10 Unique and Attractive Heart Tattoo Design Ideas

Heart Tattoo Designs

There is something insanely attractive about heart tattoo designs that makes then invincible from the usual white girl tattoo stigma that faces most mainstream tattoos. They seem to be on ever rising demand from both genders and no one can explain it. Heart tattoos can be simply separated as the symbol and the actual image of the human heart. The earlier is more common and will usually represent love and will accompany some other items or words.

Regardless of how common the tattoo is, people always want to say I love you” and that urge surpasses all desire to be unique. We have seen so much grotesque tattoos that no one seems to understand but perhaps getting a simple heart shape tattoo might be the most fulfilling first tattoo experience ever. It is also a tough call because those who love appear to be vulnerable and people are usually very reluctant to show their vulnerabilities.

Significance of Heart Tattoos

There was a time when we thought the heart was the center of human personality long before we uncovered the power of the mind. It is also commonly accepted that the soul and psyche live in the heart. If your heart stops then you are a goner. A heart is therefore giving your all, your very life to the course. People combine heart tattoos with blossoms, vines, lighters, keys and even words or names.

The placement options for heart tattoos are limitless because of the concise form of the heart symbol. You can have a heart close to your actual heart but it would have to bigger. You can also have it in between fingers, on the heels, wrists, shoulder, sleeve, forearm, neck and pretty much any part of the body.

Here we have put together some inspirational heart tattoos for men, women and couples. There so many of them that we couldn’t possibly cover each of them but these here represent the possibilities you can have. Feel free to change anything and do let us know how it goes!

1. Heart and Star

Reserve this heart and star tattoo for someone special and yourself. It could be your best friend for life or it could be that you are mourning the loss of a loved one. A black heart could mean lots of different meanings and the star only emphasizes something special. If you both like minimalistic tattoo ideas then this is a nice place to start for matching heart tattoos for your wrist.

Heart Tattoo Designs

2. Broken Heart

It’s a sad reality of life but sometimes we end up with a broken heart. Maybe it’s a friendship lost through betrayal and abandonment or it’s a romantic relationship gone haywire. Whichever the case, only time can heal a broken heart. This lovely bitter-sweet heart tattoo might help to nurse the injuries. While others choose to see it as a reminder of that time you were hurt, it can also be a reminder of the time you were brave enough to take a risk on someone or something giving them your all.

Heart Tattoo Designs

3. Three Matching Hearts Sisterhood Tattoo

Sisters are a hot tattoo topic and when you want to show your love and solidarity as blood sisters or club then this three hearts triple tattoo is perfect for a group of three. There is a heart for each sister and it seems there is the one big heart that joins the other two together. This tattoo makes sense alongside its partners but is also insanely attractive as a standalone. Maybe if yours sisters see you in this, they will finally make up their minds about getting a tattoo to match yours.

Heart Tattoo Designs

4. Ring Finger Matching Hearts

Tiny matching hearts tattoos instead of rings, genius. Unlike rings, these are actually permanent and cannot be removed for a date night. Other that matching tattoos are always cute together even when they are simple as heart shapes. When you need a matching tattoo for couples you know we have got you covered.

Heart Tattoo Designs

5. Heart of Mandala Floral

Mandala designs are gorgeous on any tattoo item or topic. This heart tattoo right here is one of the most sophisticated on this list thanks to the intricate details that go into the patterns used. A flower grows in the center of the heart and that a good thing signifying human growth and rebirth. The netting and lace patterns have a feminine touch to them and therefore the ladies automatically get this one, sorry guys!

Heart Tattoo Designs

6. Musical Heart with Headphones

If you are a musical heart beating to the rhythm then this tat is for you. A heart wearing headphones and a pulse that resembles musical sinusoid is an original idea and will look good on anyone. It is rather strange but the heart seems to be misplaced on that man’s body for clearly that’s not where heart is likely to be. Unless of course he has two hearts one dedicated to musical beats.

Heart Tattoo Designs

7. Twin Hearts Tattoo

This tattoo is as simple as heart tattoos can get. It is just two innocent little hearts that are in every way identical. It is tiny and barely noticeable from distance but the placement helps with that. Perhaps this is his/her heart and someone else’s forming a pair. This would be nice for couples matching tattoo if that is what you are here for. Take it from us, always keep it simple stupid, it packs quite the punch visually.

Heart Tattoo Designs

8. Floral Heart Back

Talk about a heart that loves flowers and all the beautiful things in life. This is that first statement packaged in a unique heart tattoo. It depicts a heart that has flowers and all kinds of fruit and vines growing from the truncated blood vessels. The stunning heart image is accompanied by a rallying call to the self to rise. If you feel like your hear has been ripped out and you should be dead and for some reason you are not, this is your time to rise too.

Heart Tattoo Designs

9. Sunflower Heart Back Tattoo For Women

Sunflower tattoos are some of the most appealing flower tattoos you can pick away from the cliche rose or lotus flower. Well, cherry blossoms too but sunflower is a happy and energetic flower and also a zodiac sign for sagittarius. His heart tattoo depicts the heart shaped window revealing the love for the sunflower that is inside the wearer. The heart is not bounded by an actual line and that is something noteworthy. Also remarkable is the way the artist brings out the flowers identify through shading even though in one black color.

Heart Tattoo Designs

10. Heart of The Cross Christian Tattoo

If you grew up as nice Christian boy or girl and you have embraced your faith over the years then you might want to commemorate your salvation with religious tattoo. This “be love” with cross tattoo is a cool relic to wear permanently on your body until you go to meet your maker. Way to go for your Christian beliefs and even if you is secular, no one is judging, what! It’s a damn cute tattoo.

Heart Tattoo Designs


Heart Tattoo Design Ideas

May 25, 2020