FOXYBAE Rose Gold vs DRYBAR The Brush Crush Straightening Brush

FOXYBAE Rose Gold vs DRYBAR The Brush Crush Straightening Brush

Today we are going to compare one of the world’s most favorited titanium plated Flat iron with a revolutionary new straightening brush and paddle brush combo that has been gunning for top dog ever since it was let lose by DryBar a few months ago. This is not just another episode of flat iron versus hair brush though, we were keen to delve in the details to see just how the two measure up against the challenges that face the modern woman and which one would be the best fit for what occasion should it come down to choosing a travel or office companion and you have to pick either.

If you have been keeping an hear on the ground you might have heard great things about the Brush Crush mania that has fans and fanatics of the DryBar super brand bewildered. So much so that the company now developed a smaller cuter travel sized and aptly named baby brush crush. But can the gentle touch ups of a heated paddle brush really measure up to the formidable fury of the possibly the best titanium plated flat iron in the world?

One striking thing you get right out of the box with your FOXYBAE purchases is the authoritative packaging with gorgeous boxes that you want to keep forever and those adorable embossed rose gold lettering. This creates the impression of quality and style and that this is no cheap item which gives instant gratification even before you are bedazzled with the amazing results. Moving past this thrilling unpacking experience, we wanted to know just how good the Rose Gold Tress Sleek really is.

FoxyBae Rose GoldDRYBAR Brush Crush
FoxyBae Rose GoldDRYBAR Brush Crush
Elegant design.

Ceramic and tourmaline heating.

Flexible heat tool for curls and waves straightening.

No frizz with negative ion technology.

Safe heating to 365° F.

Travel ready version available.
Ionic Technology seals the cuticle for less frizz and tons of shine while styling.

Digital temperature control (heats up to 450F) Use lower heat on fragile or damaged hair.

9 ft. cord.

60-minute automatic shut-off.
Expensive brand.

Cannot curl hair and needs flat iron to finish styling.
Only gets hot in the middle.

Looks just like any other hairbrush but with a cord.

FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Brush

FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Brush

The Foxy experience is to bring the life and x factor in hair within minutes and nothing does touch ups better than the straightening brush. It packs tourmaline and ceramic heating components and a promise of smoother and faster heating than anything you have ever used before. The brush is a must have for people with thick and curly hair and if you wash your hair often. You really miss out on other activities every time you wet your hair then perhaps you need better tools and this straightening brush is your shortcut to looking foxy from home.

If you are endowed with a real mane then you should be thankful it’s not the opposite particularly if you love showing out with classy hair styles. It comes with challenges to have great hair but you can count on FoxyBae to be there every step of the way. The process of getting your hair done can be helped by using a heated brush which can get to the deeper regions that your blow dryer and towel cannot.

Here are some facts we loved about the Foxy Bae’s Rose Gold Straightening Brush which has been making round all over social media for stellar results. This brush might as well be the sole answer to all your frizzy hair hang-ups and the time saving touch up tool for every occasion.

The DRYBAR Brush Crush

The DRYBAR Brush Crush

This brush packs the best of DryBar’s heating and ion therapy technology including the Ionic booster that has been applauded for its ability to add a healthy shine with actual negative ion hydration. This brush creates such a smooth and frizz-free outcome that you will love it for your hair and join the whole community of beauty enthusiasts online who have a serious crush on this brush. It is quick and effortless making it ideal for emergencies to recreate that glamorous salon look even on your worst hair days.

People with naturally curly and bouncy hair will have the hardest time straightening their hair with flat irons. That is because the devices are almost absolute and neither allow the hair any free play nor can they glide through tangled hair like the brush can. If you are one of the above then you are lucky because we have got the mother of all travel sized heated brushes You give her 20 minutes tops and she will give you the smoothest shine at no cost to your hair count.


The FoxyBae brand is a hotbed of innovation and cutting edge new technologies to help every day users and hair professionals to get fantastic results without having to spend hours on end. This hair brush is an example of fresh new innovation from the high end maker of products for the luxury market. It is an easier way to live with your perfect hair and to show up and show out when you are needed without having to hide out for hours.

The brush crush is a top-selling heat tool combining the structure of a flat iron and a paddle brush. Today we are going to investigate how easy it is to achieve a freeze free look in the easy one step styling session.  If you think flat irons are making your hair too flat and you don’t fancy  juggling a blow dryer and round brush either, can you adjust the perfect candidate for considering the DryBar brush crush.  It’s always nice to have a small compact sized heat tool that you can have around 4 trips or at the place of work so that you can smooth out your kings and ways without having to pop into a salon


Brushing disentangles the hair and ensures a uniform distribution of heat without the creasing that you get from some cheap irons. There are no sharp edges on this brush and therefore you can rest easy because traction alopecia is not a reality for a high end product like this. The brush does a good job for straightening hair and preserves the tresses perfectly.


Other than the great looks and even more impressive performance record, the Rose Gold by FoxyBae is packed with expensive mineral tourmaline which has numerous benefits for hair. It is a superior heat conductor and generates negative ions which will boost your shine and volume. The product is good looking and will get your girlfriends talking which is also a nice extra to have.

The Brush Crush has some pretty impressive features such as the outer sheath and antifreeze that promises sealed cuticle and tons of shine. They have made a tiny little travel version that is aptly named as Baby crush and we have a crush on it and so might you.


If you decide to go with the Rose Gold brush then you will probably enjoy more benefits piled on the incredible beauty of the product. You will need to adhere to the instructions and use heat protectant from the same maker just to be triple sure that you are well protected and so this works better if you already own some of their other products.

On the other hand, DryBar is also a worthy contestant with a brush that uses bionic technology making it great and healthy for all hair types. It has advanced adjustable temperature settings doing up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and also capability for lower heat styling if you’re dealing with soft and sensitive or fragile damaged hair. DryBar Brush Crush presents this hairbrush as for dry here and one pass styling. We are working to examine the claims for added shape and volume as well as its effectiveness for creating an impeccable blowout in minutes.

FoxyBae Rose Gold BrushDRYBAR Brush Crush
March 19, 2021