GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron – Which One is Right for You?

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron

If you are wondering what is the difference between GHD and Cloud Nine then you are not alone, despite the two companies being named so differently they may are locked in a battle for the ultimate bestselling styling tools and there is an interesting story to it as well. even though the Cloud Nine platform was founded by a breakaway CEO from GHD and seems to be primarily geared towards competing with the wonderful class and status of GHDs, they must have done something right because the sheer number of buyers out there who are willing to put down their childhood GHDs for Cloud Nines is astounding.

If you are looking to purchase the ultimate hair tool for all your heat styling needs then this post is for you. It is highly likely that you have two candidates from each brand in mind but we believe that once you read this you will get the bigger picture and be able to compare apples for apples when it comes to GHD vs Cloud Nine. We are here because of you and we always love to keep things easy for you. The devil is always in the details but we already went to every length to get you the facts are they are so that yours is to make a sound and measure decision to buy from a point of information.

First off, these two brands are premium salon grade tools no questions asked. Each brand has its own strengths and even though we know that a GHD insider founded the company Cloud Nine over some sort of disagreement, we are not the type to fuel the fire or speculate on its causes. All we know is that we ended up with better variety for quality heat tools and that each brand is unique and has a different range of benefits for its users. If you know your hair type well then we will help you decide if Cloud Nines or GHDs are better for your next buy.

The Back Story

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron

Good Hair Day, yes that’s what it stands for, made their debut in 2001 with the original hair straightener and they have never looked down since. It has been hit after hit with these guys and just when you thought they could not get any pricier they go right ahead and surprise you with an even fancier flat iron with some magical features. It has since grown into a household name in the UK and is taking root around the world. Hair and beauty may be a dynamic market but GHD has been adaptable and made it through thick and thin. Innovation is at the forefront of their success with their unique and savvy designs driving sales like crazy. They are loved for their simplicity and functionality with fewer dials and an elegance to the craft.

Cloud Nine is a Robert Powls nurtured Baby Company that has since outgrown its projections into a mega factory for premium high value flat irons for use by celebrities and top salons around the globe. Robert was a founder at GHD and fell out with the company some time ago then came up with this incredible brand and started from the top. They have been at it for more than a decade and have never disappointed releasing elegant straighteners in a neat row.

Cloud Nine has fueled the competition for top spot in the flat iron high end category and given users a whole new spectrum of devices and tech to choose from. There is clearly an underlying connection between the two brands but for the purposes of providing you an easier choice, we will focus on the differences so that you grasp what you might be missing by choosing one and not the other.

Heating Process

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron

GHD styler are typically heated to 175 and 185 degree Celsius (450 to 465F) which are proven to be the optimal heating temperatures for all hair types. Above this temperature and you risk burning your hair depending on how tough it is and below this temperature compromises on the performance of the iron. Many of these straighteners are equipped with aluminum plates that are now coated with a ultra-thin layer of the premium material. Ceramic is the material of choices for most irons.

GHDs are excellent for heat up time averaging 30 to 40 seconds which makes them convenient for daily use. In the time that it takes to section half of your head, the device will be ready for use which is pretty impressive.

For their heat protection and hibernation, GHD are the obvious choices for ease of use and child safety.

Cloud Nine flat Irons on the other hand offer greater flexibility for heat settings. This new freedom now comes with greater share of responsibility on the part of the user not to scorch their hair. They can get fairly hot up to 15 degrees higher than the GHDs and offer better performance for extremes of hair.

Cloud Nine uses the MiCOM heating system which is computer run feedback control for the temperature which makes their temperature more accurate for less damage and breakage.


GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron

The outlook of each of the stylers from the maker are often the largest factor that the user consider when buying. The beauty of each flat iron has everything to do with the number of copies sold and manufacturers know this much. We try to look beyond the aesthetics to give you a proper comparison of every combination of stylers.

Both GHD and Cloud Nine offer beautiful stylers and limited edition remakes of their best sellers to give users a distinctive offer of the same quality product. It’s all in the business of making products fell exclusive and premium as he brands target luxury buyers.

One distinction that sets the GHD family from the Could Nine counterparts is the copper colored plates and mostly sleek black body design. Cloud Nine have a matte black finish and black plates and feature the similar sleek design as the GHD minus the wishbone hinge. The stylers have similar weights across the ranges even though the Cloud Nines are easier to carry compared to the GHD family which is not universal voltage ready.

Styling Features

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron

Ceramic flat irons from GHD are ideal for thin and sensitive hair as they are gentle compared to the ordinary metal plates. They also get even heat distribution and greater retention compared to bare metal which has hot points and could easily scorch parts of hair.

The Cloud Nine technology is powered ceramic heaters and the plates are coated with proprietary minerals as opposed to titanium and other precious metals. Their special blend of natural minerals are supposed to leave hair more conditioned and softer after every session. They are also pretty impressive for heat up time and have this accurate thermal sensor that makes rapid tests to auto regulate the heat across the plates.

Best Sellers

GHD is a company that has been releasing hit after hit for hair tools and their best performing products are evenly spread across all categories of heat tools. Their all-time favorite remains the GHD Original Professional styler. Others include the Gold and platinum Plus models if you are talking standard sized models and the gold max gold mini styler for shorter hair maneuvers.

Cloud Nine started from the top as they had the quality of innovation and connections to market to top salons in the UK and the world. It has been praised for their innovative new tech such as MiCOM heating system and the instant heat roller system featured in the Could Nine Original Iron and the revolutionary Cloud Nine Micro Iron.


When you are shopping around for a flat iron you may be considering costs including shipping and getting additional kits to go with your choice of flat iron. The GHD platform will allow you to enter at a more pocket friendly rate with the original professional styler retailing at just under $200 compared to the $350 for the Cloud Nine Original.

As you move to the fancier new GHDs like the Platinum Plus, you will not notice any price difference between the two luxury brands and as to whether quality of output linearly increase with price we remain skeptical.

Cloud Nines offer a softer cushion to fall back on for your hefty investment with 3 years of warranty coverage compared to the 2 years for GHDs.

Our Verdict: Cloud Nine or GHD?

Both of these brands have amazing products and offer premium products for similar pricing. They both target high end salons and luxury buyers and offer the best protection for hair. They represent the best of hair care innovation technology and summarize what a high end flat iron should look and feel like.

In the end, you can choose the better brand based on your hair type and preferences. If you like the freedom that comes with the Cloud Nine platform then you probably won’t mind the higher prices. ON the other hand, you have GHD offering simplicity and to protect your hair from you while giving you the same premium hair experience.

February 7, 2021