GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener Review

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener Review

Here is a groundbreaking and exclusive styler from GHD that is revolutionizing for all hair types and textures. It packs safe heating capabilities and creates a lasting look with a mere one pass. With a wake up time of about 20 second, this styler helps you quickly run through your hair and create curls, waves, and straights without compromising on your hair’s health. This is thanks to the quick thinking sensor feedback control system that accurately maintains an even 3650 F.

Today we are going to bring you a candid review of the GHD Platinum Professional Styler. AS is the tradition, we have sourced the best information out there and combined it with first hand tips from our testers who have had this styler for a small eternity and wanted to share their honest opinions on it. We are going to kick off with two strong selling points for the make which are a bit technical.

One is the Platinum plates which sounds fancy. It is the promise that your hair will suffer less breakage and will indeed look shinier with this versus other flat irons. Our tests agreed with both of these claims as it showed consistently less damage even for those transitioning from other high end flat irons. This could have something to do with the one heat setting at 1850C or 3650F which is sufficiently safe for hair styling.

The second is the three heating point technology that promises to deliver consistent heat throughout the plates. Now this might not seem like much but with cheaper flat irons you get only one point of heat and there is no way they can guarantee even heating of the plates. Let’s now delve into the design of the GHD Platinum Professional Styler so as to understand further what you will be getting for your money.

Complete Review of GHD Platinum Professional Styler


GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

The acclaimed GHD Platinum Professional Styler has a sleek and thoughtful design that lets live up to the hype created by some high end GHDs that preceded it. For starter it has that multi-heating point tech that allows it to evenly heat the plates. The brand also claims that the plates are intelligent to detect the speed of the stroke and the volume of hair and thus adjust the power accordingly. This justifies the single heat setting which might be internally variable. Temperatures on the floating plates is optimized around the 185 degrees Celsius mark which is safe for hair just so you can style without dire consequences.

The device also features the auto sleep feature which ensures safety in case the device is left running on its own for longer than 30 minutes. Additional safety features include the protective plate guard which ensures that the device is safe to carry minutes after use. These two features are easy to disregard but they are very important if you are planning to use your new flat iron on the move or you sometimes forget to turn gadgets off.

The Heating Process

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

The new GHD Platinum Professional Styler holds heat more consistently than its predecessor and allows you to straighten your hair faster and more efficiently. Hair damage mostly occurs as a result of going back to get some rough patches due to inconsistent heating. The flat iron features a sensor for temperature control extending the length of each adjacent plate. Thanks to this controller, the device is able to determine the temperature of your hair which is measured a staggering 250 times every second. One second is divided into 250 segments where the device checks to ensure that your hair is styling at exactly the right temperature.

Another feature to love about this GHD is the fast wake up time. You press the power on button and 15 seconds later you will hear the beep to let you know you are ready to go.

This technology plus the rapid heating reduces the instances where you have to go over the same section of hair multiple times to get your desired style. In fact, our testers vouched for the claim that the new GHD Platinum allows for one pass styling. The heating element that also self regulates at such minute intervals also makes styling practical when you are working on a time crunch.

GHD Platinum Professional Style Performance

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

If you compare this new device with the old platinum from GHD you will no doubt come to the conclusion that this is at least twice as fast with minimal hair damage. Its sleek design glides through hair and curls to perfection without breakage. One pass of the iron suffices where many other flat iron in its price range do not. Taking about one and half inches of hair and with two passes max, it should take you well under 20 minutes to complete your styling depending on your hair thickness and type.

The basic design looks much like its predecessor with that same sleek wishbone shape and a single button. You can call it simplicity with just the one button and taking away the heat settings, a cheap sacrifice in return for zero hair breakage. Many users feel guilty when using the higher heat settings that are obviously harmful to hair but this device takes away that dilemma.

The GHD platinum has also got one inch wide and barrel style rounded at the edges to prevent tangling. The straightener gives you the same shiny blow dry finish of the Dyson corrale even though it has slightly thinner plates.

Hair Damage

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

We surveyed an assorted range of hair tools in the price range and similar claims as for the GHD Platinum Professional Style but this device seems to the proud winner of the least reported hair damage around. Again it does not have the feeling of control over the heating levels on your hair but if you choose to trust the machine which measures your hair temperatures hundreds of times every stroke seems to pay off. According to GHD, this alone is responsible for 70 percent less breakage than with other options.

The device is also capable of taking note of your hair thickness so that it goes easy over the thinner sections of fragile hair and exerts more power on the thicker sections. The lack of flexibility on he heat setting on many GHD can be seen as an advantage because the device will not allow you to burn through your hair even when you are not paying attention.

The company promises zero steam for dry hair and you will not have that common burning smell that can be so disturbing at times. This also means retaining your hair color for better results.

Battery Life

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

Battery life is tied to the age of any device with a battery. It typically starts out poor and improves slightly before taking a dip. The GHD Platinum Professional does not have the luxury of going cordless, it does not have an internal battery. But with the 9ft swivel cord and universal voltage you hardly have to worry about the charge retention on your new ghd. It also completely shuts down after thirty minutes of inactivity so you can afford to leave it on after use. This means you can have your style juiced up at every location around the world and do your hair in minutes. In the event of blackouts, it’s a bummer but otherwise, no big deal if you remain in the developed world.

IN a nutshell the GHD Platinum Professional will not measure up to the degree of freedom that you get with a cordless styler such as the Dyson Corrale straightener but the rotating barrel cord attachment gets pretty close with minimal interruptions.


Ghd’s straighteners are already the gold standard for hair beauty tools even before the brand decided to for the stars with the launch of the platinum styler back in 2018. They had been working on it for a little over five years and you can tell when you hold it in your hand that a lot went into the design of the innovative product. That said. You still have to decide if it is worth the big bucks and that’s a potential deal breaker. It does come with two years of warranty if that’s any consolation and the price includes a heat resistant guard.

Ultra-zone predictive technology.
Wishbones hinge for perfect plate alignment.
Floating plates technology with precision milling and placement.
Rapid 20 second heat up.
Rounder barrel for effortless curls.
Free heat protective heat guard that also looks cool.
Auto shut off feature for added safety.
Ample swivel cord (9ft) for uninterrupted styling.
Universal voltage.
Slightly heavy.
Limited heat settings.
Is this styler for wet and dry hair as well?

This styler works best with dry rather than damp hair and is designed to prevent knotting and snagging. You can use the recommended GHD styling products for better results specific to your needs.

Does the GHD Platinum Professional Styler help with Frizz?

Lowe priced no names work just as good in superheating hair but the premium features in GHDs is the extra protection and confidence in your new styler.

Is it worth the price?

There is a bit of a sticker shock when you see the price of the GHD flat Iron but the price ultimately pays off with softer and silkier hair that looks more natural and full. You will enjoy the reliability and speed of the styler.

July 26, 2020