Hot Tools Black Gold 1 Micro Shine Salon Flat Iron Review

Hot Tools Black Gold 1 Micro Shine Salon Flat Iron Review

In this post to introduce a new brand hot tools which is the top celebrity brand popularly known as Desert Island? It is known as a desert island because it’s capable of almost any style independently. So if you’re tired of juggling all these hot tools for your hair then maybe this is the one simplified tool you need to replace all of them.

You may have no plans to get stuck on an island but still the gold one black micro shine is one of the best purchases you can make when you’re looking for the first single tool that can reproduce multiple hairstyles wherever you go.

Splitting of Ireland’s this is one salon grade flat iron who styling services and it would be different than any other featuring a black gold finish which takes after the heat distribution of the 24k gold.

This styler showcases titanium technology combined with the best ceramics and finished off with a micro shine. The result is a smooth glider which makes styling hair effortlessly and smooth sailing all the way. A lot of ocean imagery but nonetheless you just might find the desert island an interesting and rare Discovery.

You can say goodbye to yanking and pulling on each strand and hello to well-nourished and hydrated strands perfectly styled from the top to tip. You will also be pleased to learn that titanium is made to last resisting corrosion and built for the heat.

The material properties of titanium make it an ideal metallic plate material to finish off ceramics heaters and plates underneath. That is because it is also very smooth and does not get scratched. A good heat capacity makes recovery super-fast and heating consistent throughout the plate. It might interest you to know that there is a difference between a lots of heat versus controllable healthy heat for your hair type. This flat iron has been designed to give the latter with smooth transition and control checking and changing the temperature to the correct value in a split second.

The proprietary micro shine finish helps reduce the friction which ultimately leads to traction alopecia.


Hot Tools Black Gold 1 Micro Shine Salon Flat Iron


The store called Desert Island was made with versatility of use in mind. What tools wanted to bring to the market a new kind of flat iron that could do anything from beach waves to pin curls and flip the ends.

He’s almost impossible to bring to an end the number of styles that you can achieve Henry’s little machine. You will love of course that its travel sized and looks cute so you just want to show it off whether at a salon or shared grooming area. Even if you use your flat iron for business trips it is always nice to have something fun in case you get bored.

The principle design concept that makes this flat iron different from what the rest is the styling service all the plates. Covered in a proprietary black gold micro shine the one inch plates easily glide through hair delivering just the right amount of heat to turn your hair in whichever direction you twist.

The heating mechanism on this flat iron resembles a lot of 24k gold which is a titanium and ceramic flat iron from the same maker. You can take it to the bank that to turn in plates outlast most other choices and the heating is superbly uniform for sure.

Heating Process

We checked out the hot tools black gold 1” micro shine salon flat iron and found the heat control to be extremely smooth. External is high-grade and seems to be the corrosion-resistant kind so that your flat iron handles the heat nicely to last you a long time. The rapid heat ensures that each strand emerges the other side uniformly styled and there is no pulling and instant recovery mechanism ensures that the heat is constant at the set temperature without interruptions in between strokes. Programmable heat adds value to these affordable flat iron with unique plate shapes.


We loved that the plate edges are slightly rounded which allows you to bend, flip, set and spin hair in all manner of ways creating your favourite styles within minutes. We couldn’t get over how small tablets felt and how effortless each stroke seemed.

The body of this black gold one inch styler has a soft touch out of finish which gives you better grip and comfort for your palm. It also offers great resistance to heat and only gets a little warm rather than scalding hot as with some cheap flat irons you can get for under $10.

You will also love that it’s a dual voltage and can come with all your foreign trips. This is the flat iron that helps you get beyond straightening and sincerely beyond your comfort zone giving you the peace of mind to discover new styles without worrying about overheating.

Once it’s gotten to the right temperature for your hair type and hold, you will begin to feel the pulse technology really kick in to retain the heat. The digital display provides a constant readout of the true temperature across the plates and maintains an intense amount of heat to help you go further with each pass.

Hair Damage

The Black Gold finish on the plates allows for even heat distribution and smooth gliding which further reduces traction on hair. It looks and feels like a high-end because it is. It is pretty straight forward and requires only one pass even on emergency mode. It retains even hit along the section all the way to the end and therefore there is no need to go over the same section too many times which could damage hair.

Battery Life

Although with much accolade this styler might be useless if you’re stuck on an island with no electricity because it does not have a battery pack of its own. It is still universal voltage adapted device that is great for travel. The multi-directional floating plates make this easier to style while plugged in than a conventional flat iron.


Hot tools got this one right with the first technology that gets hot and stays hot plus the large easy-to-read digital LCD display not to mention the proprietary blackboard styling surface.

This flat iron is a serious contender for the floating plates category and has some unconventional features such as rounded plate edges, which add functionality and hair safety allowing you the freedom of styling in different directions and much faster. In light of its ease of use and versatility, we would be unjust not to recommend this product. It is not like way up there but it gets the job done and safely at that so it is totally worth a try.

How to create waves?

Start by dividing all of your hair into vertical sections and place the flat iron about midway in each section then holding it downward curl each section around the barrel while simultaneously twisting the hair around the plates.

Is hot tools ceramic or titanium?

This is a titanium flat iron

Do hot tools have warranty?

Yes, provided that you buy genuine hot tools products from an authorized sellers.

How long do hot tools flat irons last?

A typical mid-range priced flat iron might last 500 to 1k hours before giving out but the black Gold is meant to last longer than this.

August 30, 2020