorgeous braids that are easy to maintain and do not take forever to get right even when you are an ardent DIYer.

  1. Ponytail pixie Braid

Pixie Braids

The most basic and easiest pixie braid hairstyle is to gather all of the strands and tie it up in a ponytail. A trendy statement is a neat ponytail with multiple braids. This style is popular among ladies who don’t have time to fix their hair every morning but yet want a simple and fashionable look.  You can steal this half up half down configuration for an even sexier do with minimal effort.


  1. Jeweled Box Braids Bob

Box Braids are a favourite among black women because of how glam they look especially with short hair bobs and their ease of installation. Long box braids can weigh a literal ton and keeping them short has the advantage of feeling much lighter on the neck. These bouncy braids can accept all kinds of jewels and accessories including a bit of bling for a jazzy feel.

  1. Bun Updo for Short Braids

When you want to change up your bob look, try a bun with short braids. Pulling the braids in front of your face reveals your facial features and structure. Depending on the occasion and preferred style, gold clasps at the ends can be added at any moment. You can style your Box braids this way even in a hurry which makes it a quick fix for when you need a rapid change in style for the occasion.

  1. Modern Crop Bobs

Shorter braids look so much different from lengthy ones. So for a fresh makeover, you can try getting the big chop to rejuvenate your hair growth and boost your beauty a notch. If you’ve been paying attention to the runways and red carpets this season, you’ll have noticed that box braids and bobs have been ruling the hair world.

Pixie Braids

  1. Chin Length  Jumbo Braid Bob

Because hair extensions are frequently used in box braids, there are a plethora of ultra-long variants of the style available. There’s a whole universe of braided bobs out there, from short to mid-length to long, so maybe it’s time to try something new. Longer braided bob haircuts may be worn in a variety of ways. See more ideas about natural hair styles, braided hairstyles, and short box braids.

Pixie Braids

Ending Thoughts

Short hairstyles, particularly pixie cuts, are really popular right now. There are so many different hairstyles to select from, and you don’t have to stick to one. If you don’t believe your hair can be adaptable, consider the above proof that it is.


April 4, 2022