GHD Gold vs Classic Flat Iron – Which One You Should Buy?

Are you looking to decide between the two most popular GHDs n the market today namely the Gold and Classic models? If so, you are in luck because this post helps you make an informed choice as for which hair styler best fits your hair type, style and budgetary requirements. With so many hair tools now flooding the market, you probably know what it means to stick to trusted brands not only because they are old but also because they are always reliable for healthy hair and premium user support.

Since its debut in 2001, GHD has been upsetting the order in the hair and beauty industry and has proven to be a reliable brand endorsed by about 50k of the world’s best hair salons globally. In the same momentum, we introduce two of their best selling products the Classic and Gold flat irons.

Read the following overview of the two items to understand the features of each and then look at our professional verdict on the better of the two. In the end, you want to buy a flat iron that is best suited for you personally and this post will help you do just that. But first, here is a quick overview of the features of each styler and its negatives.

GHD GoldGHD Classic
Predictive technology for personalized hairstyling.

Makes excellent curls.

Smart and elegant look and feel.

Styling time is precise, roughly 20 minutes.

It can be handled with ease.

25 seconds Heat up time.

Lighter than the Classic Hair straightener.
Safer ceramic heating.

Smooth contoured floating plates.

Simple to use design that works.

Comes with helpful instructions.

Smooths and eliminates frizz.

Long lasting results.
It is expensive compared to classic.

Has a learning curve that is you have to learn to use it first before you can get used to it.

Has one heating level of 185°c.
No way to change the heat.

GHD Gold Flat Iron

GHD Gold Flat Iron

GHD Gold Hair Straightener as mentioned above took five years to develop because of its innovative technology and is of gold series. Gold hair straightener is designed in such a way that it adjusts power depending on the strength of your hair. This means that if you are straightening your hair and the machine comes across part of the hair strand that is weaker than the previous part of your strand it changes the strength of power instantly thus protecting your hair by offering 70% less hair damage.

It has ceramic plates which are rounded in barrels so that when you straightened your hair it graces your hair with a smooth just blow-dried look. Gold straightener weighs 400g and it lacks temperature setting flexibility. The heat of the plates is measured 250 times per second ensuring that temperature is kept perfect all the time without compromising hair quality. This machine has also universal voltage just like the Corrale straightener. GHD has an internal battery but you cannot remove it.

GHD has good pricing as the price includes a GHD styler, a heat resistant guard, and also free delivery upon making a purchase and it also has a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

GHD Classic Flat Iron

GHD Classic Flat Iron

The Classic Hair Straightener from GHD is literary a classic with super smooth heating plates and a luxurious and professional design and finish. It is perhaps lighter and cooler than anything ever produced by the great maker and heats up pretty quick too.

The universal voltage feature also makes this an easy to go flat Iron that you can plug in almost anywhere and still enjoy sleek results without much inconvenience. The whole story is that the Classic is easy to use and it works like a charm for most users who have had this. It is products like this that first made a statement for other flat irons in the market that they can give equally good salon grade results from the comfort of home. It heats up really first and gives two happy chimes to notify you when ready.

The only downside to a classic would be if you got it from a fake vendor who will give you counterfeit goods. People who own the original will usually be satisfied with the value for money they got on this styler.


GHD Gold vs Classic Flat Iron

The GHD Gold has a great track record to justify the hype behind its online presence. It is very powerful and will also offer the ability to curl for most hair types. It feels like the snappy and viable fixing alternative and has this ergonomic design that makes it a natural to handle and use perfectly after a couple of attempts. It has ample 9cm by 2.5cm ceramic plates which also move unidirectional because they are floating and spring supported.

Another improvement on the original is the use of dual zone technology to measure temperature in both plates and not just the one. This guarantees a steadier temperature across the hair strands and prevents heat strain.

The classic is loved not only because it is old and familiar but also because it is a genuinely worth contender for almost every category of hair styler glory you can think of. It is light, unbelievably flexible in use, can wave, flip, twist of draw pin straight strands. It features some powerful clay injected ceramic plates with Far infrared technology that easily glide through hair and discharge negative ions which are healthy for your hair. Yes, the negative ion therapy for hair predates ion generators and lots of these other stuff they have in new emergent technologies.

Most people love the classic for being just that, a classic. Nothing spells originality and sophistication than the simplicity of the classic and its ability to deliver delicate quality and smoothness every time without fail.

Styling Features

GHD Gold vs Classic Flat Iron

The GHD Classic works at the optimal temperature of 365 F and denies users the liberty of burning their hair or turning down the temperature for inferior results. It is designed for no-frizz styling with professional and long lasting results. This owes to the long and ceramic plates that heat accurately and also deploy negative ions to seal the cuticle keeping healthy and hydrated strands.

The rounded barrel is also a compliment for this versatile use flat iron with wide 1” plates when you need to create curls and beachy waves. It is snappy quick in heat-up time taking under 30 seconds and with a melodious chime to notify you when it’s ready.

The GHD Gold has no shortage of good features to gain on the Classic model but most notable are the ultra-gloss plate coating that enables a smoother glide and flexing plate’s technology.

Additional Features

GHD Gold vs Classic Flat Iron

The simplicity of the Classic model is perhaps also its greatest attraction in that it proven and works like a charm without a plethora of settings to mess with. You really want to leave it to the professionals in the lab to experiment with various hair types and bring you a product that works for all hair types rather than play around with temperature settings at the peril of losing your hair.

The GHD Gold also borrows on this principle of modesty but it does come with some improvements such as the heat resistant rubber guard that keeps it from burning other items in your tote.

Both of these items will enter sleep mode after a short while of non-use.


We have made it clear that each of these two flat irons have their merits and demerits. The classic is a first and has great sentimental value for most parents who want to hand down the secrets of good hair care and beauty to their daughters. If you happen to own one of the seemingly indestructible originals then you know what we are talking about here.

The Gold version came because the Classic was such a thundering success and there were few improvements that could be made on the original as per your feedback. If you would like a simple and effective solution similar to the Classic but with a modern touch of advanced features and smart heating technology then this is your item.

It is true that these two flat irons work much the same way but in some other ways they are also different and there is a lot more kick for your buck in that extra 20 or so bucks you spend on the updated Gold version.

If you would like to keep it 100 classic the GHD Classic is your collectible and if you would like to tweak your functionalities a little with a touch of modern electronic control in the internal circuitry then the Gold version should serve you just as well.

January 18, 2021