GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron – Which One is Better?

GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Good Hair Day and Bio Ionic are very big names when it comes to hair styling products and tools. GHD has a goal of making your hair look and feel good every day. When it comes to the aspect of making decisions about our hairstyles, we have all made a lot of bad decisions severally,  but with hair straightening, you will never go amiss with it.

GHD and Bio Ionic brings out varieties of flat ions which are readily available out there in the market. In this time and age, there are varieties of flat irons and it can really be cumbersome to decide which to take with you. We are going to make this an easy task for you by reviewing two flat irons of different companies. This piece has the aim of talking about the properties of these flat irons, their merits, demerits and then compare them to make it easy for you to choose.

GHD Platinum PlusBio Ionic 10x Flat Iron
GHD Platinum PlusBio Ionic 10x Flat Iron
Has a heat resistant plate guard.

It has an auto shut off mode of 30 seconds.

Has a wishbone hinge that allows for perfect plate alignment.

Has an ultra-zone predictive technology.

It takes 25 seconds to heat up.

Create 20% shinier hair.
Shuts off automatically if it is idle for long.

Has an ergonomic soft-touch handle.

It has a peak temperature of 440°F with a screen to monitor.

Equipped with ceramic plates permeated with natural volcanic minerals that seal hair with moisture.
Has non-flexible heat settings.

It is expensive compared to old GHDs.
Not suitable for all hair types.

It is expensive.

GHD Platinum Flat Iron

GHD Platinum Flat Iron

Platinum plus has won many awards with its unique ultra-zone predictive technology. Its predictive is very impressive in that it can monitor the heat of the plate over 250 times per second. Ghd heats your hair depending on the strength of your hair and the speed of styling then it releases heat accordingly. This promises hair damage less by 70% and 20% increased shine. Platinum plus has an optimal temperature of 185°C and has a sensor that floats on each plate so that you can be confident that your hair will not be styled with too much heat.

Ghd Platinum plus has unique wishbone hinge for ease of handling and also to avoid catching your hair thus giving you control over styling. It has a flat button that flash red LED once the straightener is hot enough to be used. Platinum plus take 25 seconds to heat up and has a safety feature of shutting down automatically after thirty minutes of it not being used saving you the trouble of worrying about it being switched off.

Ghd is with a universal voltage so that you can not be limited to one place since you can use it at any place you are in the world. It has 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee and its authenticity is guaranteed. The price of Platinum Plus includes ghd platinum plus styler and a heat resistant plate guard.

Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Bio Ionic 10x has an advanced natural ionic technology and infused natural volcanic minerals.  They emit negative ions that introduce moisture deep into your hair thus ensuring that your hair stays hydrated and conditioned.

Bio Ionic flat ion has one-inch vibrating plates that style your hair smoothly in under ten minutes as it claims that it does not tug or pull your hair while styling. It has rounded tips that presses and wiggles on hair to ensure that it applies the same pressure from the root to the tip.

10x flat iron is made of BioCeramic MCH heater that gives off gives off far-infrared heat that dries your hair from the inside thus lesser time of straightening your hair which in turn reduces heat damage. Bio Ionic 10x has an optimum temperature of 440°F with it being displayed on the screen. The temperature can be controlled digitally.

When it comes to safety, Bio Ionic automatically shuts off after one hour of non-use, so when you forget to shut it off you will be assured of safety. It has a dual voltage of 120V to 220V. Bio Ionic has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturers.


GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

GHD has a sleek design with round barrels that are rounder than other GHD flat has wishbone hinges that make it easy to clamp hair thus doing your hair in the shortest time possible. Ghd Platinum comes in a range of colours black, white, pink, blue and many more. Its design will make you be confident about it and show it off on your working table.

 On the other hand, Bio Ionic 10x is a black in colour and curved edges with its brand label placed near the rounded tips. It has a handle that is soft to touch and easy to handle. The screen that shows the temperature is located at the inner part of the iron to avoid accidentally clicking on it while it is still at use. On the Bio Ionic website,  offers a personalized service that allows you to personalize your straightener once you have made a purchase.

Styling Features

GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Ghd Platinum Plus styles your hair at an optimum temperature of 185oC while heat is monitored by the heat sensors so that the power is adjusted depending on the thickness of hair or the power of styling accordingly. That is, it predicts what your hair needs and meets those need perfectly without compromising the quality and health of hair.

Bio ionic 10x uses the sonic vibration technology to press and wiggle on your hair with even pressure from the root to the tip at an optimum temperature of 440oF while using its natural volcanic minerals and the companies own mineral complex to seal hair with moisture. This ensures that hair is moisturized and conditioned at all times. BioCeramic technology also ensures that the styling heat is even to keep hair from heat damage.

Additional Features

GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Ghd Platinum Plus comes with a heat resistant protective plate guard that enables you to carry with you the styler wherever you want. It also has a 9 ft swivel cord which is very convenient for styling. On the contrary, Bio Ionic comes with black heat protective gloves to protect your hands from heat while styling it. It also comes with a 9ft cord and an ergonomic soft-touch handle.


It is really frustrating to buy a hair straightener and find it not fitting your hair type or just not doing the job well. Having read and analyzed the features of each flat iron, you can then be sure to choose the best one of the two to suit your hair type and needs without compromising quality.

Platinum Plus looks like other regular straighteners, when you put it into consideration,  you may find yourself not purchasing it but once you take it you will never regret as it justifies its price with their superior end results. Ghd promises 70% stronger hair and 20% shinier with two times colour protection which was proven by our experts to be very true.  Its ultra-zone predictive technology is what makes it expensive.

Bio Ionic natural volcanic minerals are really alluring since it promises to add moisture to your hair thus keeping it moisturized. This makes it a catch because everyone wants their hair moist at all time. It is ideal for those with straight to wavy hair while GHD is recommended for super thick hair.

Bio Ionic has a longer warranty when compared to Platinum plus as it offers a 5-year warranty and the flat ion can be replaced if it has any problems while GHD offers a 3-year warranty.

January 27, 2021