FOXYBAE Rose Gold vs BaByliss Pro Graphite Titanium Flat Iron

FOXYBAE Rose Gold vs BaByliss Pro Graphite Titanium Flat Iron

In this post we pitch two giant manufacturers with stunning luxury stylers for all hair and price ranges in a battle for domination of the hair market. We look beyond the sheer beauty of these expensive toys women from around the globe just can’t wait to treat themselves to and assess the extent to which the products are worth their weight in visible results. You know FoxyBae is an elegant pick for a flat iron and BaByliss Pro does not come cheap either. While both of these brands offer high end products there must be a winner for today’s contest so that you can know which is better for you. Each of these must be great for someone and so read on to understand which is better suited to your needs at the moment.

The Tres Sleek promises to pour out even heat with locking and curling capabilities thanks to the oblique rose gold toned titanium plates. We were eager to take this one for a spin and experience first-hand the effects of even heat distribution by the titanium infused plates without hot spots and see for ourselves if it has the same shiny locks and curls as advertised. Not that FoxyBae has ever disappointed before but BaByliss sets the bar quite high for the competition.

The graphite by BaByliss Pro is an unusual flat iron even by the company’s innovative standards. It has a lot to offer under the beautiful hood and ergonomic reserved design of the exterior. The magic of the 8 ball in BaByliss Pro array of flat irons begins with new concept of placing titanium and graphite on adjacent plates. There has been a lot of speculation over the results that this flat iron is capable of and we meant to reveal the secret to you our readers sooner than later.

It packs the same trusted ceramic heater as earlier version but the plating material which is varied definitely has an impact on the final results. We also wanted to find out if you get the same results if you style with either plate facing outward seeing as they are different.

FOXYBAE Rose Gold Tres SleekBaByliss Pro Graphite Titanium
FOXYBAE Rose Gold Tres SleekBaByliss Pro Graphite Titanium
Elegant design with rose gold finish.

Advanced safety lock features.

Intuitive LCD screen.

Has lock and unlock function for the plates.

Comes with free nifty hair clips.

High end titanium hair straightener.

Robust instruction manual and temperature guide.
Lighter and more efficient than the competition.

No burning smell when you use graphite on hair.

Full sized flat iron that also styles closer to the roots.

Ionic technology for healthier shine and volume.

Universal voltage.

Healthier for daily and frequent use.
About 5 wait seconds before you can change the temperature.

Expensive product.

Initial set up takes some learning.
Expensive brand and product.

Requires reasonable expectations to satisfy users.

FOXYBAE Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron

FOXYBAE Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron

Beyond the beauty of the Rose Gold both on the packaging and elegant design of the product itself you find great flexibility and real options for wearing your hair differently for every occasion without a care in the world. With this iron you get to lock in your precious curls much faster than your regular flat iron and still maintain healthy, full and lustrous hair. You can easily boost your volume with soft curls that come naturally from the rounded edge of the iron and you have various temperature options to tweak your experience for the optimal conditions. The hair tool can do both straightening and curling and quite well and feels like two gadgets instead of just the one so you shorten your packing list for the camping trip.

Titanium is the ideal conductor for rapid and even heat distribution minus hotspots and with instant recovery. It has also been shown to be one of the best in negative ion conduction which helps lock in moisture with the styles for longevity of the styles and much healthier shiny hair. The negative ion therapy is a technique that uses negatively charged particles generated by the device to lock in moisture which reduces frizz, static and creates healthy shine for all types of hair.

The Rose Gold comes off as easy and safe even for kids and generally any person who has no prior experience with powerful flat irons that also allow temperature control.  It comes with a swivel cord so that you don’t have to worry about tangling, shocking or choking yourself as you style. Other features to desire of the rose gold are the automatic shut off feature which not only cools the temperature but also shuts the flat iron itself which is unlike anything else on the market.

BaByliss Pro Graphite Titanium Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro Graphite Titanium Flat Iron

Graphite is closely related to Diamonds. It is essentially carbon in another form just like coals. The astronomical differences between the appearances of the forms of carbon which is his composition of life on earth can be explained with a few magical chemistry words. All the fancy words are trying to say is that graphite is also tough from within but a weak surface allows it for use as a lubricant where liquid oils cannot be applied. This means smooth gliding though hair is much easier than with the ultra-smooth of materials. BaByliss seems to have used some other material to stabilize the graphite so all of it does not get dumped in your hair.

 When packed correctly graphite can retain its smoothness and still be hard enough to resists scratches so that you are sure of the longevity of the styler. Durability has not been a common issue for users who have had this styler since it came out and so it is unlikely to be your biggest concern too.


The Tres Sleek is built for perfection and has all the awesome features a high end flat iron must flaunt. I features a LCD display, a well body and plate edge with spring loaded plates for effective pressure on hair without snagging. You will love the swivel cord for professional use and the ample plate width of 1.5”.

Capable of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the Tres Sleek is no joke for all kinds of tough hair but can also be gentle beginning with a lowly 300F for those with sensitive hair. If you have delicate hair, you can range between an easy 300 to 350F and for those with moderate hair you have the next band of 50 degrees.

People with thick and textured hair tend to suffer the most when it comes to picking a suitable flat iron but the good news is that FoxyBae is all inclusive. Between 400 and 450F you can style pretty much the most unruly hair this side of the globe.

The Graphite titanium styler by BaByliss never seems to sink in as it is incredibly built. If you own this styler you probably still wonder what they must have thought and the audacity the designers had putting forward this bizarre idea. There is no need to get all sciency about this though, you will be pleased to know that the idea works and Graphite’s is the wonder particle for hair.


This styler is much like other FoxyBae products we have tried before, they seem to be excellent in design for comfort and results maximization. We proved the claims that this iron can provide both even heat and greater shine for nearly all types of hair. Whether you want pin straight hair or bouncy curls then this same styler has got you covered for all your blow out needs.


The Tres Sleek is also travel ready in terms of voltage adaptation and will perform the same way in different power systems from 110V-240V AC. It draws only 55 W from the grid which is impressive given its immense heating capabilities.


The Tres Sleek has been hailed as a useful hair tool for salons so whether you have curls, waves or frizz, this tool will even out your hair and lock in lovely styles for longer than 24 hours. The flat iron has the capability of bringing any form of hair back to life in minutes regardless of how bad it seems. This is the tool that makes it look easy to have and maintain healthy hair and brush away all your problems effortlessly. If you decide to leave with the FoxyBae then you are sure to be feeling foxy again in no time.

FOXYBAE Rose GoldBaByliss Pro Graphite
March 17, 2021