GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron – Which One is Good?

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Hair is an epitome of beauty, and to maintain that beauty you have to use good hair products and styles. Good hair day is a well-known hair products and tools manufacturers that ventured into the beauty industry in the year 2001with the aim of making every day a good hair day with their next-generation technology devices.

T3 is a part tech and part beauty company that is set out to reinvent hair industry by inventing new kinds of hair tools. Their technology is forward and fast, it is designed to give high-end results for every woman out there. Their main aim is to minimize guesswork always, maximize time and give reliable beautiful results while protecting the health and shine of your hair.

The two brands are one of the best in the hair industry, they produce high technology products that are competitive in the market. Choosing between the two of them can be really challenging as they both have good features that promise good quality style and healthy hair. We are going to try to discuss their features and compare them to make your work easier.

GHD Platinum PlusT3 Lucea Flat Iron
GHD Platinum PlusT3 Lucea Flat Iron
Has an auto-off mode.

Has a heat-up time of 25 seconds.

Feature an ultra-zone predictive technology.

Has a universal voltage so that it can be used anywhere in the world.

Promises 70% less hair damage and 20% more shine.
Has a voltage of 100V-240V.

Gives you a two-year warranty
Free return within thirty days from the dated the purchase was made.

Has a thermotouch technology for insulation against heat.

It is very light in weight.

Has an auto-off mode.

Long 360 degrees swivel cord.
It is expensive.

The heat settings are not flexible.

It needs a plug.

GHD Platinum Plus

GHD Platinum Plus

Platinum plus was released in the year 2018. It is well known for its ultra-zone with predictive technology that takes hair styling to another level. Predictive technology will monitor your styling speed and the type of hair then it will adjust the heat of the plates accordingly, thus ensuring that your hair is done at an even temperature from the root to the tip.

Ghd has a wishbone hinge. This hinge is for perfect plate alignment so that you can have more control over styling. It also has advanced, precision-milled floating plates that will straighten, curl or wave your hair with ease while giving it a high spec gloss finish.

Platinum plus is very safe to use and gives you a peace of mind because it has an auto shut off mode of 30 minutes of non-use. It also has a universal voltage so that you can carry with you your style and styler wherever you go in the world.

Ghd platinum price includes a ghd platinum plus styler ad a heat resistant plate guard. It has a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee and the product authenticity is guaranteed by the manufacturers.

T3 Lucea Flat Iron

T3 Lucea Flat Iron

T3 feature a nine-heat setting that is found on the outside of the flat iron. These heat settings deliver an optimum heat for every hairstyle preventing your hair from being exposed to too much heat. It has settings also that allows you to input your hair length, colour treatment or the texture of your hair. The length settings have three settings long, medium and short. Colour treatment can be on or off and the texture of hair has three settings either fine, medium or coarse.

Lucea flat iron features a T3 rapid heat technology IQ. This is a smart microchip that monitors the heat fluctuation to ensure that the temperature used on your hair is consistent throughout the styling session. It also has heaters that rapidly distribute heat across each of the plates for faster styling with precise heat and give your hair a beautiful finish.

T3 Lucea has a feature of precision control hinge that ensures that you apply optimal arm tension and plate pressure to increase your control of the flat iron. It also has a style edge design that straightens, curls or waves your hair smoothly with a single pass giving your hair a snag-free finish.

Lucea flat iron features a thermotouch technology that offers superior insulation thus making sure that you do not get burnt during your styling process because your comfort during styling is key. It has a ceragloss ceramic plates that style your hair at an optimum temperature with shiny and smooth results.

T3 flat iron has an auto-off mode that shuts off automatically after one hour of it being idle. It has an auto world voltage of 100V-240v so that you cannot be limited to one place. It has a 2-year warranty and you can return the flat iron within thirty days from the day you made the purchase. Lucea has free shipping for any purchase made over 50 US dollars.


GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Platinum plus has wishbone hinges that make opening and closing of the plates easy and bouncy. It also has floating plates that make styling your hair easy. Platinum has a LED and bleep that will let you know when the styler is ready to be used.  The flick switch is located on the inside of the shaft which makes it easy to use with one hand.

T3 has a sleek and beautiful design with white plates that will make you want to show it off on your dressing table. It is white in colour with rose gold encased wand that illuminates when you turn it on. Its circular rose gold logo is on the hinges and has a start button, temperature settings and hair settings on the front side.

Styling Features

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Ghd platinum plus hair styler style your hair using the ultra-zone with predictive technology that adapts to the heat that is needed by your hair at an optimum temperature of 185oC. The temperature is monitored by sensors in the plates ensuring that your hair is styled at an even and consistent temperature. This will give your hair a smooth and consistent outlook with 70% stronger hair and 20% more shine. The heat is monitored over 250 times per second and adjusts the heat accordingly to suit your hair texture.

T3 Lucea flat iron uses the ceragloss ceramic plates that are long to style your hair at the set temperature consistently throughout the styling procedure to give your hair a snag-free style, all you have to do is to pass the flat iron through your hair once. You can change the temperature setting with one click of the button. Once you have entered the initial setting, it will remember the next time you use and will automatically heat up the plates to that temperature.

Additional Features

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Ghd platinum plus is purchased with a [protective heat resistant plate so that you can carry your styler wherever you go and still style your hair without any troubles. It has a swivel cord of 9 ft in length to make it easy to use.

Lucea weighs 14.2 oz which is very light making it effortless to use. It has a 9ft swivel cord with a 360o to prevent the cord from being tangled or twisted while being used. T3 Lucea includes a diagnostic video via QR code that assists you to determine your hair texture.


Both Ghd and T3 produce devices that have competing features. When buying hairstyler you should know your hair texture and type as they cumulatively affect the health of your hair. The health of your hair should be your priority as temperature affects hair differently.

Platinum plus comes with one temperature settings which cannot be adjusted while T3 has flexible temperature settings.

Ghd Platinum plus is expensive when compared to T3, you can buy Ghd when you are not constrained with your budget and willing to make an investment on the style of your hair.

They both have a safety feature of automatically shutting off when it is not in use for a long time thus allowing you to style your hair with a peace of mind. They also have a universal voltage to style your hair anywhere you are in the world.

January 26, 2021