20 Beautiful Henna Tattoo Designs Ideas

Henna tattoos are also called as Mendhi, Mehndi or Mehandi body art ad are an ancient decorative body art tradition in Indian and Arabian nations. You will know them by the intricate patterns and designs accessories for the hands and feet. These henna tattoos will come off in a couple of weeks and are in fact much similar to temporary tattoos. They dwell on patterns and flower laces patterns rather than animal imagery and other images depicted in common temporary tattoos.

The meaning of henna tattoos varies with cultures practicing it but they are usually designated for special occasions such as after a spiritual experiences, weddings and other special occasions. Usually the henna tattoos is pain free as one a henna paste is applied on skin with cone, stick or paint brush and left in contact to stain. Fresh henna is required to remain moist for longer for the staining to be darker and tattoo more durable.

Henna tattoos have a dual in jaguar ink which is a bluish and is also derived from plants. There is a traditional of covering the fresh henna with mixtures of lemon juice and sugar to keep it staining for longer.

About Henna Plants

Henna plants are the plant Lawsonia inermis which are to find in North Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. When henna comes into contact with skin, it stains the skin producing an orange, to dark maroon stain. Henna has been in use for centuries and is proven to be safe for use on skin as it only affects the top skin layers.

The most common meanings of these tattoos is bringing out the inner and outer beauty or sun. Butterflies mean renewal while flowers and leaves stand for strength and energy. The Lotus flower says “strength in adversity” and is a very popular choice for mehndi decorations. There is a boatload of meanings we can derive from every design but ultimately these tattoos are beautiful and often that’s enough for their wearers and admirers.

1. Beautiful Flower And Dots Henna Tattoo

What better way to start off our list of amazing henna tattoos than with one of the most beautiful pieces ever done? This piece features extremely attractive curly flowers on the back of hands and little flower rings and dot work for accessories. The design has great visual appeal and first time impact is instant. This is the perfect tattoo to add to the beauty of every woman and steal the show at every occasion.

Henna Tattoo Designs

2. Intricate Henna Design For Back

This is one of the more authoritative large pieces that requires a large skin area for implementation. It features a black radial flower with two large arms resembling a fallopian tube arrangement and axial twigs with leaves. This flower and pattern has a feminine feel to it and adds to the beauty of any body size. Being a full back tattoo, it requires commitment and hard work for the most gifted artists if you are after a back tattoo that makes you that much more of a woman then this authoritative piece is a good idea.

Henna Tattoo Designs

3. Bracelet and Rings

The bracelet and rings tattoo features a beautiful lace tattoo with intricate patterns for a wrist bracelet and additional rings on the back of fingers. The piece matches perfectly with the gothic black painted nails and the silver rings with a unique allure. If you like the way the rings and tattoos complement each other then maybe it’s time to accessorize for your hands with ink and metal.

Henna Tattoo Designs

4. Black Henna Splatter

This Piece appears like someone randomly spilled black henna on the back of that person’s hand and flowers magically appeared. The beautiful patterns and flowers made the “random splash are quite a thrill for the eyes. This seems like a great place to start a conversation and a piece that every girl will love to wear to a party. The artist takes their time to create wonderful assortment of flowers, leaves and dotted circles that make the entire design come to life. Whatever the occasion this is a thoughtful tattoo to choose and one you will definitely enjoy wearing.

Henna Tattoo Designs

5. Simple Henna Hand Design

A simple brown henna tattoo with flower accessory and rings to complement the special wrist bracelet design. The rings are simple but with an undeniable first impression giving the whole design a simple sophistication. It looks nice covering the hand like that and goes well with a matching nail polish as in picture. This is a stunning henna tattoo to have when you are just starting out on your love affair with mehndi designs.

Henna Tattoo Designs

6. Amazing Full Hand Mehndi

Every girl wants her big day to find her looking her best. And for Indian and Arabic girls nothing complements her beauty like full hand mehndi done to perfection. As a girl you get to choose the mehndi or mehandi that makes you feel the most beautiful. We hope that you fall in love with this details full hands and palms mehandi for your big day. The complex flowers spanning both hands and that intricate web of dotting and lines make this piece a masterpiece that requires a master artist to pull off.

Henna Tattoo Designs

7. Moon Goddess Tattoo

The sickle moon or crescent moon represents fertility and changing times. This hand tattoo depicts the sickle moon adorned in beautiful hangings in the form of dot work and lines. This simple and elegant design makes good visual impression but also bears a lot of significance for religious and cultural symbolism. The brown accessory tattoo is not complete without its complementary plant and architecture themed rings and dot work on fingers.

Henna Tattoo Designs

8. Dragon And Moon Jaguar Tattoo

This deep blue jaguar tattoo features a couple’s tattoo with a crescent moon shaped design on the woman’s hand and a dragon on the man’s inner wrist. This can be perceived as a moo and dragon tattoo where in the Chinese culture, dragon as thought to symbolize strength and good health. When combined together as in this matching tattoo, it means growing power.

Henna Tattoo Designs

9. Simple Arabic Mehndi

This tattoo features Arabic designs for the hand and fingers with flowers and crescent moon rings. The piece has as subtle Islamic feel with related symbolism and the crescent moon. The tattoo is made of purely black henna and nails are clear polished. This tattoo is a beauty to look at and will turn eyes at every opportunity. Get this done if you prefer a design that covers much of the back of the hand as in picture.

Henna Tattoo Designs

10. Indian Henna Art

Get this amazing henna tattoo with beautiful Indian design of embellishments. It consists of a wave of line and dots with a beautiful lace pattern knitted on one end with stylish little leaves. The contour makes the hand appear sleek and beautiful especially with the matching nail color. The masterpiece spells elegance and beauty and is worth the time and creativity of the artists. If you think this henna art is pretty then be sure to consider it for your next mehndi.

Henna Tattoo Designs

11. Simply Stylish Forearm Henna

This Piece needs no explanation really, it is simply stunning and beautiful with the preferred placement on the forearm like that. This beautiful design is better brought out with clear bold lines and sharp ends of every curl and flower with the centre flower being the focal point for the piece. You should have this tattoo just because you love it, nothing more, nothing less!

Henna Tattoo Designs

12. Flower Black Henna Hand

Check this cool and neat black henna tattoo that you can get just for its beauty. It features a unique mehndi inspired design with bold black outlines and clear contrast with bare skin. There is a full set of complementary rings that take after the central flower pattern. The dot work for this tattoo is also exceptional and sets it apart from all other henna tattoos on our list. I you are going for a simple impactful design, this should do the trick if it matches your taste.

Henna Tattoo Designs

13. Elegant Black Henna Hand

There are few tattoos inspired for mehndi that can match the ingenuity of this piece. It features an amazing design with intricate details and some element of translucence that no other tattoo can give.it covers much of the hand extend past the wrist to the back arm without giving the impression of too much brown henna. In between are twigs, flowers and branches. The rings are pine cone spiral, leaves and some other line and dot patterns.

Henna Tattoo Designs

14. Simple Bracelet With Flower Accessory

This piece features a simple lace bracelet with a large flower hand accessory covering the backhand. The flower connects to the middle finger with a creative stigma and nails are gothic to match the black theme of the tattoo. This gothic them is very attractive to a large group of people and stands out among mehndi inspired tattoos.

Henna Tattoo Designs

15. Gorgeous Brown Henna Hand

This piece takes brown henna flower patterns to a whole new level of style. The artist chooses a beautiful wrist flower with leaves and special dots with an Indian crown design. The piece is impactful and stunning to watch. It covers the hand sufficiently and creates harmony with the skin tone and hand contours. The special dotting at the fingernails add to the beauty of this mehndi like crowing jewels.

Henna Tattoo Designs

16. Brown Lace Tattoo

This brown henna lace pattern tattoo is a superb mehndi choice. This traditional style henna tattoo is bet placed on the hand like that and extending to the lower or full sleeve. The simple beadwork makes this tattoo an easy one to implement for most artists. The shoulder is an ideal placement for a traditional-style henna tattoo. Frequently, these designs involve the circular mandala symbol. The mandala represents the universe and divine harmony. Because it radiates outwards, the design fits perfectly with the curves of the shoulder.

Henna Tattoo Designs

17. Sticker Hand Tattoo

Black henna tattoos look good especially with impacting light toned skin on the hands and wrist extending to the fingers. This piece has beautiful flowers with dots around it and interconnections. Check out the unique bracelet linking up to an accessory flower in a ring with dots on the outside and tiny petals flower on the middle finger. This is yet another variation of mehndi tattoo you can have for your special occasion.

Henna Tattoo Designs

18. Lotus Flower Henna Hand

This flower tattoo is very striking as the dark black color contrasts with the skin. The artists here chose a very delicate and favorited flower which adds to the beauty of the tattoo and the wearer. The piece incorporates a larger and smaller partially visible flower on the backhand. This tattoo does not extend to the fingers but it is visible at all times. It is not an easy one to pull off so you should choose your artist carefully.

Henna Tattoo Designs

19. Lower Sleeve Black Henna

These matching tattoos for the right and left hand are virtually identical. They consist of special traditional markings and patters with great attention to detail extending from the lower sleeve to the back of the hands. The Wrist area is the most detailed part of the henna tattoo with the flower on the hand being the focal point for each piece. Only the middle finger is adorned with a crowing flower and pattern.

Henna Tattoo Designs

20. Black Henna Bracelets

These black henna temporary and permanent ink tattoos are a new trend for women. Having both hands tattooed with similar themed but different tattoos helps to bring out duality of principals and creates a unique allure. These black mehndi themed tattoos are very detailed and will take time even for the most gifted artists. A worthy investment of time and money because this gorgeous piece is sure to add to your outfit for the big occasion.

Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo Designs Ideas

February 6, 2020