10 Geometric Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Geometric tattoo are an emerging new popular trend borrowing into nearly every other genre of tattoos. The lure to this style of expression may be the clear cut lines that help us analyze the forms of life in general from a mathematical point of view. More people want to have the freedom to express themselves artistically with tattoos without appearing to be copycat and obvious. Geometric tattoos offer a beautiful crystal clear way to express the same messages without having to look like every other tom.

Why Geometric Tattoo?

As we move away from traditional and the last decade’s iteration of tattoos, the people are hungrier for fresh insights on doing the favorite tattoo a little differently. Geometry may not have been the easiest subject in math class but it is certainly a useful skill in the tattoo industry as well. Here we talk about symmetry and balance. The best artists can create virtually hundreds of variants from the same tattoo image with regular shapes and figures.

The scientific and mathematical look of these tattoos gives them a unique beauty that cartoonist tattoos will not possess. They are clear and concise and make a good first impression when done well. It’s a little about perfection and mostly about the symmetry where the features balance out nicely. Surprisingly, the even the most random shapes like a wolf image can be divided into triangles and rectangles.

The Symbolism of a Geometry Tattoos

More than just chasing perfection and a desire for mathematical analysis, the geometric tattoos are sacred symbols. The meaning of each geometric tattoo has user specific meaning depending on the image that is used and individual beliefs. The shapes chosen in each case also determine the meaning of each tattoo and its sacred significance.

Geometric tattoos are used as amulets on the body because of their ability to bring harmony and balance to one’s life. Indeed the tattoos are mostly applicable for spiritual reasons and based on sacred beliefs and traditions as well as urban legends that have slowly taken root in the contemporary society.

We are a society of storytelling and since the beginning of time; we have always sought a form of expression and freedom. Perhaps one of these amazing geometric tattoos is your key to unlocking a truly happy and fulfilling life. Part of the journey to this new awakening is restoring order and harmony in your life.

1. Simple 3D Arm Design

This tattoo shows a simple but elegant dotted shading to create what appears to be a cube cut open with another cube inside of it. The three dimensional rendering on this simple dot matrix image is amazing. Something else that sets this geometric shape aside the use of varying shades for surfaces a like on the y shaped pedestal on which the box is suspended. It may look very easy printed out but we can assure you this is not a walk in the park for any artist, that’s what makes it worthy of our top position.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

2. Ghost Stories Cold Play Tattoo

This tattoo capture a ghost unawares passing in front of a diamond shaped dot figure. The dotting is clear and geometrical with perfect symmetry along the axial length of the arm. The shadowy figure representing the ghost is in contrast dreamy and sketchy just as we would visualize a ghost to be. What is interesting about this piece is the intense to light shading on the ghost figure.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

3. Squares Bicep Tattoo

This next tattoo is chain of interlocking squares and circles with bold lines and thinner lines. It is also symmetrical about its axial length and also mirrors what is on the left to the right at its midpoint. The clear bold lines contrast with his skin tone and it accents the muscle in ways you wouldn’t expect from a shape so simply that does no effort to follow the body contour.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

4. Glass Wedge

Next up we have this curious tattoo depicting what appears to be a clear glass prism or plate that forms a right angled triangle and somehow improves the clarity of the flowers underneath it. It’s a contrast mind game forcing your mind to think there is something there while in fact there is not. It’s interesting how the flower tattoos move from a dark to lighter complexion over a sharp boundary defined by the invisible glass prism.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

5. Cluster Of Interlocking Circles

Circles are not uncommon shapes in geometric constructions and tattoos as well. This tattoo shows a milliard of interlocking circles with arrows showing the path to follow around each circle. Some of the paths are clockwise while others are anti- clockwise. Every circle interlocks with at least each and every other circle leaving a small region where all the circles share.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

6. Fly Geometric Forearm Tattoo

This geometric tattoo shows some kind of flying bug and analyzes its features under a geometric lens. The lines drawn over the fly shows us the same image in different perspective and the mathematically analyzable feature of the insect that can be identified directly. There is also a moon on the top of the line passing through the axis of the image.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

7. Geometry Tattoo by Bang Bang

Arrows are meant to point us in the right direction and offer focus on a particular target. In real life you often have to figure out directions to take on matters and that involves a bit of math and constructions don’t hurt. This rich construction with arcs and arrows shows the thought process of creating the arrow with some interesting additions in dotting and shading.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

8. Full Sleeve Unique Tattoo

Not many tattoos will look this elaborate. There is clearly a mandala like floral geometric sign at the elbow area and an ever narrower splint approaching the wrist reducing to just a line on reaching the pal. This then spirals a little bit creating an abstract pattern on the palm and then proceeds to dissect the middle finger. It looks unconventional and that sometimes is the goal of creating a geometric tattoo design.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

9. Tree In Boat Tattoo

This abstract tattoo also shows what must be a tree growing in a boat shape complete with a transparent sail and all. There are three parallel lines perhaps rays of light and a moon above in the form of giant black ball. Again the figures in the image seem to be symmetrical save for the tree. The dotting on the invisible parts of the figure behind the bold lines is also interesting visualization.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

10. Interesting Geometry

If you are looking for sacred geometry tattoos then this one is top scorer. These tattoos tend to have meanings varying by use from owner to owner depending on the cult or artists you associate with. While getting one of these does not amount to joining some cult, it is prudent to get a tattoo that you understand the meaning thoroughly. This tattoo seems to be involved with solving some innocent mathematical mystery by numerous circular and linear constructions.

Geometric Tattoo Designs


Geometric Tattoo Design Ideas

May 22, 2020