FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron Review

FoxyBae is the new cool for all those who almost grin at the possibility of bad hair days. Life is too short to have messy and uncanny hair and spend countless hours waiting in line for an emergency salon stop. Rather than let your hair tag you down, you can now have the new FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron fight by your side to tame your unruly hair days. With this device you will have super-fast heat up times and pin straight hair or wavy and curly hair in minutes within the first few attempts.

Every glide gets you closer to your ultimate shine and private and career goals. It makes styling and straightening professionally look easy with the rounded and spring loaded plate technology that can bring the most stubborn of hairs to its straight most position in a matter of seconds. This is supposed to be your best choice of styling iron when you are always having to deal with stubborn tresses and limp locks. With the optimal digital temperature controller you can tweak your heat to stardom with minimal toll to the health of your roots and tips.

The strong titanium plates promise to never warp, like ever while indeed cutting down your styling time by half. The maker claims professional results with a smooth and shiny outcomes for each hair type and session. With all this hype, you get the feeling that FoxyBae is onto something luxurious and professional commercial styling at the same time.

So we set out to verify that the Rose Gold Titanium is the gold dust it has been hyped to be. Stick around for the important discoveries we made about the cost versus quality balance for the Iron and our recommendation whether to buy or not.

Beautiful styler with black and rose gold plates.

Rapid heat up time.

Uniform heat distributions with no hot points.

Rounded and spring loaded plates.

Smooth Digital temperature control.

Auto shut-off.

Versatile for use with different hair types and styles.
Not ideal for more delicate hair styles.

The price point is a downside for many.

Too many options might not be good for beginners.

Complete Review of FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium


FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron Review

Titanium is consider a top notch straightener technology as the plates have an incredible smoothing capability that leaves hair looking smooth and glossy. It is also a very strong material and thus one of the most durable plate choices you can make. It does not warp like ever and will give you pin straight hair every time.

The titanium range of stylers is best suited for people with thick and resistant hair including curly hair. Yes, this is for you with hair that just won’t cave to the soft flat irons that you can get for a fraction of the cost. This will straighten out anything but if you have smooth soft and fine hair then this will scorch your hair so badly just like that.

In a nutshell, this tool has all the makings of a professional quality hair straightener capable of smooth and lasting results. We couldn’t wait to test it out and see just how well it did to impress our skeptical reviewers. Being a salon quality tool we also tossed it into the deep end to see what professional stylists would think of it.

Heating Process

FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron Review

So FoxyBae got another one right with the Rose Gold styler which makes a highly versatile tool with the rounded plats and edges and a top temperature of 1000C to 2200C (212 to 4280F). It makes an impressive 14 variable steps from the lowest temperature to the highest which makes it super easy to get the sweet spot for your hair type.

Titanium is less porous material than ceramic and tends to be gentler on hair. It also heats up very fast and holds the high heat very well so that you have even heating along the hair length. It has better thermal qualities than ceramics hands down.


FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron Review

To the bare minimums, the FoxyBae look is pretty cool for a personal or commercial styler. Of course we were wary of pronouncing it a winner because not everything named rose gold and that glitters is actual gold. At least the luxury in the brand is evident in the packaging and the striking rose gold appearance of the styler and that contributes to user experience.

We were able to discern that this styler is pretty good even though it is not for all hair types. We saw those spring loaded plates in action and we can say it is not that easy to style voluminous hair with this. It will depend on the pressure you are used to applying on the styler but the springs supporting the floating plates in place add that much more pressure making tugging a real problem. On the upside, the springs allow the plates a little more freedom which is good.

Overall, this was found to be a personal use styler and an acceptable offer for titanium plate technology. It has all these pleasant features including a swivel cord and adds a spark of fun to styling for every day needs. It has that feeling of being delicate and precious that might motivate your to treat it with care.

Hair Damage

FoxyBae Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron Review

The Rose Gold Titanium has one of the best choice of materials for the heating plates. Titanium is a precious metal because of its extra ordinary mechanical strength but also its thermal properties. It has the best instant heat acquisition and holds the heat to last the full stroke from the root to the ends. It is an even less porous material than ceramic which means less fuss for your hair and smoother sleek results. This styler does not just cut down your styling time to minutes but also give your hair a uniform heat to produce perfect bouncy curls and voluminous waves in one go.


Unfortunately this styler is not the best suited for you with delicate hair types. The material titanium has its downsides but it works magic on those with coarse more stubborn hair that just won’t straighten.

We would totally recommend the Rose Gold for anyone looking for a professional styler that can manage salon results that are also repeatable. With this styler, you will be able to tend to more clients and with better results compared to cheaper options. It is not cheap and that’s one indicator that it’s the gold dust it’s been hyped to be. It has some thoughtful design feature and rigorous protection for hair that make it altogether worth the experience.

How it works?

This is downright a jaw dropping kind of straightener with rose gold titanium plates which are gentle on hair and increase shine thanks to negative ion infusion. We have not encountered any deal breakers with this flat iron and the gentle nature of the plates soothes hair and reduces frizz.

What hair types go well with this styler?

FoxyBae makes professional styling tools that are best adapted for a majority of hair types given correct use. Titanium and other materials put to use in this styler prevent bacterial accumulation on the plates and the body is seamlessly smooth making it easier to clean and maintain.

Is the Rose Gold Titanium Flat Iron good for travel?

You should take this straightener for the next African safari because it works all over the world. It has the swivel cord for fuss free styling and is light and portable in addition to the voltage conversion circuit.

Is this item returnable?

FoxyBae is a reputable brand and want their customers to actually enjoy their products and risk free purchases. If you do not love your purchase you can return it for a full refund. You can now shop for the perfect straightener for your needs hassle and stress free.

How many days can hairstyles last?

You will likely love the straight, waves and curls locks on this iron. The styles you make can last days depending on your hair type, whether you disturb your hair often and of course the weather.

August 2, 2020