Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold 1-1/2 Extra Long Flat Iron Review

Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Extra Long Flat Iron

When you’re looking to create silky slick locks then you’re such as most definitely brought you to this candid review of the hot tools rose gold professional flat iron. This is a top brand and product that stylists love and respect and it comes with an expansive rose gold styling surface with 1.5″ size of plates which are optimal for excellent contacts and one pass styling with consistent and healthy results.

The results you will get on this flat iron are longer-lasting thanks to the expansive plates that are also elongated and perfect for all hair length. This flat iron is perfect for all hair types and you just have to select the right temperature for your hair. It can reach a high of 455 F and can work on the most stubborn of all hair types creating perfect silky smooth straits and curls.

Hot tools is a brand that we have known to create top-of-the-line products that last longer and also offer some of the best user experience out there. We are talking about high heat and instant heat recovery as well as smooth and convenient digital temperature control with a customizable temperature display for effortless tracking of the temperature setting.

More to love about this flat iron is the plate locking switch and universal dual voltage circuitry which makes it travel ready for the ideal business travel and leisure experience.

Straight from the box this flat iron has a beautiful matte black finish with gold writings and a sleek design around the grip which makes it a beautiful addition to any styling bag or kit. Add to this beauty the thoughtful features such as 1-hour automatic shut-off and the convenient 9 feet swiveling cord and you have a winner for the professional styling flat irons category.

Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Flat Iron


  • High temperature reach of 455 F.
  • 1 and 1/2 extra-long plates.
  • 1 hour automatic shut-off feature.
  • 9 feet professional code.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Plate locking switch makes it easier for storage.
  • Dual voltage great for travel.
  • Effortless temperature tracking.
  • Smooth Rose gold surface for effortless glide through hair.


  • Not cordless.
  • Plates are neither titanium nor ceramic.
  • Potentially gets hot with continued use.
  • You may have to go over the same section of hair more than once to get the desired look.


Hot tools manage to deliver quite the Punch in features when designing the hot tools professional golden 1 and 1/2 inch extra-long flat iron. It is the well-crafted flat iron showcasing a gorgeous rose gold finish and extra-long plates with optimum heat conduction and allowing for consistent results and fastest tiling. In addition the space you are chief on this flat irons are longer lasting styles for all hair types. The extra-long plates are perfect for people with long and thick hair but also work perfectly for shorter haired people.

We found the temperature display to be convenient and something you look at naturally before you pick up the flat iron in your hand. This is an additional safety feature that helps you style without any fuss.

They also included a plate locking switch because this is the travel model with dual voltage circuitry allowing you to carry making it the perfect carry on and travel companion around the world. So now you do not have to wait around for your flat iron to cool down because you can just lock the plates together and put it in the bag.

Changing the heat settings on this flat iron is easy and intuitive so this does not have any learning curve at all. Professionals love this tool and generally all hot tools flat irons for their professional length of cordage which allows for fast freestyling around their salon. This flat iron combines is of use and convenience for the final user which makes it a best seller even a man these brands array of wonderful products.

Heating Process

This flat iron has a high heating capacity up to 455Fand will perform great and consistently for longer periods of time. This high temperature setting is not for all hair types but ensures that highly textured and coarse hair types are covered as well giving consistent and long-lasting qualities results for every user.


Hair Stylists prefer hot tools for flawless beauty and instant results. It features a rose gold styling surface which is extra smooth and shiny with benefits for hair and preventing traction damage. Stylists also prefer this flat iron because it is less tiring and less likely to cause alopecia and heat damage which annoy and scares off clients. So if you two want to get that salon grade quality of results at the comfort of your home then the hot tools professional rose gold 1.5” styler is the way to go.

Hair Damage

This flat iron is quite impressive on the healthy heating front making it one of the safest flat irons you can buy online. The rose gold finish is a smooth and healthy surface for heating your hair as it delivers healthy heat without causing drag and traction. Further, with this flat iron you have complete control over the full temperature range and the heating and regulation mechanisms are the most accurate tracking the temperatures so that it is the perfect fit for your hair.

Battery Life

The professional rose gold flat iron does not come with an internal cell. Luckily it has a professional length of cord. The universal do voltage feature of this flat I am also makes it the perfect travel companion with consistent results in the USA as well as European countries. You will probably need an adaptor for the wall socket because the configuration might be different but the voltage will be properly adapted automatically by the flatiron itself so you do not need a power converter.


Looking at the generous features included with this release we thought that hot tools really intended for the professional rose gold flat iron to be the bestseller it is. For the price tag attached to this product, you get way more features and functionality with this iron compared to other brands in the same price range. Hot tools are cleverly designed products and seem to be the perfect fit for all hair types. You can’t go wrong with a brand that has earned its reputation around the world for convenience and perfect results. Additionally buying a dual voltage flat iron gives peace of mind for you who is always on the go!

Why should I buy Rose Gold plates versus Ceramic or Titanium plates?

Rose gold plates are really kind on your hair and work best for a range of hair types as compared to ceramic or titanium plates.

Is this flat iron any good from curly and coarse hair?

Yes this flat iron is good for all hair types.

Why the plates are rose gold and not titanium?

Rose gold is a revolutionary new technology for a styling surface of plates that offers optimum heat conductivity and consistent heat delivery for excellence salon results and longer-lasting styles on all hair types.

What is the size of this flat iron?

The rose gold professional by hot tools comes with 1 and 1/2 inch extra-long plates which provides quicker and more convenient styling experience and works for shorter and longer hair.

Why should I buy the hot tools professional rose gold flat iron?

This flat iron offers different benefits from both ceramic and titanium plated flat irons out there and is generally designed to provide a sleek hairstyle that lasts longer regardless of your hair type. It has a good compact size, ample cord and plate length which makes it good value for money.

July 11, 2021