GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron – Which One is Good?

GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

Good Hair Day, since its foray into the hairstyling industry in the year 2001, has released styler after styler and each styler released has been an improvement of the other. It is easy to differentiate among the stylers because it has a numeral based simple naming system. Their stylers justify their mission of ‘good hair day, everyday’ as they give a beautiful professional finished look.

The two stylers are from one brand and it can be really challenging to pick one styler from other styles of the same brand but we are going to try our best to discuss the features and compare them for you. This will make it very easy to choose a styler that is perfectly suited for you.

GHD Gold Flat IronGHD Original Iv Styler
GHD GoldGHD Original Iv Styler
It has a short heat-up time of 25 seconds.

Has a universal voltage so that you can use it wherever you are in the world.

Automatically shuts off after it not being in use for more than thirty minutes.

Has a 2-year warranty.

Has a design that is easy to handle.
Does your hair fast and it last longer till the next hair wash.
Has original ghd ceramic heat technology that gives your hair a professional look.

Takes thirty seconds to heat up.

Has an automatic sleep mode.

It is very easy to use.

Styles your hair with one glide.
Has no case to store it.

Has no safety lock.

Temperature settings are not flexible.
It does not have temperature control.

Require a heat mat so that you can place on it since you cannot put on your table alone.

GHD Gold Flat Iron

GHD Gold Flat Iron

Ghd Gold styler claims to have a pretty fast heat-up time of 25 seconds, this will save you time when you are in a hurry.

Ghd Gold has a dual-zone technology, instead of one heat sensor it has two sensors on each plate so that it can monitor the heat of the plates to prevent it from going beyond the optimum temperature. It heats to 185oC such that any lower temperature will compromise the quality of your hair and higher temperature will overheat your hair thus damaging it.

Gold has a barrel that is rounded at the edges this ensures that you will achieve full sculpted beautiful curls with the shortest time and with ease.

Ghd Gold has smooth, contoured floating plates that glide through your hair giving it a sleek finished look without any frizz. This avoids the instances of having very tight curls.

Gold has a safety feature of shutting off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use and has a heat resistant plastic plate guard which you can put the styler after use and even carry it with you wherever you go. The good thing about Gold is that it has a universal voltage so you can style your hair at home or abroad.

The price of Gold comes with a ghd gold® styler and has a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

The ghd original styler came into existence ten to fifteen years ago and is cheaper when compared to the rest of Ghds stylers.

This Ghd flat styler flat iron has a ceramic heat technology and floating ceramic plates that style your hair giving a snag-free finished look. The floating plates give you control over styling and are suitable for all hair types and length. Ghd original styler has a good factor in that you cannot feel the heat outside the plates so you do not get burnt while styling your hair.

Ghd IV has a round barrel that will create full and bouncy curls. It has a prime temperature of 185oC such that any lower or higher temperature will have negative effects on your hair. Ghd original automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of its non-use thus when you forget to shut it off you will not be at any risk.

Ghd IV has a universal voltage meaning that you can still maintain good hair day, every day in any place in the world. The original Ghd offers a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee and its price includes a ghd classic styler.


GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

Ghd Gold has an all-black sleek design with the silver circular logo of GHD at the hinge. It has sparkling grey plates that are 9cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Has a bleep and a LED light around the start button that flash to confirm that the styler has been switched on, the second bleep and LED indicates that the styler has reached the set temperature.

On the other hand, Ghd IV has a mantle black finish with gold plates and the circular ghd logo is on the hinge. It has on and off button and a LED just after the golden plates. Ghd IV is very light in weight so much that if you are using it for long it will not strain your wrist. The plates do not fully shut which can take time to get used to.

Styling Features

GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

Ghd Gold glides through your hairstyling without any snag giving very impressive straight hair with a maximum of two passes of the iron. Its two sensors on each plate will ensure that there is a consistent even heat passed through your hair throughout the styling time.

GHD original IV styler uses the ceramic heat technology to style your hair at an optimum temperature of 185oC ensuring that hair shines and gives a long-lasting straight hair finish until the next time you wash it without causing damage to it. When styling you have to curve the styler at the ends to straighten your hair from the root to the tip.

Additional Features

GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron


The gold styler comes with a heat resistant rubber plate guard to put on the tips of the plates after use and you can then carry your styler without any worries. It also has a 2.7 meters swivel cord that will allow you to style your hair easily so that you do not get agitated with the length of the cord getting in your way of styling.

 Ghd IV styler has a long cord of 2.7 m just like the Gold styler which makes it easy to use. It has limited colours.


Both the stylers have long cords which makes it easy to style your hair.

Ghd gold has a dual-zone technology with two heat sensors, unlike the original ghd styler that has one heat sensor. This is a very food feature since it monitors the heat of the plates making sure that they do not exceed the optimum temperature thus protecting your hair from heat damage. Whereas Ghd IV has old ghd ceramic technology with floating plates that promise that your hair will have a snag-free feel and look.

Ghd comes with a protective rubber heat resistant plate guard in which you can place tour styler after use and even carry it wherever you go. On the contrary, the original Ghd does not have one.

They both have an optimum temperature of 185oC and any higher or lower temperature have detrimental effects on the health of your hair and quality of style. Ghd gold and the original Ghd both have universal voltage so that you can look good in any place in the world.

Safety of a device is of great importance; the two devices assures of safety as they have auto shut off mode after some time of inactivity.

Pick out the best device depending on your hair length and type to avoid taking a styler that will affect your hair negatively. Ghd gold claims to be ideal for thick wavy hair while the original Ghd is perfect for all hair types and length. If you intend to use the styler daily then buying a hair styler will be the best decision.

January 27, 2021