GHD Classic 1” Styling Iron Review

GHD Classic 1'' Styling Iron Review

You can now make every day styling even easier with the award-winning GHD hair tools collection including the amazing plastic 1 inch styler that office around barrel design and optimal heating for smooth frizz-free hair styling.

In this post we’ll look at the key features and benefits of choosing to go with this GHD styler. Knowing this brand we expected smooth results and a highly intelligent smart device that would make it easy styling in the dark even.

Any original GHD flat iron will come with ceramic plates which are gentle on hair and allow for optimal styling producing even and consistent results that last. What can be used to create both cars and waves but also for that bone straight hair even for those with naturally curl and coarse hair.

But even among which place we have so many choices that it can be sometimes hard to choose. You want to choose a device that you’re comfortable with the pricing and one which is definitely better for your hair and will help you style without gradually damaging your hair over time.

There’s no debate that ghd high-end devices that are built with protecting your hair as the foremost priority. However we had to put the classic 1 inch to the test just to see if it is worth the money. Everybody wants a Jewish day or at least needs one in their life and the high price is sometimes the only discouraging factor. So we always jump at the opportunity to review a GHD styler in the hope that it will help our readership by with confidence where applicable or just swipe left where the product does not meet the requirements.

The classic one inch is perhaps one of the best hair straighteners that money can buy. It comes with a beautiful black finish unless you got the limited edition lagoon.

Join us as we journey through this review to determine if the classic one inch styler is the perfect tool for all your hair needs as it claims. It does have that critical visual appeal and a universal voltage so you can have it come with on all your foreign trips.


Complete Review of GHD Classic 1” Styling Iron


GHD Classic 1'' Styling Iron Review

The GHD classic 1 inch is an all-in-one styling tool with advanced ceramic and featuring the perfect straightening and smoothening plates for all your curling, twirls and flicks needs. Here are some features that perhaps make it worth the high price tag.

This Tyler will do well for you whether you have thin hair or thick coarse hair and not a lot of time to style it yourself or attend the salon. Ceramic plates will work wonders for you if you have thin hair but a lot of it. It is made for super quick it up and make styling look easy completing a full head in just is no wonder that professional hair stylist will recommend ghd straighteners.

This office one clean glide and your hair is straight as a pin.

With ghd’s it is not uncommon to grumble about the price but when you have been through several irons within a short span of time then you realize that buying a high quality one is a financially sound judgement.

It also has that critical safety feature where it turns itself off when you leave it idling for longer than 30 minutes which is a great way to ensure that your flat iron will not bring down your house.

Heating Process

GHD Classic 1'' Styling Iron Review

The ceramic plates used in this flat iron are high quality making it possible for the device to heat up in under 30 seconds and hold enough heat capacity for effective styling. You can never be too sure with cheaper flat irons because it’s a less quality material producing uneven heating. The plates can snag or stick on hair or behave in all manner of unpredictable ways.


GHD Classic 1'' Styling Iron Review

The Classic one inch styler is an instant gratification kind of scenario from the packaging to the presentation to making the first smooth glide through hair with amazing.

A lot of times people have turned down a good GHD for the lack of a heat dial with the one temperature setting. We can confirm that this flat iron will get sufficiently hot to straighten all hair types without the damaging effects of heat. Those are the perks of going with fully ceramic flat iron made with the latest in smart heat control technology for the safety of your hair.

Another nice feature to love about the classic is that it swivels which can be taken for granted until you find the self with a cheap flat iron with less cord length than you would wish for and one that gets you tangled with the cable.

We recommend this flat iron for professional use in the salon as we tried it out and also for personal use at home. Again it’s really great for sensitive hair and gets the job done. If you’ve trusted GHD before then you will find it easy to understand why the performance of this superior quality materials is more important than saving money on a flat iron.

Hair Damage

GHD Classic 1'' Styling Iron Review

This styler only requires one to two glides through your hair to get it in the form that you want it. This means you are less likely to discolor or Scott your hair as compared with when using cheap flat irons. It is extremely quick and efficient and also protects your hair from snagging tagging and burning. What is the higher quality material and it handles the heat nicely without dissipating too much heat of a particular section of hair.

Battery Life

This ghd is equipped with universal voltage but does not include an internal cell. The styling flexibility offered by the swivel cord and the rounded barrel makeup for the lack of cordless operation pretty nicely. The safe to say that there’s nothing you can do on a cordless styler that you cannot do on this device. You can take it anywhere around the world and get the same professional results at an optimal 365 degrees F.


Having tried out the classic styler by GHD we concluded that the optimum operating temperature of 365 does the trick. Not to mention the easy styling buy the gliding floating plates that make the entire process look easy. It is a reliable professionals salon tool and also and everyday solution for styling flexibility.

In this light the classic styler is the one to buy. Perhaps the two-year manufacturer’s warranty offered by GHD will boost your confidence if you decide to make a purchase.

Does this flat iron have universal voltage?

Yes, the Classic 1” styler accepts dual voltage input and will adapt to wherever you travel.

What is the duration for the automatic turn off on the classic GHD?

The auto-shut feature kicks in after 30 minutes of idle time.

How the classic 1” does compared to the gold 1” GHD?

This flat iron is just as good as the gold 1” GHD styler and better for some hair types.

Can I get good curls on this straightener?

Yes, with a bit of practice you will get even and lasting curls on this heat tool.

August 19, 2020