GHD Amber vs BABYLISSPRO Nano Flat Iron – Which One is Good?

GHD Amber vs BABYLISSPRO Nano Flat Iron

We all made resolutions to wear our hair better this year with straight strands and soft curls. Even if you did not write it down you must have wished it into being and now you might be in luck because you have struck gold as far as the hunt for the perfect flat iron goes. We have picked the best in the market, GHD and BaByliss to bring you the best pair comparison of affordable flat irons that will help you score salon-grade hair styles in a healthy and quick way missing out on the gossip and the whisky.

This time we shipped some of the rarest pieces to our labs all in a bid to help you save your money on salon ready equipment. We found a rare pair that no one else has dared compare on the web and decided to order just so you know that we are the best at this. Both of these brands have been fantastic before but we wanted to compare a limited edition GHD to a mainstream BaByliss because we can.

Not every user wants to splurge on a straightener but there are those who do not mind the premium pricing as long as it is high quality and rare. The Amber Sunrise is one of those sweet sounding names that make you feel like you are ordering an edible. But before you crush on the name and buy something that does not match your needs, we have you covered for its characteristics.

The BaByliss Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin is a top shelf product by the reputable maker and has received one of the highest number of verified buyer reviews on the web with most of it positive. The styler took the market by surprise with a staggering 50 heat settings and a max temperature of 450 degrees.

Here are the merits more buying each of these and a breakdown of the comparison of the two based on design, styling features and additional perks. Down below you will find our guiding verdict to help you decide which is better for you.

GHD AmberBaBylissPRO Nano
GHD AmberBaBylissPRO Nano
Beautiful design.

Advanced ceramic heat technology.

Optimal operating temperature of 365 degrees.

Versatile one inch barrel.

Rounded barrel for curling.

Smooth contoured plates.
Heats up in seconds.

Heat efficient delivery.

Smoother plates for snag free styling.

Effective on tough kinky hair.

Close styling with 1” plates.

Eeramic heating plus titanium plates.

Lightweight design for easier handling.

Heat resisting ryton housing.

Short plates.
Bulky 5 inch extended plates.


Too many heat settings.

Not dual voltage.

GHD Amber Sunrise Gold Styler

GHD Amber Sunrise Gold Styler

The Amber by GHD is an advanced ceramic flat iron sporting smooth shimmering amber plates hence the name. The styler is made for luxury of the user with smooth gliding through hair and snag free styling all through. There is a closely related styler by the name Amber sunset which also features the same firely design and comes with the versatile one inch barrel for close combat with the toughest resistant hair types. Apart from the fancy names, these GHDs will prove their worth when it comes to creating straight, curls, waves and locking hair styles while protecting your natural hair shine and volume.

The Sunrise also features universal voltage which makes it travel ready even though GHD stresses the importance of checking before assuming that it works in your destination. It will sleep after 30 minutes of idling so you can be sure it will not bring down the house.

Like its fellow GHD straighteners, the Amber will not let you go near the temperature controls and instead takes control maintaining the safe temperature of 365 F which should give healthy results for enhanced growth even with every day use. The barrel is rounded for ease of curling and waving so that one sweeping motion is all your hair has to endure to lock in some fantastic waves. With this straightener, every strand on your head is accessible and gets a glossy shine to reinvent your style.

Salon proprietors love this because it’s unique among the fleet of ghds and comes with all features and requirements needed for a salon equipment including the 9 ft. professional cord, a protective plate guard and a generous 24 months warranty on the product.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

If you have hair that is simply unmanageable then you will need to go with a styler that gets hot enough and that would have to allow for temperature adjustment. This BaByliss product we found to be suitable for that application with its high heat efficiency and smooth gliding plates. The titanium plating is strong and durable in addition to being one of the best heat conducting materials known to science.

The Nano titanium-plated Ultra-thin straightener maxes out at 450 F and has fifty heat settings below this temperature. This means you can adjust this styler for fragile or thick unruly hair that just wouldn’t be managed with a cheap $15 drugstore iron.

This BaByliss like many others is made for professional salon use and works for private owners just as well. It combines the power and heat retention of ceramic heaters with he even heat distribution of titanium plates to heat up and recover in a flash while styling.

The slim 1 inch plates enable access to near roots and give the user control without burning finger tips or scalp. Larger plated straightener have a hard time doing closer the scalp where it matters the most and makes the most impact on the overall volume and shine of the hair. If you are need to go faster, BaByliss offers the same styler with 2 inch plates that can do more at a time.


The GHD and BaByliss designers have very different approaches to the same problem. Both solutions are effective to some degree and the levels of innovation are commendable. However, the problem at hand is also not a constant because every head has a different set of requirements in a flat iron. GHD fail to recognize this in their one size fits all approach and even though it works great for moderate to soft hair types it will not succeed with coarse tough hair types.

On the other hand, BaByliss knows that every person deserves a different flat iron for their needs and hands over the temperature dial to the end user. This is either a good thing or a terrible disaster waiting to happen depending on how you decide to use the freedom given by the manufacturer. You need to know your hair and start with the lower temperatures working your way to the optimal value for you.


The BaByliss is good for longer hair with the 4 inch and 2 inch wide plates offer but there is the 1 inch for close styling. Ceramic heating is a key styling features as it ensures instant heat recovery and super-fast heat up.

The GHD is a few ounces lighter than the competition making it much more comfortable to handle plus it’s completely fuss free. There are no many settings to grapple with just the on and off button and the trust that the GHD brain will take over and do a better job than your judgement of heat levels.


The Ceramic heating on these flat irons means they emit infrared heat which is better for styling at reduced temperatures and thus protecting strands from overexposure to heat. This kind of heat will impact the strands from the inside out which is healthier and less damaging than direct contact which can create hotspots


The decision to buy a GHD or BaByliss Nano in this case should be simple and straightforward. While they both come with ceramic heating, the plating material is different and so are the effects. Additionally the Amber is limited for temperature and will leave people with coarse thick hair out in the cold. On the contrary you have a BaByliss Nano Titanium iron that allows for temperature adjustment for managing fragile and damaged hair or coarse and resistant hair.

So if you are looking for a replacement for your GHD because it did not work you best not buy another piece of expensive junk. But if you have had success with the 365 degrees before then the Amber sunrise is also for you. On the other hand if your hair requires a little more fury to toe the line then the BaByliss Nano will do the trick.

March 5, 2021