GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron Review

The Wanderlust Collection Amber Sunrise Gold Styler Flat Iron 1” is a cool revolutionizing GHD flat iron featuring an advanced ceramic heating technology and spectacular shimmering amber plates. That packs quite the punch in user experience and longevity of both device and hairstyles. It styles at precise 365 degrees just like most GHDs without provision for temperature tweaking. If you are looking to reinvent your style with a cool new toy for your hair do then this review will do you some good.

This a candid review for yet another amazing flat Iron, the GHD Amber Sunrise 1” Gold. This device has been part of the greater GHD tide that has been rocking the hair tool market at the moment with accolades for superb salon results with single temperature setting and sleek ergonomic design for easy curls, waves and straight hairdos. It features the typical ghd contoured plate design with a glossy finish so it always looks good as a carry on. The product is in the same range as the GHD Professional Styler Iron, Nocturne Gold Styler Flat Iron and Electric Pink Gold Styler Flat Iron.

Like its predecessors, the Gold 1” features the same superior ceramic heating technology that sets GHD models aside in the flat Iron market. It has a versatile rounded and super smooth barrel that is good for thin and fuller hair getting all the way down to the roots with no fuss and frizz. As a heads up, if you are looking for a cool portable flat iron that is not that expensive then you might want to read this through.

In this post we take an in-depth look at the design and features of the GD Amber Sunrise alias Gold 1” styler just so you can decide if it’s a worthy buy for you. So before you add to cart or check out, be sure to read this post down to the end where we will answer some of the most common burning question people ask about the purchase and ownership of the styler.

Rapid ceramic heating technology.

Cool and light body for the perfect carry on look.

Auto shut feature for 30 minutes.

Universal voltages adapter for easy travel.

Sufficient 2.7m swivel cord.

Optimal styling temperature for all hair types.

Buy with confidence with 2years of manufacturer’s warranty.
Not cordless.

Single heat setting.


Complete Review of GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron


GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron Review

The gold 1 is a versatile tool for hair styling that has an all in one design that enables curls waves and great straight hair styling at optimal heating. It has that cool one-inch barrel that makes it easy to glide through hair effortlessly while styling to perfection. The barrel is rounded so that it can be much easier to do your curls without snagging and tagging on your hair.

For when you have to use the tool on almost a daily basis, it is essential that the preset temperature remains constant so you don’t scorch your hair while in a hurry. The Gold 1” makes sure of this with the single temperature setting that is also highly sensitive thanks to state of the art sensing technology that relies on hair temperature for feedback control. Without getting too sciency, this is the style you want to get if you are just starting out and you want to chance not ever needing another model or losing your hair to it.

The model is made for travelers and features a handy portable design and body with a 9 ft professional salon cord with travel friendly heat protective guard included. The universal voltage feature allows you to style anywhere.


GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron Review

As we have mentioned previously, this GHD styler is a top tier styling tool with one of the best heating solutions on the market with ceramics. This allows for rapid heat transfer which happens instantaneously as the plates glide through hair. It is important that the heating element is able to keep up with the power demand so the plates do not actually cool down or get too hot. Fortunately, as with all GHDs you don’t have to give much thought to setting the correct temperature as the styler already does that for you. You just need to plug in, wait a few breaths for the beep and you are good to go.

If the device were to keep running forever lying around idle after use then the element would certainly burn out. For this reason, you’re GHDs and pretty much any cool styler will come with an auto-shut feature. The Gold 1” shuts down after precisely 30 minutes of non-use.


GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron Review

Its smooth shimmering Amber Plates and the advanced ceramic heating equipment are the two strongest selling points of the Amber Gold Sunrise. It has the same smoothened and rounded barrel that enables sleek GHDs in its class to flow through hair making styling effortless and with professional salon results. It is the ultimate buy for first time flat iron and it will not disappoint with results either.

We had feedback from 50 users on this model and a majority of hair types were utterly satisfied with the results for straightening and curling. The wave style lasts well over two busy days with good weather and the good news is that you can use the device almost daily without causing hair damage.


GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron Review

GHD set out to develop the world’s best ceramic heating tech to apply in all of their flat irons but perhaps the most important aspect is the sensing control to protect hair from baking. The snag-free plates promise easy styling without the traction alopecia.

To further protect your hair with this product use it alongside the recommended GHD heat protectant spray and ensure that the styler begins as close to the roots as possible to avoid having to go over the same hair sections too many times over.


GHD Amber Sunrise 1 Gold Styler Flat Iron Review

The Amber does not come with an inbuilt battery but compensates for this with ample swivel cord that allows use without interruption. You will need to be sitting in a good position relative to your power outlet to prevent entanglement. The universal voltages and special heat guard also make up for this shortcoming as you can style anywhere you travel and quickly pack and go.


This styler and much like the other products in its range of ceramic flat irons has a sweet cost versus quality balance. You can just as easily get a $30 flat iron to work wonders for you but GHD is a luxury brand and gives the premium styling results and protection. Also the product comes with a reasonable 2 years warranty making it a worthy buy if your budget allows.

If you do not mind the high price tag, GHD will offer you one of the best ownership experiences and good results to boost your brand confidence. For the price you get an immaculate styler that is eye pleasing and functional. You also get a heat guard which doesn’t come in pack with some cheaper gadgets.


When you suggested that we take on the new Amber styler, here are a few burning question you were hoping we would answer before you decide to commit to the GHD brand.

How to use the Amber Sunrise 1” Gold Styler?

The best method to style your hair depends primarily on your hair type and the results you want. It is recommended that your use the styler with GHD manufactured hair care products including the heat protectant spray and steer clear of sticky products.

Can I use my new styler every day?

With the GHD spectrum of stylers you do not get to change the default temperature on the devices. In return, you get optimal heating across the plates and safe but sufficient heating to style your hair without ruining it with excessive heat.

What does the ceramic hear technology feature entail?

Ceramic flat Irons are those that use a ceramic heater inside the clamp. The material is a proprietary compound that comes mixed in with materials like titanium and tourmaline that boost the heating performance of the plates. This also enables temperature control and precision.

How can find out it my styler is genuine?

To ascertain that your styler is a genuine GHD product you will need to register it online and verify its authenticity on the official site. They use hologram verification to identify the product as genuine. This is important as only genuine products do what the manufacturer claims and they are the only ones under warranty.

Is my amber sunrise GHD styler under warranty?

GHD offers a generous and confident two years of warranty for the Amber sunrise and other Wanderlust Collection styler just so their customers can be assured of worry free ownership for the high price tag. This goes to show the trust GHD puts in its quality of production for most of their gadgets and hair care products.

July 28, 2020